B&B Spoilers Feb 26 – March 1: Ridge Stops Baker From Talking to Steffy

Monday, February 26 to Friday, March 1.

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This week, Finn is reeling over Steffy and Sheila’s big brawl at Deacon’s apartment. He understands how Steffy feels and that she’s still traumatized by Sheila shooting them. Still, he has feelings for his biological mother and opens up to Hope about how he really feels about Steffy and Sheila’s brawl.

Meanwhile, Steffy’s at home being stalked by Sheila, who has voiced she wants her bio son’s wife dead. She turns the power off to the cliffhouse and goes inside and gets knife!

someone grabs a knife at cliffhouse

By the end of the week, Finn has shared his thoughts with Hope who in turn goes to Brooke about it and later, comforts Finn in Deacon’s apartment. This sounds like an exciting week coming up. Let us know what you’re looking forward to in our comments section!


Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, February 26:

In Monday’s B&B recap, Steffy stabs Sheila with a butcher knife.

Sheila Carter is killed off and Kimberlin Brown speaks out. 

Finn confesses his true feelings about Steffy and Sheila’s altercation to Hope.

Steffy can’t shake her overwhelming, ominous feeling about Sheila being nearby.

Sheila continues to stalk Steffy outside at the cliffhouse.

Steffy stabs and it looks like she kills Sheila. But we all know Sheila can’t die, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens next.

steffy screams

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, February 27:

In today’s Y&R recap, Sheila is pronounced dead.

Deacon and Liam have an argument about Sheila’s unpredictable behavior. Since Liam sides with Steffy, that Sheila needs to be kept far away from the family and Deacon’s in love with Sheila, they’ll never see eye to eye.

Steffy and Finn encounter an unexpected challenge in their lives.

Sheila’s dead and Steffy’s questioned by the cops.

Finn comes home wondering why the cops are there.

Steffy shocked sheila dies

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, February 28:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Finn learns that Steffy killed Sheila.

Hope and Brooke talk about Sheila and how Steffy wants her dead.

Hope defend Finn for supporting Sheila, his bio mom.

Carter delivers some unanticipated information to Ridge and Thomas.

Finn reels at Steffy’s news, that she killed Sheila.

Ridige calls Sheila an animal and Finn corrects him. He says that animal was his mother. 

finn cries when sheila dies B&B recaps spoilers

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, February 29:

In Thursday’s B&B recap, Finn accuses Steffy of killing his mother.

Ridge is angry that Finn isn’t supporting his wife.

Finn feels the blood on the carpet and tells Steffy it’s on his hands and hers.

Hope goes to her mother after talking to Finn about his discord and tells Brooke of Steffy and Sheila’s fight.

Ridge and Thomas stand in support of Steffy going up against Sheila.

Finn supports Sheila.

hope says this is unreal

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, March 1:

In Friday’s B&B recap, Deacon learns Sheila’s dead.

When Steffy wants support, Finn runs out on her.

Word continues to spread of Sheila’s death.

Baker arrives and gets Steffy’s statement and Ridge stops her from saying too much.

Finn goes to Sheila and Deacon’s, where Deacon finds him. 

Deacon’s rocked to learn about Steffy killing Sheila. 

Hope finds Finn and comforts him.

Ridge has a request of Deputy Chief Baker (Dan Martin).

Hope comforts a distraught Finn at Sheila’s apartment.

finn holding hope

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