After Being Threatened by Ashland, Nate Turns to the Newmans to Expose Him

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally asked Sharon for inside information on Adam, Chelsea agreed to let bygones be bygones and Nate wants to expose Ashland. In the previous episode, Lauren continues to worry about Michael, Nick tries to get through to Victoria, and Sally asks Sharon for insight into Adam. Ashland threatened Nate and Sally eavesdropped on Adam and Victor.

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ashland tells nate smeared YR

At Society, Nate tells Ashland how bad the evidence against him looks. Locke shoots holes in his suspicions and then urges him to think long and hard before he does anything rash.

Ashland insists he’s not trying to threaten him. He just wants him to think through the ramifications of his choices. It pains him to think he is buying into this smear campaign. Nate says it’s worse than that. He is disgusted by the levels of manipulation he has committed. He’s ashamed of calling him a friend.

nate warns ashland YR

Ashland insists that he genuinely believes in the doctor. Protesting his innocence again, he claims that if anyone is being scammed here, it is him. Nate can’t believe he has the gall to say that. He can’t just talk his way out of this with the Newmans. He was never sick and Victor won’t stand to be manipulated.

Locke declares they are done. He will prove his innocence and Nate will regret not believing him. The doctor warns him that if he doesn’t come clean, he will expose him.

nate fills elena in ashland YR

Nate joins Elena and fills her in. She is disgusted when Nate tells her that Ashland faked his cancer. This has him questioning his own judgment. She can’t believe he’s been grappling with this betrayal on his own.

Nate couldn’t accept it at first and looked into it on his own, accessing Ashland’s medical records. His x-rays showed no signs of cancer and he had no chemo. Elena can’t wrap her head around someone pretending to be dying. This is pure evil.

elena nate talk lies YR

Nate has threatened to expose Locke, who continues to make veiled threats. He wishes he could believe that Ashland was being set up. He thought they were friends. Elena finds it all hard to imagine. Nate is sure it was all an act. He had to cross the line and check the medical files himself.

He owes the truth to the Newmans. Elena remains stunned at the scope of this. The doctor can’t understand how he never saw this coming. Now he realizes that his talks with Locke were actually coaching on how he should fake his illness. She insists that he had no reason to be suspicious. If she were him she would take what he knows to Victoria.

victoria nick discuss betrayal YR

In her office at Newman-Locke, Victor tells Nick that she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. He senses that something has changed. She was so certain before and wouldn’t do something without good reason. Nick wonders if the information has made her change her mind.

Victoria reminds her brother that she has confided in him before and he betrayed her. He doesn’t want to point fingers. He’s just there because he loves her and wants to support her no matter what.

She can’t believe that since he keeps saying he hates her husband. Nick can see she is struggling with having to face the fact that someone she loves may not be who he pretended to be. He gets it because he has been in her position.

His heart has also made it hard for him to see the evidence staring him in the face.

nick victoria evidence YR

Victoria can say as little or much as she wants. He’s just there to listen. They mull over the evidence that Victor has collected. She tells him Ashland’s explanation for it and admits she hasn’t concluded much.

If her father is right, then Ashland’s love for her is false and manipulative. That’s not a thought she wants to entertain. Locke keeps going back to the outlandish notion that Victor has been setting him up so he can take over the company again. She dismisses this as juvenile.

There is evidence that can be traced back to Ashland making payments through shell companies. She admits that the proof Michael has produced is damning. She’s scared to believe her husband would do this to her. Her brother warns her that suppressing her doubts could do long-term damage.

ashland interrupts victoria nick YR

“Uhhhh…. you Newmans are relentless,” Ashland sighs as he interrupts discussing her doubts. He can hardly wait to find out who will be next in the family to come after him.

Nick warns him that the family is relentless. He loves his sister and won’t let anyone hurt her.

ashland hugs victoria YR

After Nick leaves, Locke asks his wife if she’s okay. She hugs him.

sally asks sharon adam YR

Sally shows up at Crimson Lights and orders the strongest coffee Sharon can make. The blonde starts quizzing her about her new job. Sally grumbles about being left out of Newman family meetings. She offers to buy her a coffee so she can pick her brain about Adam.

