Anna, Laura and Ava are Invited to Victor’s Will Reading, Trina and Her Family Gather for the DNA Test After Selina Offers to Fix it

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, May 17, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Alexis offers Esme a job, Holly asks Anna to get her a job, and Ava urges Portia to back off.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Sasha triumphed on TV with help from Cody, Selina wanted Gladys to spy on Sonny, and Nina fought with Carly after trying to apologize.

At Anna’s, she finds flowers and a card from Valentin saying he’s back at work and she’s his heaven.

Holly shows up and she needs help. Anna can’t refuse. Holly asks for a job at the WSB.

Her friend reminds her of how badly that went last time.

holly asks someone for help

Holly needs the money. Anna makes them some proper tea and her friend explains she needs money for Ethan.

He’s been robbing people and they want him killed.

anna and holly have tea

Right now, he’s gambling to try and cover his debts but that could make things worse.

She can’t drag Robert into this because it would destroy his career.

Anna thinks she should tell him her problems anyway.

holly needs a job

Holly explains that she loves Robert, but things have never worked out between them.

Anna asks if she’s going to drop out of the race and let Diane win.

The last thing Holly wants to do is hurt Robert and his reputation.

She may have to take a less-than-legal path to help her son and asks Anna again to pull some strings to get her a job.

Anna tells her the WSB isn’t crazy about her or anyone associated with her.

She can make some calls.

Once Holly is gone, a note is delivered to Anna.

anna signs for letter

Mac and Felicia are having breakfast at the Metro Court. She tries to get a kiss but he’s distracted by his phone.

Robert hasn’t been answering his messages.

He spots Diane and calls her over to ask about his brother.

He assumes they keep in touch about cases.

diane bumps into mac and felicia

Diane says his brother has some issues to work and walks off, leaving Mac baffled.

Felicia tells him he needs to talk to his brother.

Ava joins Portia at a table to discuss Trina. The doctor asks her to help patch things up with her daughter.

Their relationship is still strained.

portia gets what she wants

She’s particularly concerned about her choice to be with Spencer.

Portia doubts he’s interested in world domination, but he has Nikolas’ faults.

Ava doesn’t think Nikolas is coming back and his influence over Spencer is gone.

Portia is sure the damage is already done and Spencer is a dancer to Trina.

ava urges portia to step back

The Jerome can see what she’s saying, but she loves Trina and thinks Portia would be smarter not to move against Spencer.

That’s a surprise to Portia. Ava understands why she’s concerned but Spencer is changing and maturing.

She can’t help her and she should leave this alone or she’ll make things worse with her daughter.

“Do better than I did,” Ava encourages. Portia can’t stand by but she doesn’t know what to do.

As Ava pays her bill, a messenger delivers an envelope to her.

At the PCPD, Robert orders a cop to track down a warrant. Dante notices him being grouchy and offers to help.

robert and dante at pcpd

The DA explains he’s pursuing a RICO case involving The Savoy and Selina Wu. He flashes back to seeing Selina with Holly.

Dante thought the cops did the investigating. Robert trudges off to find a judge and Dante immediately calls Mac.

Mac shows up as Robert returns. The Scorpios head into the interrogation room to talk.

Mac tells him to forget about his warrant. They bicker about Holly and Mac explains he already has surveillance on Selina and he needs to stay out of this.

robert and mac talk surveillance

Robert can’t do that and storms out.

Back at the Metro Court, Felicia joins Diane and tells her that she needs to understand the present circumstances.

diane and felicia talk situation

Diane tells her there is nothing going on between her and Robert. Besides, Holly is the love of his life.

At The Savoy, Selina swans in to see Curtis and congratulates him on his heroism.

She’s heard he may have a daughter and tells him Trina is lovely.

selina shows up

She wonders if he wants to be her father given the connection it would make to Portia.

Selina has contacts in the lab and can make the test come out any way he likes.

He doesn’t want to compound one lie with another.

She suggests that his adventure excited him and he might not want to be tied down.

selina offers curtis deal

His phone starts buzzing as the WSB calls him.

He accuses her of trying to get something over on him. She reminds him she doesn’t need anything and they are already joined at the hip.

curtis listens to wu's offer

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At General Hospital, Trina reminds a nurse that she’s been waiting more than an hour for a DNA test.

Spencer pops up and reminds the nurse of who Trina’s mother is.

Once the nurse walks off, Trina tells him she doesn’t need him fighting her battles.

He thought they’d agreed to fight for each other.

trina is a genius

They sit and she tells him Marcus will always be her dad, regardless of what the test says.

She admits that she was worried when she watched him walk out with Esme and Ace.

He assures her they aren’t a family. Trina can’t help but feel for Esme.

Ace is all she’s got. That sparks something in him.

spencer tells trina she's a genius

Spencer says that Esme needs to expand her horizons.

As long as she’s only focused on Ace, she won’t give him up.

spencer is stuck with trina and they like it

He stops himself so he can listen to her problems again.

They wouldn’t have it any other way and kiss.

sprina kissing

Curtis shows up and tells a nurse he’s having tests done today.

He asks about security at the lab.

Trina joins them and the nurse assures them it will be accurate.

curtis talks to doctor about the dna test

Spencer and Portia join them and everyone agrees Trina has to come first.

Alexis stops by Laura’s penthouse and the mayor tells her that Ace is fine but Esme is a bit of a handful.

Esme walks by with the baby. She announces they are going “anywhere but here.”

esme wants to live own life

Laura asks how she will pay for that.

She doesn’t even have access to her trust fund.

laura listens to esme's pleas

Esme says that can’t last forever. What’s hers has to come to her eventually.

Laura tells her she needs to put her baby’s needs first. Esme says he’s her whole world but she needs her freedom and independence.

The mayor assures her life will get better. Esme says she’s been very generous, but Spencer is constantly looking down on her.

Alexis has an idea. She offers her a receptionist job at The Invader.

Esme asks the mayor if she’s trying to tie her to a desk to keep her around.

The baby cries and she goes off to see him. Laura tells Alexis she’s worried about her. It’s possible that Esme will revert to her old behavior.

Alexis knows that. Esme returns and agrees to take the job. Laura looks astonished. The job includes daycare, which thrills Esme.

alexis offers esme job

A messenger arrives and delivers an envelope. As Laura opens it, Anna calls to say she got the message too. It’s an invitation to the reading of Victor’s will.

Robert storms into The Savoy and tells Selina that he needs to know what she has on Holly. She tells him to ask her himself. When he turns around, Holly is there.

laura and anna got letters to be at the reading of victor's will

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