Sasha Triumphs on TV with Help from Cody, Selina Wants Gladys to Spy on Sonny, and Nina Fights with Carly After Trying to Apologize

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, May 16, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sasha thinks it’s time to end the guardianship, Cody threatens Haven, and Alexis realizes her life isn’t going as intended.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Gladys owed Selina more money, Scott wanted to sue the WSB and Joss convinced Dex to stay in Port Charles.

At the Home & Heart studio, the sound of a baby crying is pumped into Sasha’s headset as Haven asks her if she’s okay. The crying is pumped up until Sasha starts to twitch.

sasha can hear baby cries in her ear piece

BLQ and Lucy start worrying and Sasha continues trying to make her presentation. The producer orders the sound raised even more.

crew of home and heart up to no good

Cody shows up and starts taking off his clothes, threatening to run out and streak.

cody gets his clothes off, ready to streak

They cut the sound. Sasha gets back on track and explains that her ear piece was just making a horrible noise.

She returns to talking about how The Deceptor works. Haven is clearly annoyed that this isn’t going as she’d planned.

sasha on the air

Once the broadcast ends, Sasha tells Haven she’ll be hearing from her lawyers. She walks off and tells BLQ and Lucy what happened.

Sasha could tell it wasn’t a hallucination. It was real.

Flora overhears this and confronts Haven about trying to push Sasha over the edge on TV. Haven tries to put the blame on someone else but
Flora quits and storms off.

One of the tech’s goes to Sasha and tells her there’s someone who needs to talk to her. Some lady tells her she heard all about her tragedies. Sasha says she’s doing better now.

The producer comes over and Lucy calls him a weasel, barking that he has to make this right.

lucy puts the crew of home and heart in their place

BLQ finds Cody putting on his boots. She saw him stopping the sound effect and asks him to The Savoy to celebrate. He takes a raincheck.

After the ladies take off, Cody confronts Haven and tells her that if she ever pulls a stunt like she did today again, she will regret it.

cody threatens haven

At Anna’s, Robert asks her if she was thinking of her family when she took off to Greenland.

She tells him he would risk everything for the woman he loves.

robert lectures anna

“First I’ve got to choose the woman,” he says, sniffing his wine. She wonders what that means.

He admits that Holly has indicated she wants a relationship with him. But there’s another woman…Diane.

He lists their qualities. Anna points out there’s little chance he’d have to prosecute Diane.

Pacing, he admits that Diane challenges him. He doesn’t know what to do.

Anna knows the new is exciting and the old is kind of comforting.

She can understand why he can’t make up his mind but teases he’s quite teh catch. He runs out as Valentin comes out.

Valentin brags about the dinner he made and they make out.

robert gets advice from anna

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Alexis joins Diane at The Savoy.

The lawyer tells her friend she gave Robert an ultimatum, telling him he had to choose between her and Holly.

diane says put cards on table

Across the room, Holly joins Felicia and is pleased they are having a girl’s night. Felicia asks if she’s back in Port Charles for good.

felicia asks holly about staying

“That’s the idea, if I’m wanted,” Holly says, glancing at Diane. They chat about Ethan and all the money he has to repay that he stole.

Holly decides that she should take advantage of the chance to get to know Diane.

They walk over and ask to join the lawyer and Alexis.

Diane requests a moment alone with Miss Sutton. The other ladies walk to the bar.

Holly apologizes for kissing Robert. Diane says they only had one date and she doesn’t ask for exclusivity until the second.

holly thinks about staying in port charles

She won’t compete with another woman for a man’s attention. Holly makes it clear she has feelings for Robert and doesn’t think his feelings for her have gone away.

Sutton doesn’t want her to be hurt. “I’ll be fine,” Diane assures her. She asks what makes her confident that things will work out this time.

Holly says they have no obstacles. Diane points out he’s a DA and she’s a criminal. The universe hasn’t been working to keep them apart.

Things have never worked for them because they can’t.

At the bar, Felicia tells Alexis that Robert and Holly are two of her oldest friends and she wants what’s best for them.

She admits she’s looking for a new project. They talk about Alexis running The Invader.

She admits that it’s not what she wanted it to be. She doesn’t want to report most of what needs to be reported and spends almost all her time doing admin.

alexis martinis with diane

Felicia is sure she can make her dream for the publication come true. She notices the time and has to leave.

Diane walks over to Alexis. She admits that Holly is interesting. She almost feels sorry for Robert has to choose between them. Almost.

Lucy, BLQ, and Sasha arrive. Coe explains that after she confronted the producer and threatened a lawsuit, she managed to get them more slots on the show.

Sasha will be the face of the product.

lucy and blq tells sasha she did great

Lucy admits she had doubts about her but she pulled it together and became magnificent.

They admire how she stuck it out on the air but remind her to pace herself.

Sasha feels like it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat.

lucy and blq tells sasha she did great

Gladys asks Selina how she is supposed to pay her debt.

Miss Wu leads her somewhere more private.

selina has idea for gladys

One of her goons joins them and Selina reminds Gladys she’s Sasha’s guardian and has access to her money.

She knows that going after it could be awkward, but there are other ways she can pay her back.

Selina wants to use her connections.

She may have knowledge that could be useful to her and her organization.

gladys has no more money

Gladys says she doesn’t know much about Sonny’s business and she’s asking for trouble neither of them want.

Selina gives her until tomorrow to settle her debts. If she can’t pay, Sasha will.

As Gladys returns to the main room, she eavesdrops and hears Sasha telling her friends she thinks it’s time to let Gladys stop being her guardian.

gladys eavesdrops

Selina walks over to Holly’s table and asks if she’d be open to doing some more business.

Robert arrives and sees them together.

selina chats holly

Nina arrives at Carly’s by invitation.

She says they were interrupted at the hospital and she has more to say.

nina relieved nina had carly to talk to

She’s been doing some soul searching and her fears have led her to make poor decisions.

It’s easier for her to hate her than face the consequences of her actions and she’s sorry.

“Is that it?” Carly asks. Nina wants her apology acknowledged.

Carly accuses her of just wanting something from Willow, not for her.

carly tells nina what she has to do

Nina wants her daughter to have a happy, long, healthy life even if she’s not part of it. If there’s any way she can repair their relationship, she will.

Carly says there is no relationship to repair. Nina knows how wrong she’s been.

In hindsight, she’s relieved that Carly had her to play the role of mother.

That’s something she’s thankful for.

Carly is not going to advocate for her, but she won’t stand in the way if Willow welcomes her into her life.

“I should have known you weren’t going to help,” Nina says.

nina wants to repair her relationship with carly

Nina kicks herself for listening to Drew’s suggestion that she come here. Carly tells her to stop pushing boundaries and be patient.

Nina thinks she’s a hypocrite. Carly tells her if she wants to be Willow’s mother, she has to do it on her terms.

“To think I almost felt guilty about,” Nina says, before stopping herself.

She wishes her luck with the SEC and walks out.

carly and nina bicker about willow

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