Curtis Asks Jordan for Time to Sort Out His Feelings, Joss Asks Sonny to Fire Dex, and Gladys Calls Selina with Information

General Hospital recap for Friday, May 19, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Taggert tries convincing Portia to back down, Curtis and Jordan discuss their feelings, and Maxie tells Sasha what Cody did for her.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Spencer said if Esme leaves PC, he will follow, Portia vowed to get Spencer out of Trina’s life, and Molly was crushed by her severe condition.

At The Savoy, Jordan tells Curtis she’s sorry he’s hurting. He doesn’t have to go through it alone. Taking his hand, she says there are people who love him. They start kissing.

jordan makes out with curtis again

“C’mon, let’s get out of here,” he says. She admits she’s tempted but this isn’t the first time their spark has come back.

If this is going to go any further, they need to know why. He’ll always have strong feelings for her.

jordan and curtis talk feelings

She reminds him some of those were negative. That’s why they split up and he got back together with Portia.

Jordan asks if this is a last grasp for something that should be over, or if these feelings will always be there to be rekindled.

curtis asks jordan to go with him

They sit down and she tells him she’s come to terms with things. She’s never stopped loving him but she truly wanted him to be happy with Portia. She didn’t go to their wedding because she couldn’t bear to see it.

Jordan asks if his marriage is really over or if he’s just on the rebound. He admits his life is up in the air right now.

What happened in Greenland shook things up for him. He’s proud of his club, but is that all there is? It doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

He can’t make any promises to her and asks for time to figure things out. She says he knows where to find her.

Taggert arrives at Portia’s office in General Hospital. He tells her she can’t keep going off about Spencer.

portia with taggert at GH in her office

She’s baffled that he’s not siding with her on this. He thinks she needs to back off rather than doubling down.

He suspects she’s focused on her daughter because she doesn’t want focus on her marriage.

She tells him how hard she’s been praying for forgiveness and wishing she could go back in time to tell the truth. Jordan warned her more than once that this would happen.

portia can't stop talking about spencer

Taggert says Curtis will forgive her if he loves her. She needs to stop feeling guilty and go to him before it’s too late. Curtis saved her daughter. She needs to fight for him.

Portia goes back to venting about Spencer. Taggert reminds her that their daughter is not a little girl any more. They’ve got to let her lead her life.

He urges her to be smart about how she treats their daughter. He explains that lots of people are already looking out for her, including Jordan. She needs to focus on her marriage.

taggert tells portia back off

She walks him to the elevators and says that Curtis knows how much she wants to work things out. She won’t take her eyes of Trina right now and needs to make sure her daughter sees Spencer for who he is.

Dante arrives in the waiting area and they chat about the situation with Nina. The cop says that if he could have Sonny at his wedding, anything is possible.

dante asks michael what he wants

After they check on Willow, Michael says he keeps telling himself she’ll make a full recovery. His brother reminds him he can always reach out to him for support.

Michael admits he and Sonny are in a better place, at least as long as he’s not advocating for Nina. Dante doesn’t see how he can avoid that.

michael faces questions

Michael still counts on Sonny siding with his family over Nina. His brother gets a call about a case and has to go.


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Joss stops by Sonny’s office. She reminds him he always said he would do anything for her. She’s about to take him up on that.

joss calls in favor with sonny

Joss asks him to fire Dex so he can live his own life. Sonny says if he wants that, he can ask him himself. Why is she asking him this now?

He asks if they can come to an understanding with her like he has with Michael. She says they can start by him letting Dex go. He repeats that Dex can talk to him.

joss asks sonny fire dex

Dex arrives outside and Gladys barges in front of him. Frank tells her she has to wait and then hands Dex an envelope of cash.
Joss comes out of the office and Gladys rushes in.

gladys tells dex family first

She tells Sonny she has a proposal regarding Sasha’s investments. Gladys tells him she has an opportunity that can’t miss.

She starts telling him about how much he can make if he invests in the new products Deception will be launching. All she wants is a finder’s fee.

sonny asks what's in it for Gladys

He points out this would be insider trading and his portfolio is fine right now.

On her way out, she asks Frank about all the money he gave Dex. He won’t say anything.

Once she gets outside, she calls Selina to say she has something more valuable than money.

Meanwhile, Dex asks Joss why she’s there. She tells him they can’t discuss that there. They exit.

When they get to an alley, she explains she told Sonny to cut him loose.

joss and dex in alley

This is unbelievable to him. He doesn’t need her trying to recue him. She thinks her track record for it is awesome.

He can’t have her going behind his back. She thought he wanted to be free and clear of Sonny. He does. They kiss.

dex and joss lovers embrace

They agree to trust each other and then she bustles off.

Joss rushes over to the hospital to see Michael so they can talk about Dex.

Outside of Kelly’s, Scott repeats to Cody that he needs to sign an affidavit claiming to be Taub’s son.

cody says do something about it

They go inside and Scott reminds him of how much money this could mean. Cody is distracted and walks over to Obrecht and James.

Liesl explains the kid is going to a summer camp. He’s afraid of horses and that might be a problem at camp. Cody says they can do something about that.

cody liesl and james at kelly's

The cowboy tells him all about how camp can be and how he met his bestfriend there. He’s sure James will find friends there too.

The kid offers him some of his sundae. Scott brings a box of cupcakes over and explains he and Cody need to sign some documents.

James doesn’t want him to go yet so they step over to the bar to get brownies.

Scott and Liesl discuss Cody and the kid. She asks him what legal issue they are involved in. Scott clams up.

scott was surprise for obrecht

At the Crimson office, Sasha and Nina admire the new Deceptor ads. They chat about her appearance on TV and Haven’s attempt to sabotage her.

nina happy for sasha

They sit and go over changes to the ads. Nina is distracted by thoughts of Willow. She just wants Willow to get her life back.

Sasha offers to talk to Carly and Michael on her behalf but Nina doesn’t want to put her in that position.

Sasha is feeling more confident than she has in a long time. She’s decided to petition to end her guardianship.

Nina is so proud of her. She points out how ironic their relationship has been and Sasha hopes Willow eventually realizes what she is missing.

sasha taking life back

“You’re the mother I always wished I had,” Sasha says. They hug.

Sasha meets with Maxie at Perks. Maxie explains that Cody showed up at the TV studio and threatened to streak if they didn’t shut down the baby crying.

maxie tells sasha about cody

Sasha rushes off to Kelly’s and corners Cody.

sasha sees cody at kelly's

Outside, Scott offers Liesl and James a ride. When she doesn’t turn him down, he assumes things are looking up.

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