Bold & Beautiful Spoilers May 15 – 19: Brooke’s Harping Causes Hope to Lie About Thomas, and Liam Confronts Thomas

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, May 8 to Friday, May 15.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of May 15!

Sheila asks Finn to visit her in prison and he complies, surprising her. 

Sheila lets Finn know that she hopes Jack will help her get out of prison, based on the history they have together.

Sheila wants to repair her relationship with Finn. That he showed up to visit her at all makes her think he wants this.

Sheila reveals her plan to escape prison.

sheila listens to steffy taunting her.

Hope’s overwhelmed and makes attempts to maintain her composure.

Steffy springs into action in regard to Thomas and Hope.

Thomas looks for a solution to his dilemma.

thomas off to san Francisco

Monday, May 15

Monday’s Bold and Beautiful recap: Hope gets a massage from Thomas

Wyatt convinces Liam to make the next romantic move with Hope.

Hope confides her biggest fears to Thomas. 

Steffy reveals an untold truth.

Hope must decide whether to seize the opportunity presented to her and admit to Thomas how she feels.

Steffy holds back an important truth from Liam.

After they get stuck in San Francisco, Thomas does what he can to calm Hope’s nerves and get here home to Liam. 

Thomas will pull all strings, including trying to get a commercial flight or renting a car to get back to LA.

Hope struggles to keep her feelings in check around Thomas.

Hope tries to come clean to Thomas about her feelings but he thinks she is merely grateful that he’s been a co-parent with Douglas. 

Hope confesses to Thomas she thinks she’s more like Brooke and he assures her she’s not.

wyatt and liam rehashing thomas and steffy

Tuesday, May 16

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Finn is shocked at Steffy’s claims

Finn learns what’s really bothering Steffy.

Finn finds it all hard to believe.

Liam sets up a romantic welcome-home dinner for Hope.

Hope and Liam snuggle and drink wine. 

Hope tries to ensure Liam knows she loves him.

Carter and Thomas talk about Hope and Liam while they work.

liam and hope snuggle on sofa

Wednesday, May 17

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Finn visits Sheila in prison

Sheila meets up with Mike Guthrie again.

Sheila is positive she’s getting out of prison.

RJ goes to Eric to discuss his mother.

Mike seems jealous of Jack.

Sheila is determined to find her way out of prison.

Taylor gives Deacon some advice.

taylor happy restaurant

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Thursday, May 18

Thursday’s B&B recap: Sheila manipulates Finn, reminding him she’s his bio mother

Sheila manipulates Finn.

Sheila thinks she can be a good and healthy influence in Finn’s life.

Finn reminds Sheila she shot him and confessed to murder and it’s why she’s never getting out.

Brooke is determined to keep her word to Taylor and respect their pact.

RJ admits to Brooke that he and Steffy were discussing Brooke.

finn visits sheila

Friday, May 19

Friday’s B&B recap: Thomas is hurt by Hope’s words

Liam decides it’s time to have a talk with Thomas face-to-face.

Liam tells Thomas he can’t trust him.

Thomas overhears something upsetting.

Hope is tired of Brooke’s bellyaching and finally just says Thomas hasn’t changed and he overhears and is hurt. 

Hope cries as she apologizes to Thomas.

Minx watching B&B today

Sneak peek the week of May 22!

Hope’s conflicting emotions intensify.

Taylor learns an inconvenient truth.

Bill has sage advice for Liam.

Brooke gets worried when she witnesses a moment between Hope and Thomas.

Taylor tries to play matchmaker with Deacon.

Sheila confides her plans to escape prison to Mike.

mike tells sheila she can't escape

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