General Hospital Spoilers April 12 -16 Peter Delivers a Veiled Threat

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new General Hospital spoilers! The week of April 12 -16.

Last week refresher!

Cyrus threatened Laura’s family, Brando warned his mother about Valentin, and Olivia lectured Brook Lynn on what to eat during her pregnancy. And minutes later, Brook Lynn went into her room to remove the fake pregnancy pad she’s been using. Later in the week, she was almost outed. Meanwhile, Ava received a dummy hand inside a package at the gallery that she assumed came from Ryan. And last but not least, there was a special episode on GH focusing on Alexis as she faced prison time. She spent time with family and friends in a goodbye celebration.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 12 -16.

Monday, April 12

Finn pays Anna a visit.
Peter delivers a veiled threat.
Britt and Maxie solidify their plan.
Portia faces Taggert.
Curtis and Jordan come to terms with the future of their relationship.

Tuesday, April 13

Michael feels fortunate.
Brook Lynn finds Olivia to be overbearing.
Peter taunts Anna.
Curtis confides in Finn.
Jordan runs into Portia

Wednesday, April 14

Sonny fishes for more details.
Jax calls Nina.
Anna is horrified.
Willow is concerned.
Brook Lynn and Dante reconnect.

Thursday, April 15

Carly feels overwhelmed.
Nina goes on a tour of Nixon Falls with Elijah.
Brando and Sasha get closer.
Willow feels helpless.
Michael and Dante catch up.

Friday, April 16

Anna and Valentin regroup.
Laura visits Carly.
Nikolas takes action.
Alexis opens up to Maggie.
Sonny can’t help but be suspicious.

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