Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recaps May 15 – 19: Colin Prepares to Force Paulina to Jump, EJ Proposes to Nicole, Gabi and Stefan Get Engaged

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, May 15 to Friday, May 19, 2023.

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What’s coming up on Days?

Stefan proposes to Gabi, Paulina and Abe are in danger, and Brady talks to John and Marlena about Chloe.

Monday, May 15

Days recap!

After Alex is fired, Stephanie tries to comfort him.

Shooting Bo has left Shawn full of guilt.

Chad, Steve, and Harris try to rescue Kate.

Roman gets a nice surprise.

After Alex is fired, Stephanie offers to help get his job back by talking to Maggie. Alex lets her do it.

alex lets stephanie call maggie for him

Belle meets with Kayla to discuss Kayla being fired by Seth Burns when she was kidnapped since she didn’t call. They call him a worm.

Kayla anxiously awaits word from Steve as Belle tells Kayla that Shawn’s in a bad way, feeling guilty for killing his own dad.

belle and kayla talk about poor shawn who shot bo

A gun is held to Steve’s head by a goon who makes pirate jokes about Steve’s patch. Steve, meanwhile tells the man he’s about to end up in Guantanamo Bay.

Harris is caught snooping on the cargo ship by a goon with a gun. He pummels the man and then shoots and kills the man holding a gun to Steve’s head.

harris is caught on cargo ship

Chad and Harris save Kate’s life before Dimitri can tell Kate what he’s really after.

harris and dimitri

Shawn finishes seeing his comatose dad, Bo. His guilt eats at him and he talks with Roman about it.

Apparently, Victor blames Shawn, which angers Roman. “You thought your dad was going to kill your mom.”

When Belle calls him, he drinks and ignores her call.

shawn upset shot dad

Kate refuses to leave the cargo ship without her ring, thus putting the lives of Chad and Roman in jeopardy since they’re the ones who have to protect her while they search.

They’re caught by the bald-headed goon. Steve winds up getting shot in the arm. He calls Kayla to fill her in.

patch with shot arm

Kate and Roman are reunited in an embrace. Kate calls Austin afterward to fill him in on everything and to ask him to call the other kids.

roman and kate reunitied

When Chad calls Steph, Alex picks up her phone, only this time, so she wouldn’t miss Chad’s call while she was in the restroom.

Steph’s happy to learn Chad found Kate.

Dimitri tells Harris that Kate wasn’t his only hostage.

dimitri has another hostage

Tuesday, May 16

Days recap!

Megan delivers a letter from Rachel to Kristne in prison, as part of her new job. 

Kristen is happy that Chloe and Brady are over. 

Megan’s devastated to hear Shawn shot Bo. Kristen tries to comfort her. 

Kristen pushes Megan about her plot to free them. She tells her that they need to get the plan organized but her outside person is Dimitri Von Leuschner.

There is a new DiMera. Dimitri is Megan’s son. No word yet on his father.  

megan sobs hears bo got shot

Brady talks to John and Marlena about Chloe.

Broken glass brings Chloe and Xander from their slumber with Xandy brandishing a Shinty stick.

Turns out a picture frame broke. Later, another picture falls and Xander worries Susan’s haunting him.

Xander shares his vulnerability with Chloe. He blames himself for Susan’s death.

Chloe urges Xander to move on and learn from his mistakes. He realizes he’s haunted, not the place.

Xander and Chloe get close enough to almost kiss.

chloe xander almost kiss

John feeds Marlena strawberries and whipped cream as she reads.

They make out.

jarlena eat strawberries

Brady interrupts his parents kissing and says he and Rachel are moving out.

He rants to his parents about Xander moving in with Chloe.

Marlena reminds Brady that Ava killed Susan, not Xander but Brady still thinks he’s responsible for that and kidnapping Rachel.

“He never takes responsibility.”

brady at parents

Kate and Roman catch up together and Kate has Roman put her wedding rings back on her finger.

roman and kate snuggle after her ordeal

Dimitri has another hostage but tells Harris, “Who says anything about my hostage being on this ship?”

He refuses to reveal anything until he gets immunity for him and another person or he will kill his hostage.

He later reveals the hostage is Shane Donovan’s son Andrew.

dimitri has another hostage

Paul calls John. Andrew is missing! Someone has him tied to a chair and he’s blindfolded.

andrew kidnapped

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Wednesday, May 17

Days recap!

