Nina Panics to Gladys as Cody Tries Breaking Sasha Out of Ferncliff and Dr. Montague Corners Them

Thursday, September 7 GH recap: BLQ moves in with Chase, Montague tells Gladys they need to wait to release Sasha, and Nina asks Carly for help.

Wednesday’s GH recap: Anna spied on Valentin, Dante discovered Sam and Cody in cahoots, and Cody snuck into Sasha’s room.

At Kelly’s, Carly notices Mac is alone. He says Felicia is joining him and congratulates her on taking over the restaurant before they chat about Sonny’s arrest.

Felicia bustles in and Carly steps off.

mac chats with carly at kelly's

She rambles about her new course and he looks moody.

He thinks all that is great for her but Cody has been locked up and he’s upset about it.

She’s shocked to hear he’s been committed to Ferncliff.

She points out that’s where Sasha is.

felicia tells mac not to go

He finds what’s happening with Cody too eerily similar to what happened with Dominique. He’s worried he’s bitten off more than he can chew and is determined to go and see him. She forbids it, reminding him that he’s the commissioner and can’t get involved.

mac wonders if he should visit cody

This isn’t just about optics. he could also mess up whatever Cody is doing.

They need to trust he knows what he’s doing.

Outside, Nina calls Ferncliff to speak to Sasha but isn’t allowed.

She spots Carly clearing a table and tells her about the danger they are all in now that Sonny has been arrested.

nina corners carly outside

When she asks Carly what she will do about it, Carly throws the question back at her and claims this has nothing to do with her.

Nina reminds her that she stepped in to keep the peace when everyone thought he was dead.

Nina is new to this and begs for help. Carly explains Brick has been in touch and everything is strong.

They are working to keep the family in touch and she assures her Brick will be in touch with her.

nina begs carly to help

She needs to stay calm because panicking looks bad.

Carly is worried about who broke ranks and turned on Sonny. She tells her to stay under the radar.

carly asked for help from nina

Spencer joins Joss and Trina by the Metro Court pool and apologizes for being late.

He and Esme had to calm down Ace.

Joss gets sarcastic about Esme so Spencer asks if Dex got arrested with Sonny.

That sets her off.

spencer at pool with trina

As he goes for a swim, Joss asks Trina why his bringing up Ese doesn’t upset her more.

Trina admits she is upset. She thought she’d spend the whole summer with her boyfriend but now it’s over. They barely get “alone time.”

Joss is sure that’s hard. Trina doesn’t want to complain about this with everything that’s happening with her three parents.

She keeps reminding herself it won’t be like this forever.

joss and trina talk spencer

She keeps reminding herself that Spencer is hers, not Esme’s, so she refuses to let her get under his skin.

When Trina gets in the water with Spencer, he carries her and they kiss.

Joss watches them and smiles before calling Dex to ask why his phone is off.

Eventually, he texts back to say he loves her. She looks confused.

spencer trina kiss pool

Gregory drops by The Invader office to give Alexis some work.

She senses he doesn’t want to leave.

He’s preparing to tell Chase about his illness tonight. She wishes him luck.

gregory brings work to office

He’s sure this will crush his son. Chase never hides his feelings, unlike Finn.

It amazes him how they can be completely different.

Alexis’ children are the same. Kristina shows up.

He takes off and she asks her mom out to lunch to talk Sonny.

kristina looking offended

Alexis says they need to hope it’s not as bad as she thinks it might be.

Molly arrives, spots her sister, and is about to walk away.

Their mom orders them to kiss and make up.

alexis forced kristina and molly to shake hands

The sisters lash out at each other immediately and Molly flounces off.

Alexis can’t believe any of this. She urges Kristina to think about what’s at stake.

Molly goes home to cry with her stuffed horse.

BLQ shows up at Chase’s place just as he’s finishing a workout.

All she brought is a suitcase. She claims that’s all she needs. He’s never seen her pack so light and worries she’s changing to suit him.

blq and shirtless chase at door

Brook Lynn insists that’s not the case and explains she will still be checking in at the mansion.

blq asked if she's moving in

Later, Gregory shows up and thanks his son for making time for him.

Before he can explain why he’s there, BLQ interrupts.

gregory visits chase

They announce she is moving in. Gregory offers to buy them dinner as congratulations.

BLQ explains Chase asked her to move in thanks to her conflicts with her grandmother.

This doesn’t surprise him.

They have wine and pizza.


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Gladys meets with Dr. Montague in the alley, annoyed they asked her to meet in the open.

She’s wired him the money he requested and wants to pick up Sasha and bring her home.

gladys surprised in alley

“Not so fast,” he says. They need to ween Sasha off the meds.

If she recovers too fast, she may ask for a toxicology report and that will be bad for them.

They need to wait at least a weekend. Then everything will be “hunky-dory.”

montague tells gladys they have to wait

Nina calls her to ask when they can get Sasha. Gladys says it’s all on track. Nina orders her to meet her at Kelly’s.

After Gladys walks off, he gets a call and asks for “something so good it will make you forget you ever met someone.”

At the penthouse, Dante asks Sam to explain where Cody is.

Reluctantly, she admits he’s in Ferncliff and she’s the one who helped him get committed.

dante ask sam where cody is

He’s shocked she helped him break into a mental hospital and violate a restraining order. She insists this is the only way to help Sasha.

The cop is worried Sasha could attack his friend again.

sam tells dante cody is in ferncliff

Dante thinks his friend if making up excuses to try and save her. Sam would have said the same thing a few weeks ago, but not now.

He knows her well enough to know she can’t be stopped when she thinks she’s doing the right things. She insists there was no other option. “What am I?” he asks.

She thinks he should be focusing on his father.

Besides, would he want her compromising his integrity as a cop.

He trusts her judgment but doesn’t want to be kept in the dark. He’ll back her a hundred percent.

sam didn't want to compromise dante

Cody sneaks into Sasha’s room at Ferncliff and tries to wake her up.

When she wakes, she freaks out to see him.

He backs off and insists he’s there to help.

cody tries to wake sasha

She’s not sure what’s real. He assures her that he’s real and gets her to take his hand.

sasha says she's not taking drugs

Sasha insists she’s not taking drugs. He thinks she’s being drugged and asks her to let him prove it.

Telling her they need to go, he asks her to go with him.

As they hobble to the door, Montague shows up.

montague stops sasha cody

Gladys joins Nina outside of Kelly’s and grabs her phone away as she’s threatening to bring the cops there. Nina demands to know what’s going on.

Gladys says Sasha will be out tomorrow. Nina says it has to be now.

gladys and nina argue sasha

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