Victor Gives Sharon Kirsten with No Strings, and Kyle Offers to Return to Jabot if Jack Fires Billy

Thursday, September 7, Y&R day ahead recap: Kyle’s parents worry about him, Adam tells Sally he’s out to make amends, and Nick urges Sharon not to trust Adam.

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Nikki ordered Kyle to stay away from Audra, and Nate busted Audra in a lie.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for September 7, 2023 episode airs in the USA on September 8. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott estate, Diane and Jack tell their son that they are concerned about him.

Kyle insists he’s fine. What he had wit Summer is past tense.

jack and diane concerned about kyle

His mom doesn’t believe that kind of love just goes away and they tell him to face his feelings before they eat him alive.

They bicker about Jack forcing him out of Marchetti.

His parents don’t want him going down a bad path.

kyle insists he's fine

Kyle declares his path is great. He’s “Smiling Kyle.”

His job is great and he broke things off with Audra so what’s the problem?

Jack points out he’s been demoted at Newman but could be in a better position at Jabot.

smiling kyle

Kyle says that Billy is a train wreck and tells his father that he can’t trust him.

Jack thinks they should work something out but his son insists that he’s where he needs to be and losing Summer is the best thing that ever could have happened.

jack appalled by son

His attitude is worrying his parents. He claims he’s free but his mom wants to know what that means and what he’s doing.

Kyle says he doesn’t need to justify himself to her.

If she can’t accept that, he and his son will find somewhere else to live.

smiling kyle doing fine

His parents back down and tell him they just don’t want him to make the mistakes they have.

Jack urges him not to follow his lead because he’ll end up in superficial, transactional relationships.

That’s not real freedom.

diane and jack tell kyle not to make their mistakes

Kyle repeats he’s where he wants to be and needs the freedom to figure things out without his parents interfering.

They agree to that and he agrees not to move out with his son.

They talk about how things have calmed down with Ashley and now they’ve kicked up with Billy.

Jack regrets enlisting Billy in their fight. Kyle is sure Billy is already making moves to undermine Diane.

jack and diane talk jabot with kyle

Jack is hoping Billy will just back off. His son advises him to fire him now.

If he does that, he will consider stepping back into his old role.

After Kyle walks off, Jack admits to Diane that his son might be right about Billy.

That would fix a lot. But if he fires him, he will lose his brother the same way he almost lost Ashley.

Diane wants their son back at Jabot.

She feels like he’s slipping away.

diane tells jack she wants kyle at jabot

Nick joins Sharon and Heather at Crimson Lights.

She’s asked the lawyer to look into her control of Kirsten Inc.

Nick will do anything he can to help.

sharon explains heather her lawyer

Heather leaves to make some calls ahead of their meeting with Victor.

Nick is sorry there has to be a fight. Sharon assures him it will be fine.

The same can’t be said of Adam.

Being cut out has hit him hard.

sharon tells nick adam says he's sorry

Nick tells her not to buy into it. His brother just wants sympathy.

He’s surprised it took so long for his dad to cut Adam loose.

He’s surprised when Sharon claims that his brother wants to make amends.

Adam wanted her to convince him he’s having regrets.

They rehash how Adam betrayed them both. Nick doesn’t buy that he’s suddenly sorry and urges her not to believe it either.

nick doesn't think his bro is sorry

They go over how Adam has failed her once again and messed up her latest dream.

Nick is proud of her and hopes the possibilities for her company can come true.

He adds that Sally has agreed to take him up on funding her new company.

Sharon asks if he’s returning to Newman. He’s not sure.

sharon disappointed again

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Sally bumps into Adam at Society and tells him she’s sorry about his situation.

He says he’s been through all this before and it’s his fault.

He blew what could have been a great partnership.

adam tells sally he messed up

She’s surprised that he seems to regret this.

He can’t believe it’s taken this to see who he is and how he’s been living.

Losing their daughter and her woke him up. This only confirmed it.

sally having some feelings

Sally knows that night changed everything. He says things are different with his father this time.

Victor has washed his hands of him.

Now he’s been pushed in a new direction and it’s not clear what it is.

adam tells sally he's headed in a new direction

She thinks he’s a short leap to “nothing left to lose” and that’s dangerous.

That makes him laugh. They talk about being “damaged” people who embrace danger and she reminds him that he has a son to be concerned about.

He worries that Connor could end up like him.

His son had the sense to change his surroundings and took steps to do that.

“My son has become a role model for me,” he explains.

adam models life on connor

Adam is determined to make amends and start over.

“You’ll see and then you will believe,” he says.

Nick storms in and lectures his brother for trying to enlist Sharon’s help.

If he wanted to apologize, he should have done it himself. What is his goal?

nick lays into adam

Adam admits he has no goal. Anger and revenge have informed his choices in the past but now he doesn’t know.

He needs a reset for himself to get the garbage out of his life so he can be part of the family.

Nick won’t give him any solutions. Sally says at least he’s trying. Adam thanks them for hearing him out.

adam tells nick and sally he will change

After Adam walks off, Nick tells Sally he doesn’t know what to make of that.

She says only time will tell if he’s sincere.

nick and sally talk adam

They talk about Nick’s future at Newman. He’s still reluctant to work with Nate. But he knows his dad wants him in there to be a steadying role in the company.

sally and nick wonder if adam can change

At the ranch, Victor remembers how Adam took a bullet for him.

He also remembers some of their many recent fights.

His ruminations are interrupted when Sharon and Heather arrive.

victor thinks of adam

They sit and Sharon recaps the situation with her company and how things have changed since he decided to gut her company before the merger was even complete.

sharon and heather recap for victor

Heather points out he sees little value in the company, but Sharon wants the chance to build it and realize her own vision.

“I agree with you. I think you should,” he says.

victor listens to sharon talk kirsten

He makes it clear that she can have it free and clear.

Heather would like to see it in writing and will draft paperwork.

The lawyer is glad this has been resolved and leaves.

sharon thanks victor

Sharon thanks Victor and is sorry for what happened with Adam.

He wishes he’d never purchased McCall for his son.

He’s given him many chances and it’s never enough. Maybe his wounds are “so damn deep” he’ll never get over them.

victor worries adam's wounds are too deep

Sharon is too close to Adam to know if he can change. There is a lot of good in him. That’s what frustrates his father.

She thinks he can bring out the best in himself if he wants to.

Maybe this will end up being a good thing? If Victor won’t give him another chance, she doesn’t know what he will do.

“I’ve given that boy so many chances…I’m tired,” he admits. She suggests things could be different this time given how much his son has lost recently.

He thanks her for caring and tells her to do great things with her company.

victor and sharon discuss the future

Sharon joins Sally and Nick at Society and tells them Victor gave her back the company.

Nick is debating what to do. She tells him to come and work for her. They can do it right this time.

nick and sally consider his options

Adam heads home. He has a drink and thinks about wanting to be part of the family.

Victor arrives at his door.

victor at adam's door

Next week on Y&R!

“Why did you come back form Paris alone? What the hell did you do with her?” Abby demands from Tucker.

tucker with abby in his room

Nikki gives Adam 24 hours to end whatever he is plotting against his father.

If he doesn’t, she swears he will regret it.

nikki tells adam to stop his shenanigans

Victoria tells her father that they have an important empty chair to fill at Newman.

“I have decided who to put in that chair and it ain’t going to be Nate Hastings,” Victor says.


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