Chanel bakes for Paulina and Abe and mopes since she can’t work right now because the bakery is still closed.

Chanel can’t believe Jada suspects her own sister of drugging the baked goods.

paulina calls chanel a victim

Melinda Trask makes a house call to discuss “delicate matters.”

Trask asks Abe to fire Rafe Hernandez. She wants Paulina to be commissioner, hopeful that she can bend rules the way that Rafe won’t.

Abe defends Rafe who was drugged just like the others and has been working day and night to find the culprit.

melinda wants paulina to be commissioner

Talia and Colin have sex in her room above the pub and she worries her sister will find him.

Colin lets Talia know that Sloan threatened to go to the police to tell them what he’s been up to unless he left town. Colin couldn’t leave Talia.

Talia tells Colin she wants to back out of their plan. He’s done so much already and she says it’s the perfect time to get out before they get caught.

colin and talia in bed

Eric is curious about Sloan’s brother.

Eric overhears Sloan on a call saying I love you and talks to Eric about her brother.

Sloan talks about Colin to Eric but lies about where he is. Sloan does say that she’s Colin’s older sister and that their parents moved with baby Colin to London when she was in high school. (This explains why he has an accent and she does not.)

Sloan takes her birth control pill and wonders if he and Nicole used condoms when they had sex. Eric says it doesn’t matter.

Confidentially, Nicole’s going through menopause. “That poor old thing,” Sloan says with a smile.

sloan learns nicole is 'menopausal'

Nicole talks to Anna about her pregnancy.

Nicole feels panic-stricken about her secret pregnancy.

As Nicole gets weepy, Anna urges her to get prenatal vitamins and to eat, to ensure her baby is taken care of.

She reminds Nicole that EJ cares for her and will take care of her and the baby. If the baby’s Eric’s, Eric will be thrilled and there for her. 

anna confesses to nicole

Rafe and Jada’s suspicions of Colin grow.

Rafe finds Colin’s razor in the trash and thinks they can get his DNA from it, but they later learn he doesn’t have a record.

jada and rafe find colin's razor

When Anna runs into Eric, she’s nervous and he comments on it. She pretends she’s fine and dashes off with him suspiciously. 

Nicole bumps right into Sloan at the hospital while she’s renewing her birth control prescription and sees Nicole’s prenatal vitamins.

sloan knows nicole pregnant

Thursday, May 18

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, May 18!

Belle asks her brother if he’s out of his mind entering a relationship with “that bitch” Sloan.

Eric asks her not to call her that but Belle thinks she’s the one who drugged the biscuits.

She shows him the threatening texts and Eric maintains that Sloan is innocent. Marlena comes upon the argument with Belle telling her brother he thinks with his …(penis).

belle argues with eric

Marlena doesn’t like Sloan but Eric’s a grown man. She doesn’t like finding them at each other’s throats after being back from the dead. Life’s too short to referee them.

She takes off back to work instead of staying for lunch. The siblings try to get back on the same page.

They discuss how Shawn is doing badly and feeling guilty and she can’t track him down since he won’t answer her calls. Eric’s sorry.

marlena at pub

Rafe and Jada figure out something about Colin. 

Scottland Yard has Colin’s prints on file and his last name isn’t Furth. It’s Bedford.

He has an assault record from five years ago. Rafe recalls he’s heard the name before.

It’s Sloan’s mother’s married name is Martha Bedford. Sloan used her mother’s maiden name, Peterson, to hide who she is.

Jada assumes Colin and Sloan are siblings. They know he’s going after Chanel and Paulina and that Talia’s been dating him.

rafe says colin's sloans brother

Chanel tells Talia that they heard Talia was the one who tainted the biscuits but she and her mom don’t believe it.

Chanel and Talia get closer. Chanel wants sex and Talia flashes to Colin telling her to seduce Jada.

chanel and talia at home

They head to her room and make out until Chanel gives her an out, knowing this is a big step for her.

Talia flashes to Colin reminding her she needs to do this and they resume kissing and taking off their clothes for sex until Talia pulls her clothes on and gets up. She can’t do it.

talia seducing chanel

Sloan learns what Nicole is keeping secret when she finds her prenatal vitamins.

