GH Spoilers Sept 4 – 8: Dex Feels Guilty, Curtis Doesn’t Blame Anna, but Portia Does, and Eddie Shares a Moment

Full list of spoilers Monday, September 4 to Friday, September 8, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Sonny in the hot seat, Eddie Maine in his element, and Anna following Valentin.

In the weekly spoiler video, Sonny’s family scramble to figure out who turned him in to the Feds.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers August 28 – September 1.

Monday, September 4

Encore of the August 25, 2022 episode where Curtis Proposes to Portia, and Willow Prepares to Tell Michael She Has Leukemia

curtis proposes portia says yes general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Tuesday, September 5

Tuesday’s GH recap: Ava demands the corpse back from Mason

Sonny is in the hot seat.

Sonny tells the FBI he imports coffee.

Diane is called to action.

Diane saves Sonny from further questioning.

FBI has evidence to put Sonny away.

Ava presses Mason.

Mason gets creepy with Ava, telling her he wants to bed her.

Cyrus toys with Drew.

Carly wants answers.

Carly wonders to Michael if the flash drive she destroyed was copied. 

Maxie complains to Lucy that she just bought a house and needs the money.

Ava wants Nicholas’ corpse back from Mason but there is none.

carly assumes they want a favor

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Wednesday, September 6

Wednesday’s GH recap: Cody gets into Sasha’s room

Kristina and Dante commiserate.

Cody is on a mission.

Cody fakes being insane. 

Sasha’s drugged again by Montague. 

Anna follows Valentin.

Anna lies to Valentin. 

Kristina asks Michael if Sonny will be cleared.

Alexis is blunt with Nina.

Nina is grateful for Kristina’s support.

Nina worries about Sonny.

TJ and Molly are hopeful.

alexis checks on molly at gh

Thursday, September 7

Thursday’s GH – Sasha freaks out when she finds Cody in her room

Sam comes clean.

Nina asks Carly for a huge favor.

Gladys goes to Montague about Sasha.

Nina asks Gladys when they can visit Sasha.

Nina makes a call that Gladys stops in its tracks.

Mac is determined.

Trina confides in Joss.

Trina says Esme and Spencer are always together and they haven’t had time to “connect.” 

Gregory loses his nerve.

Molly and Kristina clash.

Sam and Dante talk about Cody.

spencer at pool with trina

Friday, September 8

Friday’s GH recap: Cody escapes with Sasha

Dex opens up to Joss.

Dex feels guilty.

Anna is apologetic.

Portia wants Anna away from Curtis.

Eddie Maine is in his element.

Eddie and Olivia share a moment.

Cody has a revelation.

Ava gives advice to Nina.

curtis doesn't blame anna

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