B&B Recap: Finn Runs Out on Steffy and Tells Deacon Sheila’s Dead, Before Winding Up In Hope’s Arms

Friday, March 1, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge makes a request to Deputy Chief Baker, Hope comforts a distraught Finn at Deacon and Sheila’s apartment.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Ridge Defends Steffy and Shocked Finn Tells His Wife That Sheila’s Blood is On Their Hands

At the cliffhouse, Steffy tells Finn she’s so sorry.

“I just can’t believe my mother is dead and my wife killed her.” Steffy didn’t mean to.

She had to defend herself. If she hadn’t, she’d be dead.

steffy upset that finn blames her for killing sheila

Finn stares at his bloodied hand and says, “Now my birth mother’s blood is on my hand.

And yours, Steffy.” He knows the horrible things that Sheila’s done to her family and them.

It’s inexcusable but it doesn’t change that she’s his birth mother. “She was my birth mother,” he says.

finn tells steffy she killed his birth mother B&B recaps

Someone he lost sleep over as a kid, trying to figure out what parts of her he got, like his drive or smile.

It meant a lot getting to know her and to hear his biology, even after knowing who she was.

“Now, I’ll never see her again because you killed her.”

finn bemoans sheila death

Steffy knows this is hard for him but she broke in there and had a crazy look in her eye.

The same one she had when she shot them in the alley.

What else was she supposed to do?

He gets it. It doesn’t change that his mom died in his own home at the hands of his wife.

Sirens are heard and Finn says he can’t do this with the police.

He dashes out the patio door and runs, leaving Steffy agape. 

finn runs out on steffy

At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Hope are rocked that Steffy killed Sheila when Thomas and Ridge tell them. Carter asks how Steffy is.

He heard that the two had a confrontation.

Ridge says it’s par for the course where Sheila is involved.

Hope’s quiet and says she’s in shock. “She took her husband’s birth mother’s life.”

brooke shocked sheila is dead B&B recaps

She’s sure Steffy had to defend herself. It was terrifying for her.

Ridge says yes, the same woman who shot her and left her for dead. Brooke comments that “the lunatic” shot her own son. 

Hope’s trying to see it from Finn’s perspective. He’ll have to reconcile that his own wife killed his mom.

Ridge says he’s having a hard time buying Finn’s deep connection with Sheila.

Hope understands but she’s still his “birth mother.” Ridge knows but Li raised him.

brooke talks sheila dying B&B

She’s the real mother to him. Hope is surprised that he can’t see that Finn’s wife killed his birth mother.

Thomas thinks Finn has had time to process now and can come to a place to support her how he’s supposed to.

Ridge worries he’s too broken up not to and she needs him. The police will return.

Ridge realizes he needs to go over there.

Carter offers to come but Ridge refuses. He runs off.

thomas with hope talk sheila dying

She understands it since she cares about Deacon.

She knows Deacon will be hit hard when he hears the news.

Brooke says he’ll be free. Sheila was a monster.

brooke calls deacon free

Carter doesn’t know how he did it but says Deacon saw something in her.

Thomas says he won’t have to keep his distance from Hope or the kids. Hope wants to be there for him.

She takes off to be with him, to tell him the news.

Thomas can’t imagine what his sister is feeling right now.

hope goes to see deacon

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Deacon’s dealing with a patron at Il Giardino when he spots Finn rushing by, headed to his apartment.

Deacon excuses himself and goes after him. 

deacon spots finn

Finn enters Deacon’s apartment and looks at Sheila’s photo and some of her things.

Deacon arrives and asks what’s going on, and if Finn’s okay.

deacon finds finn in his house

Finn says Sheila came to the cliffhouse. Deacon says that can’t be right.

She wouldn’t do that.

Finn says Sheila’s not coming back. Not ever.

finn says that sheila is not coming back

Deacon’s confused. Did Steffy have Sheila arrested?

Finn says no and Deacon asks what’s going on. He’s acting weird. 

Finn details that Sheila broke into the house, and threatened Steffy, who grabbed a knife to protect herself.

Sheila lunged and in self-defense, Steffy stabbed and killed her.

deacon learns sheila is dead

Deacon struggles to believe it, eyes tearing up.

Finn’s sorry, knowing he’s one of a few who cared about her. “Sheila’s dead? How?”

Finn repeats it but Deacon’s in shock.

finn tells deacon sheila is dead

He takes off and Hope rushes in. “Dad?”

Finn tells her he’s not there. She asks why he’s not home. He couldn’t stay.

She heard about his mom and came to tell her dad. Finn says he already told him.

It’s why he left. He’s shaken up. Hope’s so sorry.

hope sorry finn

He doesn’t think he should be this upset, after what she did to him, shooting him, and his wife and holding him hostage.

He should hate her. Why doesn’t he? He doesn’t think he loved her.

She was an animal that got what she deserved, at least that’s what Ridge says.

“But she was my mom.” He breaks down in tears and Hope goes to him with a hug.

hope embraces finn

Back at the cliffhouse, Deputy Cheif Baker (Dan Martin) arrives to get Steffy’s statement.

He finds it hard to believe that this is happening with all of Sheila’s history.

He confirms Sheila was killed here in Steffy’s home and asks her to repeat how it happened.

baker gets steffy's statement

She does so, flashing back. She says she kept hearing noises but assumed it was the wind. He calls it unnerving and she agrees.

She says the power went out while she was making dinner.

She looked for candles and saw a shadow above her.

It was Sheila and she put her hand in her pocket.

steffy details killing sheila B&B

Steffy thought she was going to take out a gun since she shot her before.

“I told her to stay away but she kept coming.”

Sheila lunged at her when she had the knife in her hand.

She stabbed her in self-defense.

As she talks, Ridge wanders in and stops her. “Case closed.”

Baker says that’s not for him to say. Ridge says she’s traumatized.

baker talks about sheila's death

They’re done for today. Baker will be back.

Ridge says not without a lawyer. Baker heads out and Ridge hugs his daughter, sorry she’s going through this.

He asks where Finn is. “I don’t know. He left,” she says.

Ridge says he should be with her. Where is he?

ridge hugs kid

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