Nicole lies that she picked up the wrong vitamins. Sloan heard she was entering menopause but realizes her pills are prescription and her name is on the label, which means she’s pregnant. 

sloan knows nicole pregnant

Sloan asks why she’s lying about it and reminds her that she talked Jada into an abortion and now she tricked him into this.

Nicole admits she’s not sure who the father is. Nicole asks her to keep quiet. If it’s EJ’s baby, Eric will never have to know.

Sloan agrees. Marlena comes upon them and Nicole’s happy to see her.

nicole tells sloan she's pregnant

Marlena’s happy to see Nicole and Sloan asks to have a foursome dinner one night. It’s uncomfortable.

When Sloan goes, Nicole feels sick and Marlena admits she heard Sloan agree to keep her secret.

Nicole lies that it’s that she is menopausal. They agree it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

marlena talks to nicole

Paulina and Abe are in danger. Colin pretends his name is Cameron Frye (Ferris Beuller reference), a health inspector who meets them and uses an American accent.

They admit they didn’t tell Chanel this inspection was happening because they didn’t want to get her hopes up.

Colin says he’ll be able to find out what he needs without her. He wants to deal with them.

He fakes an inspection of the place and gets them talking about Sloan and says he heard she is after them for good reason.

colin pretends to be an inspector

He claims he read in the papers that Chanel threw Sloan’s mother over a building.

Paulina corrects him that the woman attacked Chanel and Colin says he heard she was having an affair with Bedford.

Abe says he was 20 years older than her and he took advantage.

abe and paulina at sweet bits

Colin says he must be fuzzy on the details because he knows Paulina hired someone to cover up the murder.

Abe and Paulina tell him that Chanel’s a victim. Colin overlays his hand when he reveals he knows it said, “Watch your back.”

Abe’s shocked. Nobody knew that the text had those words in it. They gasp.

paulina and abe at sweet bits with colin

Colin grabs a nearby rolling pin and cold cocks Abe.

Abe’s out cold and when Paulina tries to get him to wake up, Colin takes aim at her. She screams.

colin knocks abe out


Friday, May 19

Friday’s Days recap!

Nicole takes her prenatal vitamins and hopes “that stupid cow” will keep her mouth shut, thinking of Sloan.

When EJ talks to her about menopause, she slips up and says she’s not in it.

She quickly tells him she’s in perimenopause and he tells her he still finds her sexy.

Nicole and ej sexy hug

Colin takes a hostage. Paulina, carting her through the square with a gun held to her. He brings her to Salem Inn and she realizes who he is. 

Talia confesses to Chanel. She only kissed her and asked her out because her boyfriend put her up to it. Chanel cries.

chanel horrified that talia is working with colin

She’s shocked Colin is Sloaney Baloney’s brother and they tormented both her and Paulina.

Talia sobs that nobody was supposed to get seriously hurt.

Chanel yells that someone could have died because of those pranks.

They argue and Chanel kicks her out, stating she never wants to see her again. 

talia sobs as she makes a reveal

Jada and Rafe interrogate Sloan about Colin.

They tell Eric and Sloan that they believe he’s the one terrorizing Paulina.

Eric doesn’t believe Colin’s a part of this and as far as Sloan knows, she agrees that he’s not even near here.

sloan sobs as she reveals her brother is the culprit

The cops can see Sloan knows more than she’s letting on and Eric convinces her to share what she knows before anything else happens.

Sloan admits the person committing the crimes is her brother. She breaks down in tears with her admission.

sloan cries as she confesses

Gabi’s shocked to receive divorce papers and right after, Stefan proposes to Gabi.

They tell Nicole and EJ and then boast that they’re planning to takeover DiMera Enterprises. 

stefan and gabi reunion hospital

Jada brings Sloan into SPD for questioning while Rafe gets a call from Abe who tells him he was attacked at Sweet Bits. 

Sloan didn’t know that Colin convinced Jada’s sister Talia to go along with his schemes. 

jada questions sloan at spd

Talia goes to Colin’s room at Salem Inn and notices Colin’s gone and Paulina’s scarf is left behind.

Chanel calls Paulina to warn her and Colin picks up with instructions on what she needs to do.

paulina forced on a roof by colin

She’s ordered to the roof and when she shows up, he holds the gun to the both of them as they cry. Colin wants Paulina to jump to her death. 

EJ asks Nicole to marry them after saying he wants to upstage Gabi and Stefan.

ej asks nicole to marry him

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