Gladys Owes Selena More Money, Scott Wants to Sue WSB and Joss Convinces Dex to Stay in Port Charles

General Hospital recap for Monday, May 15, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Sonny and Michael call a truce, Scott tells Cody they should sue the WSB, and Gladys owes Selina more money.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Dex panicked when Michael backed out of their deal, Obrecht refused to reunite with Scott, and Sonny made demands on Pikeman.

On the roof of General Hospital, teary Dex tells Joss he has to leave.

dex and joss on roof

This doesn’t make sense to her. He explains that Michael isn’t turning Sonny in.

He’s backed out of their deal.

Joss hadn’t expected this. Dex explains her brother didn’t want to cause a rift in the family.

joss learns michael changed his mind

Right or wrong, Dex says Michael won’t change his mind. He insists she can’t leave with him.

He has nothing to fall back on but she has a family that needs her. It would be selfish of him to let her run away with him.

She doesn’t need him like he needs her.

If they ran away together, it might be exciting for a while, but she’d wake up one day missing her friends and family. That would be all his fault.

dex tells joss bad idea

A tear runs down her cheek. She feels conflicted.

She’s not sure she’s ready to give up her life. He’d be worried if she were.

They like each other a lot and want to know where it could go.

She doesn’t want him to leave or die or go to prison.

But she can understand why he has to go. The thought of losing him hurts her heart.

dex tells joss she can't come

He doesn’t want to lose her either and holds her. She asks him to stay until they figure out a solution.

He agrees. He can’t imagine never seeing her again.

Sasha arrives at the Home & Heart studios.

As she flashes back to her meltdown, the director meets her and reminds her they met last time.

sasha meets with director

They recall what happened and Sasha asks if she can go on set and check if The Deceptor is set up right.

Haven de Havilland (played by Morgan Fairchild) stalks over and declares that if she thinks she will work with someone like Sasha again, she must really be crazy.

haven refuses work with sasha

Haven thought she was going to be dealing with Maxie. BLQ blows in and Haven stomps off to find the producer.

BLQ informs Sasha she’s back at the company.

Sasha is happy to welcome her back. Lucy joins them and is startled to learn Brook Lynn is back.

lucy sasha surprised by blq

They ask Sasha if she’s sure about this. She doesn’t have to do this if she’s not ready.

Sasha thanks her but she needs to pull her weight and she’s okay.

Meanwhile, the producer assures Haven that things will be fine with Sasha.

Besides, if they aren’t when she had her breakdown, their rating shot up.

haven and producer plot

Haven wonders if they can use this to their advantage.

They set things up on social media to get people speculating about what could go wrong.

Back in the studio, Sasha’s friends give her a pep talk and she stares into space before spotting Flora Gardens (played by Susan Batten). She walks over and Sasha assures her it’s okay to talk about babies in front of her.

Flora feels terrible about what happened and wonders why she was asked to participate tonight. BLQ assumes that someone is trying to push Sasha over the edge. It’s already all over social media.

Sasha says that Haven is betting against her. It’s time to show that she’s making a huge mistake.

The broadcast starts and Sasha declares the viewers are in for a treat.

Haven tries digging into how she is but Flora and Sasha ignore her. Suddenly, the sound of a baby crying is fed into Sasha’s earphone.

sasha on bradcast

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At the Savoy, Scott does his best to avoid Gladys.

Cody pops up and sarcastically commends her on how she just crashed and burned. Is she going to sell another garage that doesn’t belong to her to cover it?

cody goads gladys

She steps away as Felicia and Mac arrive. They cross the room.

Cody sidles up to Scott and asks him to represent him in the robbery case.

The lawyer declares he’s not interested and stomps off.

scotty and cody at bar

Meanwhile, Felicia asks Mac why he chose to come there. He keeps staring at Cody.

Scott wanders over and asks him them Holly is running around chloroforming people.

scott asks mac and felicia about necklace

They explain the plot against Victor. He wonders where the necklace is and they say it’s gone.

Scott rushes back to Cody and tells him he will represent him. He happily orders a drink.

scott pitches case to cody

The lawyer tells him that the WSB owe him and Serena for the necklace they lost. They should sue the WSB.

Cody agrees to that. Scott needs him to sign an affidavit saying he’s Leopold’s son. Cody looks over at Mac.

Mac and Felicia watch them. He seems happy that Cody is getting a decent lawyer.

Felicia checks social media and then tells Cody that Home & Heart is hyping the show by suggesting Sasha might have a breakdown. He jogs off.

Selina corners Gladys at a table and tells her that her luck ran out tonight.

She wants to discuss how she plans to cover the money she borrowed.

gladys makes excuses to selina

Gladys asks if they can discuss a payment plan. Wu wants it now and reminds her she controls Sasha’s finances.

When Gladys says she can’t do that to Sasha again, Selina tells her they have a problem.

selina corners gladys

When Anna gets home, she hears something and whips out her gun. It’s just Valentin and he’s been cooking. They kiss.

He pours her some wine and she complains about the WSB briefing.

Robert shows up and helps himself to some wine before taking a dig at the Cassadine. After Valentin goes to the kitchen, Robert starts lecturing her.

robert questions anna valentin

At General Hospital, Drew is surprised when Nina claims to be glad to run into him. She tells him she’s grateful that he helped rescue her aunt.

nina happy to see drew

She asks if everything is okay with the SEC. He’s not comfortable discussing that.

She assures him she won’t barge in on Willow but wanted to be close by.

There are a lot of things she wishes she could change. She just wants Willow to get better and return to her family, a family she wants to be part of.

nina wants to start fresh

Nina tells him that her daughter asked her to stop fighting with Carly. She wants to do that for her.

He says starting over is not an option. She needs to work on it.

If she can acknowledge her mistakes, maybe Willow can find a place for her in her life.

nina and drew

Michael stops by Sonny’s office. He tells him he needs things to change before it’s too late.

He thanks him for his help with Drew and then explains that Willow asked him to call off the war between them. For her and his family, he wants to do that.

Sitting, he tells his father that the well-being of the family is more important than his anger towards him.

It doesn’t surprise Sonny that he is willing to make peace. He asks what this means for Nina.

Michael says it’s up to Willow to decide what kind of relationship she wants with her mother. Sonny can’t tell Nina what to do, but he will step back and leave them alone.

sonny listens to michael

Michael agrees to do the same. Sonny tells him he and Nina will keep their distance, but they won’t be kept from their family.

As he walks his son out, Sonny says he’ll light a candle for Willow and see him tomorrow.

michael asks sonny for truce

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