Anna Spies on Valentin, Dante Discovers Sam and Cody in Cahoots, and Cody Sneaks Into Sasha’s Room

Wednesday, September 6 GH recap: Anna gets Valentin to call his contacts at Pikeman, Dante accuses Michael of turning their father in, and Alexis gives Nina a warning.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Sonny’s family wondered who turned him in, while Sonny learned he can’t get bail, and Nikolas refused to return.

Anna and Valentin head back to their hotel suite after breakfast.

She’s reluctant to call it home. As soon as she steps in, she senses something is off.

The mail has been moved.

anna notices the mail has been moved

He assumes that was just the housekeepers.

She admits she’s been anxious since Sonny was arrested and wonders if Pikeman had something to do with it.

That doesn’t make any sense to him. Besides, he reminds her Sonny tends to evade consequences for his actions and that will likely happen again.

She asks him to ask his friends at Pikeman if they know anything.

velantin wonders why anna is worried

He agrees to make a call. After setting up a meeting, he runs off.

She trails after him.

Anna follows him to a house and waits behind a bush as he goes in.

He soon comes out, saying he needs something done quickly.

anna hiding

She rushes back to her suite and puts on a robe so that when Valentin arrives, she claims she was in the shower.

He’s not convinced since someone downstairs said the hot water was out.

anna in robe with valentin

He explains his contact claimed that Pikeman had nothing to with the arrest.

She pokes a few holes in his story.

Kristina finds Nina at the Metro Court. They are both eager for news about Sonny.

Nina isn’t sure he can get bail. All she knows that it he has to be charged or released in 72 hours.

nina and kristina talk sonny case

Kristina is fed up with Diane not answering her calls and asks if there is something else they can do.

Nina promises to let her know as soon as she hears anything.

The Corinthos thanks her and says she really feels like family now.

Nina loves her and thanks her for being supportive. If only they could get Michael on their team.

kristina and nina wonder what to do

Kristina is sure that Willow will get through to him. She gives her a hug and jogs off.

Dante bursts into Michael’s office at Aurora and demands to know if he turned in their father.

Michael insists that he didn’t do anything.

The cop accuses him of being just as vindictive as their father and reminds him that he swore to take him down.

dante bursts into michael's office

Michael keeps insisting he’s innocent.

He would never do this to his siblings and unleash the danger that will come if Sonny is behind bars.

He may not be over what he did to Carly, but he’s moving forward.

Willow has taught him what a waste of energy hating is.

michael confronted by dante

The detective apologizes for accusing him.

Kristina shows up.

Dante says he’ll see what he can find out about their dad and takes off.

kristina interrupts dante and michael

Michael tells his sister he had nothing to do with the arrest.

She believes him but assumes he’s glad it happened.

Sitting, he says that their father probably does deserve to be arrested but this is a nightmare.

michael wishes he knew what would happen

He wishes he knew if their father could beat the charges.

She can’t understand why the Feds have arrested their dad. He’s not a threat to the government.

Her brother thinks she’s a little naive.

kristina asks michael about the arrest

She wonders if the FBI has set him up as revenge for slipping away too many times.

Michael urges her to focus on her new project and admits that it’s unlikely their father will get off.

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Cody paces in his cell at Ferncliff and rants at a doctor.

He complains about how tired he is but can’t sleep.

Leaping around, he talks about gambling and almost jumping off his balcony.

cody ranting to doctor

Knowing he could end it all makes him feel in control.

He starts screaming about the government and flailing around, demanding to be let out.

cody complains about government

After giving him a pill and telling him to sleep, the doctor exits.

Cody spits the pill out.

In her room, Sasha takes a deep breath and tells herself she has to do this.

When Dr. Montague arrives, she thanks him for his help, saying the treatment has worked and she’s ready to go home.

sasha in her room

Montague says if they let her out now, she would have a relapse. She offers him money.

He refuses, pulling out a needle and declaring this doesn’t end until he says so.

She screams for help as he injects her.

montague says this is not the end

Later, nurse Janice comes in to check on her. She’s unconscious so the nurse assumes she’s doing worse and need Montague.

Sam bumps into Dr. Montague when she stops by to do some paperwork on a friend she committed.

They talk about patients in the institute and he says he always makes sure they get what they need.

montague bumps into sam

Down the hall, Cody sneaks into Sasha’s room and wonders what’s happened to her.

Alexis arrives at general Hospital and gives Molly a hug, wishing her good luck on the surrogate’s tests today.

When she brings up Kristina, Molly is miffed. She’s just relieved her sister didn’t show up because it would have pushed her over the edge.

alexis checks on molly at gh

They talk about Sonny’s arrest and how complicated it is for Molly since she’s the ADA.

Sitting down, Molly tells her about the infertility podcast she’s been listening to and wonders if she’s jumping into this too fast.

molly tells mom not sure

Her mom says only she can make this choice. She and TJ have to choose what feels right.

Alexis says the only important thing is that she will be a mother one way or another. Alexis exits.

When TJ joins Molly, he tells her it’s okay to be on edge and there’s nothing to worry about.

The surrogate arrives to start the tests and tells them about her ovulating.

tj molly and the surrogate

A nurse calls her in for tests. TJ assures Molly they’ve got this.

They talk about the Sonny situation.

She wanted to reach out to her sister since she’s sure she’s worried, but she doesn’t have the energy to deal with her.

molly and tj are anxious

They hold hands and say they will get through this together.

The surrogate returns and says they should get the test results in two weeks.

Molly has a good feeling about this. TJ tells her to trust her feelings.

dante asks sam where cody is

Alexis drops by the Metro Court to talk about Sonny with Nina.

She’s worried that his family are sitting ducks if he gets locked up.

There’s no guarantee his guards will protect them. If he ends up in prison, they are all vulnerable.

alexis warns nina

Dante stops by to see his mom and asks if she’s seen Cody.

She explains he’s taken the week off. He’s confused. She suggests he ask his girlfriend to explain.

olivia worries to dante

The cop leaves concerned. On the elevator, he leaves Cody a message and then calls Mac to ask if he’s heard from him.

Olivia joins Alexis and Nina to wonder what’s happening with Sonny.

Alexis assumes there must be serious evidence if he was arrested by the Feds.

Nina is surprised by how matter-of-fact they are about this. They are used to it.

Alexis doesn’t approve of Sonny’s way but for the sake of his kids hopes he gets out of this.

Sam meets with Sam at the penthouse and asks her where Cody is.

nina is told she's in danger

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