Sharon agrees. Sally says she wants to be the best COO Adam could have hoped for and is eager for insight into his mind. She knows that Sharon has a history with the family and their dynamic. Sharon won’t praise or badmouth Adam or talk about her past relationship with him.

sharon sally talk adam YR

As they sit down, Sally claims she really likes Adam and just wants some insight. She knows Sharon can see how special he is and hopes she knows that she means well. Sharon agrees that she is one of the few who has seen his good side. Supporting him has not always been popular.

She guesses that Sally has a personal and professional relationship with Adam and assumes that makes things more difficult. Spectra doesn’t want to discuss the former. She claims she just understands people who are misunderstood.

The thing that is stymying her is Victor. She worries Adam will make decisions based on what pleases his father rather than what’s good for him. After a cursory warning about dealing with Victor, Sharon admits to her that Adam seems to be in a better place lately.

sally asks newman dynamics YR

Sally says Victor seems to like keeping his son guessing. Sharon adds that Adam needs love and harmony with his father more than anything else. The redhead doubts he will ever find that, although she is determined to try to break him of his need for his father’s approval.

chloe reassures lauren YR

On the patio, Chloe and Chelsea give Lauren a pitch but she is distracted by thoughts of Michael. She doesn’t know if she can take it much longer. “Something is definitely wrong,” she says.

They try to reassure Lauren that things will be okay. However, Lauren keeps beating herself up about not listening to her first instinct and talking Michael out of going back to work with Victor. She wants to leap on a plane and head to Peru.

lauren worries about michael YR

Chloe doesn’t think that would be a good idea but her friend can’t bear to sit there pretending things are okay. They tell her no one is better than getting out of challenges than Michael. Lauren knows she has a silver tongue and can talk himself out of anything.

sally interrupts YR

As she heads out, Sally eavesdrops for a moment and then tells Lauren that Victor has been harnessing his resources to search for her husband. That only makes Lauren more worried now that she knows how concerned Victor is and kept this from her.

sally chloe chelsea bygones be bygones YR

Lauren rushes off to call Kevin. Sally is apologetic, admitting she’s missed Chloe’s friendship and is sorry she got off on the wrong foot with Chelsea. She’d really like to hit the rest button. Reluctant, they agree to let bygones be bygones.

sharon nick talk victoria YR

Nick chats with Sharon. He admits that Victoria got close to admitting her doubts in Ashland but couldn’t quite get there. Sharon can understand how hard it would be to admit the man you love is so duplicitous. She’s sure she will come to her senses and is glad he’s doing all he can for his sister. Nick says that if she can’t face the truth, the family will have to get him out of her life for good.

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adam plots victor YR

In his office, Victor can’t believe that Adam blames Victoria for this mess. He says they have all been manipulated and they have all been fooled by love. He reminds him of what happened with Chelsea.

Adam points out that she was never a threat to the business. He’s sorry his sister can’t see she deserves better and doesn’t think being honest about that is a problem. Victor tells him to stop pointing fingers.

Adam tells his father they need an alternative plan to oust Ashland. He doubts that Victoria is going to listen to Nick so he suggests they leak the story to the press and let it play out. That way, Victoria can’t blame them and the negative publicity will drive Locke away.

Victor worries about what bad press could do to his daughter and reminds him of what happened with JT. His son insists that she is tough and it is too late to keep things from her. Victor insists she’s in denial but will come around.

victor plots with adam YR

They discuss repairing the damage to Newman. Victor repeats that leaking to the press would only make things worse. After Adam jokes that murder is out of the question, his father only hopes that Nick can get through to his sister.

Victor calls Nick, who fills him in on his meeting with his sister. He thought he was gaining some ground but then Ashland interrupted. Adam and Victor realize that Locke will stop at nothing.

Adam is shocked to learn that Ashland is now officially Co-CEO. He’s livid that he wasn’t informed of this earlier and marvels at how cool his father is acting through this. His confidence that this will work out has Adam curious: are the accusations against Adam legitimate? He wonders if all of this was part of Victor’s master plan to get control of Newman-Locke.

nate has evidence victor needs YR

Suddenly, Nate strolls in and announces that he has the smoking gun they’ve been looking for.

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