GH Recap: Tracy Offers BLQ Lila’s Wedding Gown and After Sonny Picks a Fight With Jagger, Michael Tells Joss to Bring Dex Home

Thurs Feb 15, 2024:  Dante tries to play peacemaker, Sonny confronts John, Brook Lynn reassures Chase, Lois has it out with Tracy, and Finn and Elizabeth discuss their future.

Wednesday’s GH recap: Joss and Dex Reunite But Her Hopes Are Dashed When He Says This is Goodbye, and Chase Freaks Out When He’s Sent a Prenup

Sonny arrives at Volonino’s gym and things quickly get intense between him and Michael.

Sonny’s upset his own son set him up.

“Then I tried to protect you,” Michael reminds his dad. sonny vs Michael gymDante tells Michael it’s best to go and tries to remind Sonny that Michael didn’t go through with handing him over to the feds.

Sonny bemoans being unable to trust his son, calling him Judas.

Dante knows he should be hurt and doesn’t blame him but Michael’s family.

dante separates brother and father VOLONINO's GYM,

He’ll have to be civil one day.

Sonny’s pissed.

Michael returns from the locker and asks his dad to be careful.

“You don’t get to say that to me,” Sonny grits.

In walks Jagger, burning Sonny’s butt. John just wants to work out.

jagger at the gym

Sonny reminds him he went to Bobbie’s to talk to Carly.

John says he’ll continue to do so. He’s FBI and there’s nothing he can do to stop him.

They talk about it being Karen’s birthday soon and Sonny’s about to tell a story about a cake Stone bought once when Jagger tells him to save it for someone who wants to hear his voice.

Sonny starts yelling about John not being there for his brother, making Dante worry.

sonny's mad at jagger

John looks pissed as Sonny says he was off with Karen, living his best life while his brother fought for his life before dying of AIDS.

“You’re not only a bad husband, you’re a bad brother.”

John takes a swing at Sonny but Sonny ducks out of the way.

Dante and Michael grab the men and pull them apart before John goes at him again.

John realizes who Michael is and says Sonny is losing it. He should be careful since his luck is running out.

He leaves and Sonny sighs. He wanted Jagger to hit him so he’d be sent back to Washington. 

john fights sonny

In the motel room, Dex and Joss dress as he apologizes for having to leave again.

Sonny gave him one option that left him breathing but he can’t change this.

He’s a liability. When he asks how she found him she says Spin helped her.

“It’s like getting help from the CIA.” He asks her to promise not to look for him again.

dex dresses

Joss will never give up on him.


Joss says too many people know about him. Sonny won’t kill him.

It’ll come back to bite him. Dex thinks Sonny will be seen as weak if he returns.

Joss thinks he’s taking Sonny’s orders. Dex thinks he owes it to his mother to go.

Joss wonders if he wishes he never found her. He denies that.

It’s because he loves her that he’s doing it. She needs to let him go.

dex defends his actions to joss GH


At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase barges in and demands answers from Brook Lynn about the prenup.

He’s stuck on the ‘termination event’. She tries to tell him it’s not like that.

Lois kicks everyone out so the couple can talk.

BLQ explains that she had no idea the lawyers were drawing up a prenup. BLQ and Chase discuss prenup GH rercaps soapsspoilersShe didn’t ask for it. Chase wishes he had a heads up. BLQ thought they’d talk to her about it before sending it.

Angry, Chase asks if she wants him to sign the agreement. She’s upset things are so complicated.

Tracy’s just trying to protect the Quartermaines.

Chase thinks she might have a point.

There are parts of her world he doesn’t understand.

Neither does she. He admits there’s a chance they may not make it. 

blq reads prenup GH recaps

Outside, Tracy tells Lois she didn’t do this. There was a miscommunication but there would have been a prenup anyway.

Lois barks that she’s insinuating in BLQ’s life and asks when it’ll stop.

This is supposed to be a happy time for her daughter and so far, Tracy’s done nothing but make things difficult for her and control her wedding.lois angry tracy ABC

Tracy defends herself. She’s protecting her grandchild.

Lois talks about her past with Lila who wanted her to have the most beautiful wedding possible and did what she could to make it happen.

Tracy’s not her mom and knows she won’t measure up.

tracy knows she's no lila

What she can offer is what the family needs.

Marriage is a contract and one interloper can do damage.

Maxie and Gregory walk in and he takes offense.

He realizes it’s a family affair and goes to the door.

gregory offended

Tracy follows and apologizes for her choice of words.

She’s seen too much to be anything but a realist and hopes that Chase and BLQ have a happy marriage but she knows not all of them last.

Someone has to think of the prenup. Gregory agrees. He sticks around and talks about his good friend Alexis accompanying him to the wedding.

Lois tells him that Tracy hasn’t decided who to bring.

“She’s been fighting them off.” Gregory has no doubt. Lois asks Tracy to give her something that isn’t easy for her to give up…

gregory agrees with tracy

Back in the other room, Maxie tells Lois that she thinks Brook Lynn wants to wear Lila’s dress.

Lois wonders how to get her hands on it since Tracy’s the one who has it. 

Elsewhere, Chase reminds BLQ he’s been married. It didn’t work out with Willow.

She knows but will always be honest with him.

Willow felt obligated to him but she’s never loved a man the way she loves him.

They kiss and decide to let everyone sweat it out, wondering if they’ll marry.

BLQ and chase in her wedding gown GH

He’s not having second thoughts, he assures.

He can’t wait to marry her and signs the prenup.

She has a fit and rips up the documents since he never read them. He hopes she didn’t fall in love with this dress. “Not that you don’t look gorgeous.”

She says no, it’s not and doesn’t think the ones on the rack are.

Her mother’s was regal and classic. It’s what she wants. It was her great-grandmother Lila’s. 

chase signs prenup


BLQ and Chase appear. They’ll discuss the prenup with the lawyers.

Chase thanks Tracy, knowing she just wants to protect her family. They hug.

chase hugs tracy

He wants that too. She’s excited to welcome him into the family.

Gregory asks Tracy to save a dance for him and the women smirk as the men go.

They start looking at gowns again and Tracy offers BLQ to wear her mother’s dress.

lois and blq smirk

She regrets not wearing it herself and now thinks it was meant for her to share, not wear. Lois is touched.

She takes off for a few minutes and returns with a box.

They open it and find the gown inside.

Tracy says to make any alterations she wants.

blq and lila's gown

They embrace as Maxie and Lois’ eyes tear up.

blq hugs tracy

 At Finn’s, Liz is rocked when Finn tells her about what happened with Chase and the prenup.

She whips out an invitation to “Violet’s wedding,” asking if he got one.

Finn freaks out but Liz tells him that this is what kids do.

They’ve been talking a lot about weddings and it’s natural for kids to try to figure out what they’re all about.

They start talking about their own future. They’re both happy.

Finn asks if marriage is something she wants. She likes things the way they are.

violet's invitation

He does too and seems relieved. They kiss. 

Chase and Gregory arrive and Chase is sorry for pressuring him to be his best man.

He can ask someone else. His brother apologizes for his behavior and says he wants to do it.

They embrace and Finn jokes, “Don’t get emotional.”

chase hugs finn

Back at the gym, Michael calls Joss and tells her if she finds Dex to bring him back to Port Charles and don’t take no for an answer.

Meanwhile, Dante and Sonny box in the ring. He tells his dad not to play with fire concerning Jagger.

Sonny thinks he’ll learn the truth about the guy. 

Joss relays the message to Dex. She thinks Sonny’s in trouble. 

sonny boxes dante


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