Bill Returns, Brooke Keeps her Wedding Gown Design Secret and RJ Gives Eric a Pep Talk

Friday, September 8 recap of B&B: Bill’s back and hears all about Liam’s divorce, Brooke won’t show Ridge her wedding design, and Eric’s arthritis has him down.

Thursday’s B&B recap: Steffy Can’t Put Up With Finn’s Mother and Leaves Him, While Sheila Lies to Deacon About Steffy

At Forrester, RJ is told that Steffy just up and left with her kids because of Sheila.

He’s rocked. Brooke says she loves Finn but can’t be with him without feeling unsafe. RJ gets it.

Seeing Sheila at her house would have freaked her out. It freaked him out.

Ridge feels bad. She was about to move back in with Finn.

rj feels bad for steffy

They agree it’s important Steffy and the kids are safe.

They’ll go visit. Ridge needs to tell Eric and calls him lucid lately.

Has RJ spoken with him? RJ hems and haws.

He’s worried about his granddad and his new line.

Ridge says he knows better than anyone that you can’t just start a new line in the middle of the season.

brooke and ridge tell rj about steffy leaving town

It’s why he encouraged him to play golf.

RJ calls it insulting to such a vital, capable man.

Brooke considers that and Ridge shrugs.

RJ reminds his dad that Granddad founded the company and can do what he wants.

ridge and brooke placate rj

Ridge just wants to protect him and the company though RJ is sure Eric doesn’t see it that way.

Brooke steps in and sides with Ridge.

They love that he’s trying to protect his gramps.

He goes and Brooke gushes about how sweet their kid is.

brooke thinks rj is sweet

Ridge says there’s more to what RJ was saying.

He asks to see the wedding dress design but she tells him in good time.

They make out and she works on some paperwork.

Ridge hands her a stapler and thinks about Eric sitting at his desk.

ridge sees his dad at the helm of the company

At the Cliff House, Finn tells his mom that Sheila appeared out of nowhere and Steffy freaked out.

She left for overseas with the kids. That’s what Li was afraid of.

Sheila interfering with his marriage.

finn tells li steffy left him

Liam too, Finn says, though he also takes responsibility for some of their issues.

Li knows he is and still can’t believe it.

finn angry liam loves his wife

Finn tells her that Liam wants Steffy back, making Li wonder who the hell he thinks he is.

Finn says it doesn’t matter. He’s not getting her.

She’s his wife and they built a life together.

Li is angry, wondering if Liam has no honor. Finn tells her that Liam recorded him hugging Sheilia and ran to Steffy to show her.

Li scoffs. That says a lot about who he is but she knows her son is strong and determined.

He won’t let anyone break up his marriage.

li appalled that liam wants steffy back


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At Spencer Publications, Bill’s back from his trip on the Stella Maris and Liam says he missed his dad.

Bill reminds his son he did have his cell phone with him.

He could have called to tell him what was going on with his marriage. 

bill learns that hope kissed thomasa

Liam’s sorry and Bill is apologetic about things ending. He’s still shocked Hope kissed someone. Is there a chance he can forgive her?

He says if it were anyone but Thomas.

Wyatt pokes his head in and reveals that Thomas isn’t the only reason he won’t reunite.

wyatt talks about liam wanting steffy back

He wants Steffy back. Bill’s mouth drops open in surprise.

He’s annoyed that Wyatt’s been playing sounding board to his brother and reminds them they have a business to run.

The boys are chastised and stammer. He tells them they did a phenomenal job.

They’re relieved and Wyatt wants to work from the Stella Maris.

$Bill refuses.

bill chastizes his sons

About Steffy, he understands his son’s feelings.

Wyatt cracks jokes about Bill sexing up Sheila and his dad shuts him down.

Liam turns the conversation on him.

He never meant to hurt Steffy’s marriage but he won’t pretend his feelings don’t exist.

At home, Eric tries to sketch but his hand hurts.

eric arthritis hurts

RJ arrives and learns Eric forgot the password to the tablet and he hands over his own tablet.

Eric’s grateful but annoyed at the arthritis.

RJ gives him a pep talk. Nobody will discount the great Eric Forrester. Eric appreciated him but he can’t draw.

RJ gives him another pep talk, saying it’s like Everest.

He has passion and needs to channel it. This isn’t game over!

rj pep talk to eric


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