Laura Stops the Weather Machine, Holly Gets the Antidote to Anna and Valentin, and the Haunted Star is Blown Up with Victor and Spencer Aboard

General Hospital recap for Friday, May 5, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Willow forces Nina to call off her vendetta against Carly, Anna risks her life to be with Valentin, and Obrecht is saved.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Laura dropped the pathogen, and Victor shot her before Anna and Holly saved the day.

In the rocks of Greenland, Victor waves the pathogen in the air, threatening to release it if Holly shoots at him.

victor has obrecht captive

She brags about freeing Ethan and taunts him for failing. He reminds her the pathogen will kill him.

She tells Victor that he has nothing to live for. She’s the one who castrated him.

holly with a gun on victor.

Before he can shoot her, Drew runs up and clobbers him.

The gun goes off. Liesl hits her head. Holly finds a pulse and they wake her.

She’s the first to notice Victor has escaped with the pathogen. She reminds them that Valentin is dying.

obrect and drew

In the bunker, Valentin thinks he’s hallucinating when Anna starts banging on the window, begging him to hang on.

anna won't let valentin die

He wishes she was real so he could tell her how much he loves her. She loves him too. That’s why she’s there.

She wants to find a Hazmat suit for him but he says it’s already too late.

He asks her to tell Charlotte how important she is to him. He wishes he could have seen through Alex and not let her poison them.

valentin sobs wishing he was seeing the real anna when in fact he is.

If he hadn’t let anger and spite control him, he could have been the man he is with her.

It’s okay if he dies like this because she’s redeemed him.

After repeating that he loves her, he loses consciousness.

She enters the room and wakes him. He reminds her that she’s just been infected.

Keeping him awake, she tells him he’s not going to die like this because he has a destiny to be a great father and her partner. They know each other’s darkness and that elevates them, allowing them to love without restraint.

anna touches valentin

She’s willing to risk the odds of dying just to be with him.

In the lab, Laura tells Curtis that she recognizes the code on the computer from forty years ago. She thinks there might be another weather machine.

laura finds a map of another weather machine.

Laura tells him about the attempt to create a blizzard in 1981. They managed to stop it.

They wonder if the computers are connected to a weather machine right now. As they think about what they should do, they see the computer has calibrated a target: Port Charles.

the map of another weather machine GH

They try typing orders into the machine but they need the formula for carbonic snow.

She remembers that she memorized it back then and Robert worried she had it in her head. They only have one shot at this.

She types it in and it works. They’re relieved.

They head down the hall and bump into Holly, who tells them Victor got away.

Holly runs down the hall and brings the antidote to Valentin and Anna.

On the Haunted Star, Trina calls Jordan, who tells her there are drones on the way to bomb the island. She tells them to take the baby and run.

trina talks to robert

Spencer doesn’t want to leave Laura and the others behind. The commissioner orders them to go.

Trina asks Jordan to tell her parents she loves them. Spencer tells Trina they can do this.

trina won't leave spencer behind

They head out to the rocks after bundling up Ace. Victor runs by with the pathogen.

victor cassadine runs away alive

Spencer decides he needs to go after his uncle. Shoving the kid in her arms, he promises he will be back.

When Victor gets to the ship, he orders his goons to get it moving. Taking a drink, he curses Holly and the notices he doesn’t have the antidote.

victor alive on haunted star

Spencer shows up. His uncle isn’t about to forgive him. “It’s over,” says Spencer.

spencer tells victor its over

He demands the pathogen and knocks him out.


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At General Hospital, Carly tells Sonny and Nina that Willow is deteriorating.

Carly and Joss walk off.

Sasha arrives to hug Nina. She gives her an update on Willow’s condition. Sasha is sure they are all in agony.

Michael sits at Willow’s side. She knows she needs to stay there for now so she can go home later.
Carly interrupts to warn them that Sonny and Nina are there.

Michael walks out and informs Nina that Willow wants to see her.

When Nina gets to Willow’s room, Carly is there. She tells Willow to rest and leaves.

Willow asks Nina to leave Carly alone. She asks her to at least promise to keep her distance.

willow has a request

Willow demands that she drop her vendetta against Carly whether she survives or not.

Out in the hall, Sasha points out they haven’t heard any yelling yet. He appreciates the optimism.

sonny talks about his dad at turning woods

He recalls how hopeless things were with his father at the end. She’s sure his being there helped.

Michael, Carly and Joss wait and wonder what’s happening. He wishes the wedding day hadn’t been so hard on his wife.

Carly tells him he has a lifetime of celebrations ahead and she’s sure Willow doesn’t regret today.

Michael interrupts Nina as she’s promising Willow she will back off. Nina tells her she’s not perfect but will try.

willow has a request

In her office, Portia prays that her family will be returned. Liz interrupts to check on her. The doctor is tired but can’t stop worrying.

portia cries over missing trina.

Portia can accept her daughter being angry at her, but not her listening to Spencer.

She beats herself up for not making things right when she had the chance.

liz comforts portia

Jordan comes in and explains that Trina and the others will be back soon.

Portia is giddily relieved. As they look out the window, they notice it’s snowing.

The three of them start talking about doing homework with their kids. The doctor tears up as she says Trina will always be her baby girl.

Robert corners the WSB agent and they bicker. The agent strides off and Robert tries calling the new WSB director. They won’t talk to him.

When Curtis and Laura call in, they tip them off that the island is about to bombed.

laura curtis shocked

Robert calls the agent over and tells him to call off the air strike. It will only kill innocent people.

It gets called off.

Back in Greenland, Trina finds Laura and Curtis. They tell her the drone strike has been re-directed to the Haunted Star.

Trina panics that Spencer is on the boat. Before they can call the WSB, there’s a massive explosion.

Drew manages to call Carly. She rushes down the hall and gets Obrecht to tell Willow they are on the way back. Drew says everyone should be back soon.

carly is shocked

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