GH Spoilers Feb 26 – March 1: Blaze Meets Kristina’s Family, and Dante Discovers a Connection

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, Feb 26 to Friday, March 1, 2024.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week?

Maxie and Spinelli get closer, despite her running away after that kiss! Finn and Liz discuss their future, which is looking up while Joss’s love life is anything but as she continues to try to find Dex.  Meanwhile, Dante plays peacemaker, likely between Anna and John, while he discovers a connection. Is it possible that “Stone” is really Jason, brainwashed? Give us your thoughts in the comments. And while Blaze’s mother comes to town, Kristina and her new girlfriend get closer. Will Kristina’s mother Natalia be open to Blaze coming out or will she take issues with it?

In the weekly spoiler video, Sonny has a job for Spinelli before facing Nina, and Blaze’s mother shows up unexpectedly.

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General Hospital Spoilers Monday, Feb 26:

Sonny has a job for Spinelli to take on.

Blaze’s mother, Natalia (played by Eva LaRue), surprises her with an early visit.

Nina seeks Ava’s help.

Carly is wary of John. 

Curtis encourages Drew.

ava nina tlka shooting

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, Feb 27:

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Spinelli and Maxie profess their love.

Nina tries to defend her actions to Sonny but is he ready to listen?

Drew opens up to Carly.

Blaze has a defining moment with her mother, Natalia. 

Maxie and Spinelli get closer.

Maxie kicks Spinelli out when she learns about his lies.

blaze kristina talk coming out

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, Feb 28:

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Tracy, Lois and Maxie help Brook Lynn find a wedding dress.

BLQ finds a dress she loves.

Tracy agrees with Lois for once.

Chase needs to clear something up.

Carly tells Sonny about her run-in.

Sonny can’t tell Carly the information she wants.

Sonny wants Carly to tell him when John shows up to see her.

Joss continues to try to find Dex.

Dex shows himself.

Dex and Joss reunite, and jump into bed only for him to tell her this is their goodbye since he’s leaving Port Charles permanently.

John runs into Scott.

scott jagger want sonny gone GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, Feb 29:

Thursday’s GH recap, Sonny fights with Jagger.

Dante tries to play peacemaker.

Sonny confronts John, something that has been coming.

John tries to hit Sonny.

Brook Lynn reassures Chase.

The wedding is on.

Lois has it out with Tracy.

Tracy gives Lila’s gown to BLQ.

Finn and Liz discuss their future. Neither wants to marry right now.

blq with lila's dress

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, Mar 1:

In Friday’s GH recap, Jake catches Danny vaping.

There’s a party!

The kids are surprised to meet Blaze in the flesh.

Jake finds Danny vaping. 

Felicia has a confession to make.  

Dante discovers a connection.

Anna and John hash out their differences. Can they come to a compromise?

Sonny and Spinelli loop Ava into their plan. 

Ava goes with Sonny to the meet location to see Ms Wu.

Blaze and Kristina make a revelation.

sam carly talk drew better

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