General Hospital Spoilers May 15 – 19: Sasha Learns Cody Went to Bat For Here, and Joss Has a Request For Sonny

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, May 15 to Friday, May 19, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Sasha facing her fear, Alexis making an offer, and Holly making a big decision.

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In the weekly spoiler video, Michael tells Sonny that things need to change, Dex tells Joss he has to go, and Nina finds another reason not to feel sorry for Carly.

Monday, May 15

GH Monday: Sonny and Michael share a truce

Sonny is taken by surprise.

Michael wants a truce.

Dex’s news leaves Joss shaken.

Dex needs to leave PC but Joss convinces him to stay.

Gladys takes a loss.

Gladys is in deeper with Selena.

Scott pitches a new plan.

Scotty wants Cody to help sue WSB.

Brook Lynn reports for duty.

gladys debts GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tuesday, May 16

Tuesday’s GH recap: Nina and Carly fight

Nina arrives at Carly’s.

Carly fights with Nina and Nina wishes she didn’t grovel.

Robert seeks romantic advice from Anna.

Diane puts her cards on the table with Holly.

Sasha faces her fear. 

Cody rides to the rescue.

Cody threatens to streak unless they turn off the baby cries in Sasha’s earpiece.

Sasha does a great job and they all go out for dinner after to celebrate.

Gladys worries when she has no way to pay Selena who gives her a short amount of time to come up with the cash.

sasha can hear baby cries in her ear piece

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Wednesday, May 17

Wednesday’s GH recap: Holly has to pay off new debts for Ethan

Robert does some digging.

Mac and Robert discuss Miss Wu and how Robert wants to be Holly’s white knight.

Dante reaches out to Mac.

Portia seeks out Ava.

Ava has advice for Portia.

Alexis makes an offer. 

Esme ponders her options. She decides to take on a job.

Spencer wants to get custody of his brother.

Felicia and Diane talk about Robert.

Miss Wu talks with Curtis. He offers to fix the DNA tests for Curtis, who thinks she just wants to have something over him.

Anna gets a letter as does Laura – invitations to Victor’s will reading.

selina shows up

Thursday, May 18

Thursday May 18 GH recap: TJ and Molly are crushed

Curtis worries he’ll complicate Trina’s life if he’s the father.

Jordan offers congratulations.

Alexis gets an invitation to Victor’s will reading.

Sam is thrown.

Molly is troubled.

Holly makes a big decision.

Holly professes to love Robert but worries she’s not good for him. 

Spencer tells Esme if she leaves PC, he’ll follow to be near Ace. She doesn’t care.

sam asks alexis why she can't stop herself

Friday, May 19

Friday’s GH recap – Gladys has information for Selina

Taggert advises Portia.

Michael updates Dante.

Joss has a request for Sonny. She asks him to fire Dex.

Sasha supports Nina.

Scott meets with Cody.

Taggert tries convincing Portia to back down.

Curtis and Jordan discuss their feelings.

Maxie tells Sasha what Cody did for her.

Sasha goes to thank Cody.

Cody talks to James about camping.

sonny asks what's in it for Gladys

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