GH Recap: Felicia Talks Maxie Into Taking a Chance on Spinelli, Danny’s Caught Vaping and Ava Insists on Helping Sonny Catch His Enemy

Fri March 1, 2024: Danny is caught vaping, Maxie and her mom argue about trusting Spinelli, and Anna urges Jagger to have a more open mind with Sonny.

Thursday’s GH recap: Tracy offered BLQ Lila’s wedding gown and after Sonny picked a fight with Jagger, and Michael told Joss to bring Dex home.

At the Quartermaine’s, Carly and Drew prepare for Scout’s birthday and he’s eager to make up for all that he’s missed with his daughter.

carly drew party prep

He says he can’t do that if he’s thinking about revenge. He thanks her for helping him focus.

Sam and Scout arrive with other guests.

When Carly and Sam get a moment alone, they discuss Drew slowly relaxing.

sam carly talk drew better

The kids all go out to see the alpacas.

Michael, Willow, and Sam settle in until Kristina arrives with Blaze. Danny eyes her up and takes off.

party guests meet blaze

Kristina introduces her girlfriend around.

When Jake spots Blaze, he is lost for words and runs off.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Drew discuss Nina becoming her publisher. He admits that he fired Nina for personal reasons.

alexis asks drew about nina

Drew urges her to watch her back around someone so reckless and self-absorbed.

She leaves him to think. Sam soon finds him staring and tells him that Danny has been having a tough time lately. It’s more than teen stuff and wonders if he can talk to him.

sam asks drew to help with danny

He’d be happy too. It helps to focus on something that means more to him than himself.

She appreciates it and gives him a hug.

In the kitchen, Michael and his mom talk about the latest threat to Sonny and Agent Cates coming to town.

carly and Michael talk latest sonny

He explains he’s asked Dex back to town, which doesn’t go over well with Carly.

Michael is determined to help his dad whether he likes it or not.

Kristina bumbles in and asks what’s happening with their dad. They change the subject.

kristina interrupts

Jake finds Danny by the water and tells him it’s cake time.

He can smell something sweet. He finds his vape.

danny and jake by water

They argue about this and Danny asks if he’ll rat him out.

Jake won’t snitch but he won’t give it back either.

They wrestle until Willow interrupts.

willow interrupts danny and jake

Jake stuffs the vape in his pocket and Willow orders them away for the family photo.

Felicia stops by her daughter’s house at her request and is informed she sent Spinelli packing.

felicia arrives at maxie's

Maxie starts ranting about Spinelli’s savior complex and deception. Her mom admits his moving in was all her idea.

Maxie thinks she should have respected her boundaries but her mom couldn’t sit back and watch her struggle.

Although her daughter can understand that and forgives her, she won’t forgive Spinelli because he has no right to conspire with her mom.

felicia and maxie talk betrayal GH

Felicia points out he is family and is sure she would do the same thing if the position was reversed.

Miffed, Maxie admits she’s fallen in love with him again under false pretenses. They meddled with her heart.

maxie questioned by felicia

Her mom keeps justifying what they did, insisting they made the least bad decision. It was an all an act of love.

Maxie knows that. What bugs her the most is that she couldn’t tell he was keeping something from her.

Felicia points out this is hardly like what happened with Peter. Her daughter points out that’s a low bar.

maxie and felicia discuss spinelli

This is all making Maxie think that acting on her feelings for Spinelli was a mistake. Last time that happened, it all fell apart.

maxie thinks she made a mistake

Her mom reminds her that they’ve always been strongly bonded. Everyone has seen it. Mac is still annoyed by it.

Felicia urges her to get honest about what she’s afraid of. Her daughter doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him for good.

It’s not just her heart on the line but the kids’ too.

Her mom reminds her she’s a survivor. Maxie is tired. Felicia thinks they can have happiness if they take the risk.

maxie felicia talk risks

Once her mom goes, she calls Spinelli and leaves a message, asking him to call her back.

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Dante joins Chase at GH and they look in at guy who was brought in, beaten. Dante recognizes Li as Selina’s bodyguard.

dante and chase at gh

Chase gets an update and then tells Dante that the bodyguard was picked up while being attacked. His assailant was another of Selina’s guys, Morris.

They sense in-fighting at her organization.

The cops go in to talk to Li and point out he likely only has hours to live. They offer to get him protection.

li won;t talk to cops

That makes him laugh. Dante says he’ll likely be dead by morning if he doesn’t co-operate.

At the penthouse, Ava asks Sonny about his talk with Nina. She assures him she’s not taking sides.

ava sonny talk nina conversation

Spinelli arrives and announces that all systems are go. Sonny says he’s bringing his enemy down to his knees tonight.

sonny vows brings enemy down

They have set things up to invite an attack and have it all under surveillance.

Ava assumes his enemy will be wise enough not to show himself. That’s what Sonny assumes too.

sonny and ava strategize General Hospital

They will grab whoever does come after them and force them to take them to their boss.

Ava insists on going, suggesting that he needs her if this plan is going to work. He needs a third party to mediate.

ava hears sonny promising revenge

She points out that his circle of trust has become so small that she’s at the center of it. She’d like to help.

sonny ava talk trust

John barges into Anna’s office and declares that he wants Sonny out of his life for good and he expects her to help him.

john tells anna he wants to take sonny down

Getting smug, she reminds him of her position and he apologizes. Once he sits down, he apologizes again for taking out his day on her.

They rehash their recent fights and are impressed they have apologized. She doesn’t think they should be at odds.

He thanks her for talking him down and hopes they can work together. She suggests they make it happen.

anna ;listens to jagger vent

They argue about Sonny. She knows he’s not a saint but he’s not a sadist either.

Anna suggests he has an issue with the man he used to be rather than who he is now.

john and anna argue about sonny again

She admits she wouldn’t hesitate to arrest him but he can’t be reduced to that. He’s done good things for the community.

anna urges jagger to be more open

Dante and Chase arrive and announce that Sonny and Selina are making moves. This is what Jagger didn’t want. Anna agrees and they head out.

chase dante fill in annna john

At a warehouse, Selina is told by her guy that Sonny’s people have everything arranged.

selina ta warehouse

Ava and Sonny arrive. Wu isn’t happy to see her but Corinthos says they can trust Ava.

This isn’t a risk Selina wants to take. Sonny says they are all targets and they need to let their enemies come for them.

sonny tells selina ava trustworthy

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