Spencer Says if Esme Leaves PC, He’ll Follow, Portia Vows to Get Spencer Out of Trina’s Life While Molly’s Crushed Her Condition is Severe

General Hospital recap for Thursday, May 18, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Molly and TJ are hurt by their tragic news, Esme has a run in with Spencer, and Curtis worries about what it’ll mean to the family if he’s Trina’s bio dad.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Alexis offered Esme a job, Ava, Anna and Laura received invitations to Victor’s will reading.

At GH, Trina tells her parents she loves her independence but also loves knowing that someone will be there to catch her.

Spencer signs for a letter and tells the group that it’s an invitation to the reading of Victor’s will. Curtis thinks it’s just more trouble.

The kids walk off to discuss it.

spencer gets invitation

 Portia worries their kid will never be free of that family.

Curtis knows she’s wary of Spencer but he witnessed how he stepped up for Trina in Greenland.

Elsewhere, Trina doesn’t think anything in this will be good. Spencer calls it a contingency plan.

If it’s bad, he needs to be there to stop it. Trina sees Taggert and races over to hug him.

taggert hugs trina

The doctor appears to ask who goes first for the DNA testing. Curtis goes first and Trina worries to her parents about what it’ll mean if Curtis is or is not her dad. Taggert says she’ll always be his little girl.

Spencer takes off to give Portia time with Trina, who is glad her mom is there with her as they get the paternity tested.

She knows it’s hard on her. Portia takes all the blame and wishes she was brave enough to admit the truth in the first place, that she wasn’t sure who the daddy was when she became pregnant.

Trina’s still angry, but less so. Portia breaks down. That makes her happy. They hug.

portia gets what she wants

From PCPD, Jordan calls to have dinner with TJ and Molly. 

In a room at GH, Molly tries to get TJ to relax. She’s the one terrified. They embrace.

Dr. Navarro appears and tells Molly the bad news that she has endometriosis and it’s advanced.

Molly cries that she’s not pregnant. She says her pain was taken care of with hot baths.

molly cries

They conducted a fertility test, too and she likely will not be able to conceive. Molly sobs to learn her condition is severe.

It’s not impossible to conceive. TJ knows there are a lot of treatments and the doc offers to discuss them as well as alternative ways to get a child.

Dr. Navarro urges them not to lose hope before she leaves them alone. Molly tries to stay strong and says they’ll have a child whether it’s biological or not.

TJ knows but her heart is broken. She feels like she was hit with a baseball bat. TJ reminds her it’s not impossible.

She dresses and they realize they can still grow their family but not the way they wanted to.

molly saddened

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Alexis shows Esme the offices and recognizes Sam. She asks if she’s really a PI. Sam says yes and Alexis is her mother.

She’s curious that she’s also a Cassadine and accuses her of manipulating her like all the other Cassadines.

She turns to Alexis, thinking she’s manipulating her too.

alexis and esme at work

Alexis introduces Esme as the new receptionist but Esme’s out. Alexis stops her. Nikolas has disappeared.

Her only motivation is to keep the rest of her family intact. Her son is a Cassadine which makes her extended family. Esme agrees to work there for now.

She goes to get a drug test and Alexis explains the reason behind the hiring to Sam.

A guy brings Aleksis an invitation to the will reading and Sam shows her that she too got invited. Sam doesn’t like how it looks with everyone he hated being invited.

They discuss her last chat with Gregory and Sam asks if they worked things out.

Alexis flashes to Gregory telling her he has ALS and says she thought they did. Gregory told her what he was dealing with but she hasn’t heard from him since.

She worries he’s in trouble and isn’t comfortable reaching out to him.

sam got an invitation

Robert accuses Holly of conspiring with Selina Wu. What’s next? Dropping in on Sonny?

N’neka appears and Robert tells her he’s there on official business. He drags Holly outside and learns she needs money to pay off Ethan’s newest debts.

He gave most of the money away. Robert knows he likes the rush like her and Luke.

Holly says the only way to get these people off Ethan’s back is to compensate them before they find him.

holly needs cash

Robert wishes s he would have brought this to her earlier.

She’s already gotten the man she loves into trouble, she confesses. Not past — present.

She is still in love with him and wants to devote herself to him but needs to help her son, first. Robert says she shouldn’t have to handle this alone.

They discuss how love works, taking the good with the bad and she starts to wonder if she’s lost her chance with him.

robert and holly get close

Robert admits he’ll always love her but they seem to think they can’t fix things between them. She needs to let go of him and it’ll be the hardest thing she’s ever done.

He stammers and she says it’s what they both need. She wants his happiness. They kiss and she says goodbye and goes.

holly says bye to robert

Esme runs into Spencer at GH. She tells him she’s there to drug test for her new job. He says she hasn’t worked a day in her life. Who hired her?

She tells him it was Alexis. She wanted to leave Port Charles and his aunt offered her a job so she wouldn’t. Trina and Portia wander up and are updated.

Spencer vows that if she leaves with his little brother, he will go with her. He’ll never leave Ace.

“As long as I am with Ace, I really don’t care what you do,” she says before she goes. Spencer worries but Trina thinks this is good.

Portia watches and tells Taggert when he appears that she’s watching history repeat itself. Later, Trina goes to get tested as Portia tells Taggert she’s going to make sure Spencer is out of Trina’s life for good.

esme getting drug test

N’neka meets Curtis at the Savoy and they discuss a delivery before she goes out back to meet it.

Jordan appears. He asks if she thinks he made a mistake going through with the DNA test.

He worries he’s complicating their stable dynamic. Jordan says it was already complicated.

curtis and N'neka

Curtis wonders if it’d be best if Taggert was her father.

Then she can go on and live her life. “Spoken like a true father,” Jordan says.

Still, Curtis admits he wants to be seen as her dad. It’ll hurt if he learns he’s not. As they talk, they get closer and eventually share a kiss.

jordan kisses curtis

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