General Hospital Spoilers November 21-25: Carly Fights With Nina, and Britt and Liesl Sob Over Her Disease

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, November 21 to Friday, November 25, 2022.

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Ahead includes Carly lying to Sonny, Scott giving Cody a warning, Chase getting a surprise, and Valentin teaming up with Martin.

And catch what comes first in the General Hospital Spoilers for November 14-18.

In the weekly spoiler video, Holly tells Robert that someone has gotten to her, Britt loses it, and Diane has a bad feeling.

Monday, November 21

Monday’s GH recap: Joss kisses Dex

Britt gets difficult news from Dr. Talone.

Sonny asks what’s going on between him and Carly.

Robert wants answers from Holly.

Holly reveals everything to Robert.

Holly says Victor killed her sister and has her son.

Scott has a warning for Cody.

Valentin and Victor come face to face.

Carly lies to Sonny.

Dex shows himself to Sonny.

Holly pleads with Robert to keep quiet or Victor will kill Ethan.

holly lets robert know truth general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

Tuesday, November 22

Tuesday’s GH recap: Victor gives Holly a huge task

Victor gives Holly a new task.

Brook Lynn threatens Linc.

Carly is thrown by Michael’s news.

Dante lets some information slip.

Sam confides in Alexis.

Britt is angry with Cody and gives him the necklace.

Robert demands the necklace.

Carly’s angry that Nina inserted herself into Willow and Michael’s life.

Nina opens up to Liesl.

victor pissed off general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

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Wednesday, November 23

Wednesday’s GH recap: Holly knocks Robert out

Carly and Nina have it out.

Holly steals the necklace.

Martin and Valentin have cake and discuss Lucy going missing.

Britt opens up to Liesl.

Chase is surprised.

Brook Lynn makes a decision.

Linc gets what he wants.

Valentin and Martin team up.

Carly almost dumps soup on Nina.

nina tells carly to can it general hospital recaps soapspoilers

Thursday, November 24

ABC will air an encore of last year’s Thanksgiving episode.

Friday, November 25

ABC will air football.

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