GH Recap: Jagger Arrests Anna and Jordan, Nikolas is Arrested, Alexis Struggles Writing Spencer’s Obituary & Martin Dumps Lucy

Mon Feb 2, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Laura intervenes, Alexis feels guilty, Sonny confides in Dante, Scott consoles Lucy and Anna makes a proposition.

Friday’s GH recap:  Nikolas Returns with Ace as News of Spencer’s Death Spreads, and Jagger Returns to Raid Anna and Jordan’s Gun Deal

At home, Sonny barks at Eladio on a call, angry that he hasn’t found out who tried to take him out on his island.

He gives the man 24 hours to figure it out or he’s getting a new head of security.

Sam and Dante arrive, sorry to hear about Spencer.

sonny hugs sam GH recaps

They sit and talk about that and how happy they are that he’s living with Ava right now for comfort.

He tells them the trip went well and when Sam goes, Dante thinks his father’s hiding something. He has extra security.

Was there a threat? Sonny opens up about the shooting on the island.

Dante wants to help but Sonny’s in a bad mood and accuses him of not caring since he arrested him.

Dante didn’t have a choice. He should have thought about that before he beat someone up in a church! 

dante with sam and sonny

Alexis keeps herself busy at work. Gregory finds her in her office and tells her he’s going out.

When he notices her sour mood, she fills him in on Spencer’s death. She feels terrible since she gave Esme a job.

Gregory calls her generous of spirit. “No good deed,” she says.

He doesn’t think she made a mistake but she thinks it is and she helped this along.

Nikolas is who knows where with Ace and Spencer’s dead.

Alexis feels shame

On set, Lucy complains to a PA about the hay on set and how it’s too rustic for romance.

She asks if Martin called. She says no, which worries Lucy.

lucy complains to the pa

She goes to call when Scotty walks in.

She asks how it went with Tracy and the flowers.

He doesn’t know and refuses to call her since it’ll look desperate.

Lucy whines about how Martin’s upset with her and puts the pressure on.

Scott grabs an apple from the cart and calls her.

scotty agrees to call tracy

From Metro Court, Tracy sees “Ambulance Chaser” is calling.

She thinks Scott will have to wait a little longer.

ambulance chaser scotty calling

She approaches Martin who bitches about Lucy and Scott.

Tracy says Scott abandoned her after their public dust up to comfort her.

She asks if they broke up but he says no, he’s sorry to disappoint her.

Tracy rubs it in that the duo can’t keep themselves away from one another. 

martin upset about lucy

In her room, Anna introduces Jagger to Jordan.

He likes to go by John now, says he outgrew the nickname and tells them they should have stayed out of this.

They’re not even in law enforcement anymore. Not even deputized.

He tells them to stop and refuses to deputize them when Jordan asks.

It’s an FBI investigation. Curtis’ shooting is part of something much bigger.

jagger meets jordan

He decides to bring them up to speed. The rifle is one of a large number of unmarked weapons stolen from the WSB.

Other weapons from the same cache have been used in a string of shootings throughout the USA.

They want more and he refuses. Anna asks him to bring them in on it.

Jagger gets a call and learns that they ruined his biggest lead.

Mr. O’Neil, the gunrunner was providing the unsub with weapons and now he’s asking for immunity, which his boss won’t sign off on. Anna’s sorry.

anna duvane

He asks if they got anything useful from the meeting and Anna makes a deal.

She’ll tell him if he tells them everything he knows about the unsub. They think the person was after Sonny.

Jagger assumes they want to tell Sonny what they learn and says the man should have been in prison, years ago.

He only cares about himself. Anna says he’s not the same man anymore. Anna thinks she can put a leash on him.

Jagger decides to arrest both women for obstructing his case and tells them to get a good lawyer. 

anna wants intel

Laura cries and hugs Nikolas and Ace when they arrive at her door.

He asks if it’s true, that Spencer’s really gone.

She explains what happened. Nikolas cries and holds his son closer.

