Cody Clobbers Montague and Escapes with Sasha, and Sparks Fly Between Ned and Olivia as He Records His Song

Friday, September 8 GH recap: Anna visits Curtis, Leo, Olivia, and Ned hit the recording studio, and Joss tells Dex Sonny’s situation is her fault.

Thursday’s GH recap: Nina panicked to Gladys as Cody tried breaking Sasha out of Ferncliff and Dr. Montague cornered them.

At the Metro Court, Nina is on teh phone to Gladys, threatening to head to Ferncliff to find out why Sasha is still there if she’s not out by the morning.

nina asks anna if she has any info

She spots Anna and crosses over to her to ask if she has any information on the case against Sonny. As they talk about who the bullet fired at them was for, Ava interrupts and brings up Curtis getting shot.

ava and nina talk curtis with anna

They chat about him moving home and trying to adjust to his new life. Anna walks off. Ava didn’t mean to upset her. They’re all upset.
Ava asks Nina how she’s holding up ahead of Sonny’s hearing.

They chat about Avery and how happy she is about the upcoming wedding. The Jerome urges her to face the fact that even if Sonny gets out of this, there will always be something else.

ava tells nina this will never end

Nina has been with “complicated” men before but she’s still determined to marry Sonny. They get a table and Ava urges her to weigh everything. Last time she walked down the aisle, she ran away.

Nina claims Sonny doesn’t lie to her. “And you don’t lie to him?” Ava asks, pointedly. She just wants her to go into this with her eyes open.

nina and ava talk lies

She suggests that Nina and Sonny buy Spoon Island.

At Curtis’ place, his father is about to leave for work when he stops to worry about the accounts.

When he sees Portia is not there, Marshall decides to stick around.

His son tells him he can’t keep doing that.

marhsall told off by curtis

He can be alone in his own house and doesn’t need to be watched.

Marshall concedes he’s right and heads for the door. Curtis thanks him before he goes.

curtis tells his father he has to stop doing this

Left alone, Curtis gets himself some coffee and then answers the door. It’s Anna.

He lets her in and assumes she thought he would have a “babysitter.”

anna visits curtis at home

He realizes that he just had the first moments alone since the shooting.

They talk about how hard things have been with his family.

Anna reminds him the bullet wasn’t meant for him.

She’s really sorry.

curtis and anna talk about the shooting

He says this was not her fault. As much as he hates this happened, and as much as hated her and Sonny at first, that went away.

He recalls the way he used to live and how much he put people in danger.

“Maybe it’s karma or it just is what it is,” he suggests.

She thinks that’s incredibly gracious.

curtis doesn't blame anna

Portia interrupts and Anna decides she should go.

The doctor insists on walking her out.

On the doorstep, she tells Anna that coming was not a good idea.

She may not have upset Curtis, but she’s upset her.

portia not happy anna is at the house

Anna is sorry about all this. Portia isn’t impressed and starts lecturing her for living a dangerous life and putting other people in danger.

Anna says they will find out who did this.

Portia says that won’t do her husband any good and asks her not to come back.

Anna leaves in tears.

anna confronted by portia

When she goes inside, Curtis tells his wife he can’t blame Anna for this. “I can,” she says.

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Ned, Olivia, and Leo arrive at the recording studio.

Ned is happy that Sonny came through for him.

He’s surprised to learn Sonny isn’t there.

leo olivia and ned at record label

They go into the studio and meet with the producer and engineer.

Leo gets excited about all the buttons and the producer asks if Olivia is singing back-up.

She stumbles through an explanation and says she’s just there as his friend.

ned olivia and leo in recording studio

Ned sits down and explains that the song is all in his head, he just needs to figure out how it ends.

He and the producer talk about the vibe and his groupies.

He recalls one gig he played that was the best performance of his life because he felt like it was for just one person.

ned strums his guitar for olivia

Bumping fists with Leo, Ned heads into the recording room.

As he tests the levels, Olivia and Leo watch and hold hands.

Ned sings his song until he gets to the end.

Suddenly, Ned stops singing as he looks at Olivia.

They share a moment and then he returns to singing from the start.

ned singing in booth

Joss finds Dex moping on the pier. He tells her he screwed up and Sonny could spend the rest of his life in prison because of him.

dex feels bad about letting sonny down

She assures him this is none of his fault. He keeps blaming himself for not burning the flashdrive.

How could he have been so careless?

“Because of me,” she points out.

He refuses to accept that but she points out she was willing to use the drive.

joss tells dex she would have turned sonny in

She loves him and worries about losing him. He says he never takes unnecessary risks.

After she tells him about getting drunk because she was frustrated with him, she kisses him, and tells him not to beat himself up.

joss tells dex not to blame himself

They sit and he explains that Sonny is like a father to him. If he goes to prison, it will leave a hole in his life.

Sonny has more values and integrity than most men who operate legally. He’s taught him about being a man.

Joss understands and thanks him for explaining what he means to her.

He tells her never to forget what she means to him and kisses her.

joss and dex talk sonny

At Ferncliff, Dr. Montague corners Cody and Sasha in her room and demands to know what’s going on.

Cody immediately recognizes him as Gladys’ pal from the poker games and realizes they have been working together.

cody confronts mantague

The doctor says they are breaking the rules and Cody seems agitated.

“Try mad as hell,” Cody suggests, speculating that he’s been working with Gladys to keep Sasha drugged.

monatgue argues with cody

Montague thinks that Cody could use stronger meds.

Sasha asks him if he knows Gladys.

When the doctor threatens to call security, he and Cody start fighting and throwing each other around the room.

Cody strips off the doctor’s clothes, ties him up and gags him.

monatgue bound

Dressed as the doctor, Cody leads Sasha out the door, telling a nurse he’s taking her out for some “nature.”

Once they are gone, another nurse shows up and says that Montague is not allowed to take patients out.

She calls security.

cody sneaking sasha out

As the alarms go off, Cody loads Sasha into a waiting vehicle and drives off.

sasha cody escape

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