General Hospital Spoilers May 1 – 5: There’s a Shooting, Willow Asks Nina to Keep a Promise and Spencer and Victor are Blown Up

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, May 1 to Friday, May 5, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Obrecht standing her ground, Felicia delivering some bad news, and Valentin making an offer.

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Robert, Laura and their friends prepare for their most dangerous mission as Victor prompts Obrecht to start the launch of the pathogen. Check out the spoiler video for more of what’s in store this week.

Monday, May 1

Monday’s GH recap: Holly knocks Scotty out

Nina meets with Martin and realizes she made a mistake.

Victor grows suspicious.

Obrecht stands her ground.

Holly takes a drastic measure.

Holly knocks Scotty out cold.

Anna is determined.

Anna gets out of her hospital bed, ready to take on Victor.

Victor wants to experiment on Valentin.

martin asks nina if she's sure GH

Tuesday, May 2

Tuesday’s GH recap: Valentin was injected with the pathogen.

Valentin makes an offer.

Marshall consoles Portia.

Robert runs interference.

Joss and Dex are hopeful.

Willow is in for a shock.

portia tells marshall that says it all

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Wednesday, May 3

Wednesday’s GH recap: Helena visits Valentin in a hallucination 

Michael is frantic.

Felicia delivers bad news.

Tracy and Brook Lynn band together.

Nina briefs Ava.

Carly can’t buy anything since the SEC seized her accounts.

Laura makes a bold move.

Laura and Drew are caught.

Curtis, Spence and Trina find and take Ace.

nian worries abotu willow to ava

Thursday, May 4

Thursday’s GH recap: Laura is shot

Spencer and Trina are alarmed.

Trina takes “the nanny” down.

Carly supports Michael who doesn’t know what to do.

Willow has a choice to make. She doesn’t want to stay in the hospital but Michael argues that it’s where she needs to be.

Felicia goes to bat for a loved one.

Holly and Anna save the day.

Nina tries to distract Sonny.

Sonny and Nina almost go on a holiday.

joss and carly worry

Friday, May 5

Friday’s GH recap: The Haunted Star blows up

Spencer and Victor are blown up with the ship.

Liz and Portia are puzzled.

Willow issues a request of Nina to stay away from Carly.

Nina makes a promise to try to steer clear of Carly and not cause issues.

Victor is caught off-guard when he realizes he doesn’t have the pathogen.

Laura is horrified.

liz portia talk deceptions GH recaps March 15, 2023

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