Sonny’s Family Wonder Who Turned Him In, While Sonny Learns He Can’t Get Bail, and Nikolas Refuses to Return

Monday, September 4 GH recap: Cyrus warns Drew he is no longer protected, Carly asks Michael if he turned Sonny in, and Maxie tells Lucy they should settle the case.

Friday’s GH recap:Sonny was arrested by the FBI after they raided the Pikeman shipment, and Nina worried as Olivia pushed Ned to remember.

At the FBI office, the Feds are questioning Sonny about Pikeman.

Corinthos insists he’s a coffee importer and refuses to say anything without his attorney present.

feds question sonny

Diane arrives and ends the questioning.

They plan to hold him for 72 hours and assure her he won’t make bail.

diane ends interrogation

After he walks out, the agent tells another that Sonny won’t get away this time.

They’re brought a photo of the shipment.


Diane and Sonny chat about softball until the agents return. She tells them her client won’t answer questions. They decide to send him back to his cell. The lawyer admits to her client she won’t be able to get him bail.

diane sonny talk softball

Carly is waiting for news in her kitchen when Michael shows up.

He informs her that the FBI have arrested Sonny. She knows. This isn’t good.

michael tells carly sonny was arrested

She asks if he changed his mind and turned him in.

He can understand her suspicion and worries about how much seeing the arrest upset Wiley.

But he gave up the whole idea of going after Sonny.

His mom gets him to swear to that.

carly asks michael if he turned sonny in

His mom wonders if they had the only copy of the flashdrive.

Dex shows up. He thanks Carly for warning him last night.

dex has been hiding out

Michael asks if he ever let the flashdrive out of his sight.

Dex flashes back letting Joss handle it. She walks in and asks what they are all doing there.

joss interrupts michael and dex

Her mom lectures her for being out all night.

They inform her that someone turned Sonny in. “Was it you?” Carly asks.

Joss insists it wasn’t her. Michael asks what happened to the flashdrive after it was destroyed.

Dex took it. He was going to burn it but dropped it in the trash.

They’re sure the Feds could have found it.

joss insists she's innocent

Michael realizes that their actions could put Sonny away for the rest of his life.

At the Deception office, Maxie tries to calm Lucy down and suggests they settle with Tracy.

She refuses. Maxie points out 25 percent of a viable company are better than 100 percent of nothing.

maxie tells lucy they should settle

Coe accuses her of throwing in the towel instead of fighting.

Maxie reminds her that she is a single mom and she needs to be practical. Lucy huffs and her friend reminds her that Tracy is ruthless.

maxie asks lucy why tracy is after her

It seems to Lucy that this is about the Quartermaine trying to get back at her.

She claims that she’s trying to afflict her “sourpuss” attitude on her.

lucy furious about deception case

They rehash what they know about what Tracy knows.

They don’t know what evidence she actually has. Lucy is sure that Tracy couldn’t have had the same idea as her at the same time.

Maybe if it was Erica Kane, but not Tracy.

Since when did she care about beauty?

Lucy remains sure this is all about spite.

Maxie says they only have a chance to hold on financially if they agree they can win this.

Tracy could drag this out and will risk destroying them even if she doesn’t think she can win. Maxie thinks they should take the deal.

Lucy begs for the chance to prove that Tracy didn’t think of The Deceptor first. This only makes Maxie worry.

maxie and lucy debate the case

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Ava is not happy when she finds Mason in her gallery.

He immediately starts taunting her.

She wants her husband’s corpse.

ava startled by mason

Mason says the details for that need to worked out with the boss.

She demands that he do that fast. She’s already done her part.

mason taunting ava at gallery

Getting out a lollipop, he assures her she will get the body back soon.

ava demands mason give corpse back

Austin arrives at the cabin.

Nikolas comes in from a morning jog and says his strength is already back to normal.

nikolas feels better

The doctor tells him that what happened with Ava was an accident.

His recovery has been remarkable and it’s time for her to know about it because think he’s dead is an ordeal.

The prince had no idea the doctor and his ex-wife were so close.

Flashing back to sex with her, Austin claims they’re not really. Nikolas doesn’t buy this.

austin tells nikolas ava didn't mean to kill him

The doctor tells him about getting attacked by Heather while trying to protect Ava.

He says she’s a good person and it’s time for Nikolas to tell her he’s alive.

Nikolas isn’t going back yet because things are complicated.

Austin assumes he’s afraid he will get arrested. The prince assures him he’s eager to get back but has to sort some things out first.

After he walks off to shower, Ava calls Austin and tells him that his cousin was checking up her and being creepy. He was vague again about the body.

austin on phone to ava

In the showers at Pentonville, Cyrus warns Drew that he is no longer under Sonny’s protection.

The mobster is in federal custody for violating a National Security Act.

cyrus warns drew in shower

They meet again in the library. Drew just wants to find a book.

Renault has something for him.

It’s a chess set that he made. He hopes they can play and test each other’s minds.

cyrus gives drew a chess set

“You may learn something worth knowing,” Cyrus suggests.

They sit and play.

cyrus and drew play chess

At the penthouse, Dante tells Sam that he hasn’t been able to learn anything about his father’s case. This might actually be the end for him this time.

Jason isn’t around to protect him.

dante tells sam about sonny case

She points out he has Diane and others to help.

The cop points out these are very different and more serious charges. None of this feels right to her.

He assumes that someone has snitched on his father.

Her gut is telling him it must be an enemy from outside his organization.

sam and dante consider sonny's case

It’s all rumors right now but the Feds seem confident in their case.

They wonder what he could have done and if it might be tied into the Metro Court shooting.

If Sonny goes down, his family will be thrown into chaos.

As he goes off to shower, she calls Ferncliff to check on Cody. He’s been on a 24 hour watch and hasn’t been left alone.

dante and sam wonder who turned on sonny

Sam tells herself he won’t get to Sasha unless he tones it down so they stop watching him.

Dante returns after she makes coffee. He always knew the day would come when his father was arrested.

He’s kind of conflicted. He’s arrested good and bad people and he’s come to see that he and his father aren’t as far apart as he’d thought.

Part of him hopes he beats the charges one more time.

sam brings dante coffee

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