He blames himself for taking Ace. “My son is dead because of me.”

nikolas and ace return

Laura holds his cheek as he cries, then puts the child to bed. She thinks her son should be glad to have Ace, and is glad he’s home.

He needs to be with his family.

Nikolas thought she’d slam the door in his face.

She could have and says he shouldn’t have taken the child. He agrees.

laura glad to see grandson and son

It caused Spencer’s death. Laura denies it. Esme did this. She was going after Trina. He knows.

Laura tells him she loves him when he’s unsure of how she can even look at him.

He tells her he can’t stay because he’ll go to prison. She thinks he deserves it since he held a pregnant woman captive for months.

When Nikolas says he can’t stay, Laura flies off the handle, thinking that maybe Ace is better off without him as a father.

nikolas can't stay

He agrees, which is why he’s leaving his son with him.

Laura urges him to face his mistakes.

Later, she jumps on a call with Dante, telling him that Nikolas is going to turn himself in and that he needs to come over immediately. 

laura hugs nik



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Back on set, when Tracy doesn’t answer, Lucy considers maybe she can work this out with Martin.

Scott wonders if he’s worth it, calling him a “dandy.” He hopes she works it out.

She questions that and he says he doesn’t but he just wants her happy.

He holds her hands and she tells him to stay. She’ll be right back.

lucy uncomfortable


Lucy arrives at the bar and tells Martin his secretary told her where she could find him. He still needs space.

She tried to apologize. She still loves him and panicked. He doesn’t think so.

Tracy watches from a table nearby as Lucy begs for another chance.

lucy with martin

Martin thinks she wants Scott and has since Bobbie died. She denies it and tears up.

Gregory arrives at Tracy’s table and notices she’s watching Martin and Lucy.

Gregory tells her about Spencer’s death. She knew Spencer though they weren’t close and asks how Alexis is.

He tells her about their talk and that they both believed Esme was trying to be a better person.tracy learns of spencer's death

Tracy seems to be half-listening as her eyes remain on Martin and Lucy, as Martin tells Lucy that there’s something between her and Scott and says he loves Lucy more than any of the women he married.

He thinks he deserves better.

He ends things with her and she runs off crying.

Gregory gets a call and has to make a doctor’s appointment. She’s still distracted, which makes him feel bad since he didn’t know Spencer’s death would affect her so.

She seems a bit confused and says she’ll be fine. Once he goes, she stares at Martin and goes to him to tell him the truth.

tracy will tell the truth

Sam arrives at Alexis’ office and learns that Alexis must write Spencer’s obituary.

She’s not sure to begin. Sam says, “Chupacabra.” They laugh that it turned out to be Heather Webber hiding in the stables.

They start talking about how Spencer went all Phantom Of the Opera at the Nurses’ Ball and dropped sandbags on Cameron.

alexis worries about writing spencer's obituary

They remember election time when he sent his chauffeur into the harbor to get the stolen ballot box.

Sam laughs at how dramatic he was as a child.

Alexis calls him brilliant. She sits at her desk and begins.

sam remembers spencer

“We leave out his teenage crime spree?” She asks.

They leave in his love for horseback riding, his resiliency, and Alexis calls him fearful and guarded as a kid, when he acted snooty. Turns out he was a gift.

spencer obituaury

She reads the obituary and says his legacy will be the Spencer Cassadine Drama Fund, devoted to teaching theatre to prison inmates, underserved communities and children.

She uses a quote from Shakespeare. “Now cracks noble heart. Good Night sweet prince and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.” Alexis cries once it’s finished.

Alexis cries


Back on set, Lucy sobs to Scotty about getting dumped and he holds her.

scott holds crying lucy

He gives her a pep talk and they start making out.

lucy kissing scott

Dante arrives at Laura and Kevin’s condo and arrests Nikolas, letting him say goodbye to Ace.

Nikolas thanks Laura for everything.

He’s doing this for her and Ace and wants to become someone they can be proud of. Laura tears up again.

nikolas arrrested

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