Dex Gets Dirt on Sonny for Michael, Victor Plans to Experiment on Valentin, and Holly Knocks Out Scott

General Hospital recap for Monday, May 1, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Martin tells Nina the SEC have gone after Carly, Michael continues to blame Ned for the SEC call, and Obrecht tries convincing Victor his plan can’t work.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Jordan, Anna, and Holly decided to risk mass death to save their loved ones, and Michael accuses Ned of calling the SEC.

Sonny, Brick and Dex meet with the Pikeman people in the warehouse.

He reminds them that he was ambushed the last time he did something for them.

sonny bick meet pikeman

The Pikeman guy assures them they weren’t involved. They know, but Sonny says that whoever tried to kill him was out to screw with them, not him.

The mob boss asks about the cargo.

He’s starting to think they are moving something bigger than weapons.

The Pikeman guy opens the crate. Dex gulps as the camera he planted records everything.

Brick looks in the crate and explains it contains one of the world’s most powerful explosives.


He takes his boss aside and explains this stuff is in high demand.

Sonny is surprised more people weren’t after him given what it is.

He feels like he’s taking a lot of risks for this.

sonny and dex being recorded

Pikeman gives him some reassurance.

Sonny wants some re-negotiation. He wants information on who was behind the ambush.

They understand.

Sonny asks Brick to take care of the rest of this and asks Dex to make sure the cash exchange goes smoothly.

Once the mob boss is gone, Dex and Brick count the money.

Pikeman says Corinthos will find his relationship with their company life-changing.

brick leaves dex in warehouse

Brick and the others all file out, leaving Dex alone. He shuts off the video and says, “Gotcha!”

Out in the rocks and snow of Greenland, some of Victor’s goons can hear a phone ringing. It’s Valentin’s.

He’s hiding with Drew, Curtis and Laura.

Valentin leaps out, announces who he is, and tells the goons he is there to see his father.

valentin turns himself in

In the lab, Obrecht works on the antigen.

She tells Victor the antidote is less certain.

He has faith she can work around that and reminds her they have little time.

obrecht and victr argue in lab

She asks for his word that he will release her if she completes the antidote.

One of his goons announces his son appears to have arrived. “Bring him here,” Victor barks.

This puts a smile on Liesl’s face and she gets sarcastic. Victor orders the island searched.

victor reminds obrecht of risk

Obrecht tells Victor that she needs preservatives to make the antidote work. She thinks this is all doomed.

He doesn’t want to stop the process yet but she doesn’t think his plan can work.

The Cassadine agrees to re-evaluate part of his plan but insists he still holds all the cards.

victor and liesl in greenland

She refuses to use Trina or Spencer as test subjects. He has his son brought in.

Back in the rocks, Curtis scouts to see the goons are gone.

Laura suggests Curtis go to the Haunted Star to rescue the hostages while she and Drew create a distraction.

laura and curtis in greenland

She suggests they gain entry to the bunker by using her as leverage. That’s the only way to get past the guards.

Curtis promises that he will rescue her grandchildren from the Star.

She runs out into the snow yelping for help. As some guards go after her, she calls for her friends.

They knock out the goons and take their uniforms.

Curtis jogs off to the Star and Laura tells Drew to trust she knows what she’s doing.

He binds her hands and they head for the bunker.

laura drew plan

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Martin joins Nina at the Metro Court.

They chat about their worries for Laura and their friends.

She asks him to call off going to the SEC about Carly and Drew.

martin meets with nina

He points out there is no return policy on tips for criminal behavior. It’s a done deal.

The lawyer adds that the SEC has already interviewed Carly. They’re both amazed the government acted that fast.

He’s sure there will be some kind of an investigation.

Martin reminds her she only reported it, she didn’t do anything underhanded.

nina double-checks with martin

He exits. She stares.

Nina drops by Sonny’s office to see him.

He called her over because he needs to talk.

sonny tells nina about wedding

She gets him to tell her about the wedding and he says Willow did great.

He adds that the day wasn’t perfect. The SEC hauled Carly in for insider trading.

“That happened at the wedding?” she asks. He says it’s far from over. The SEC is looking for Drew.

Sonny explains that Drew went searching for her aunt. He’ll bring her home and save Willow. He already threw the SEC off his scent.

She worries that is only a temporary dodge. As she panics, he tells her to take it easy.

nina worries to sonny

Sonny says that whoever tipped off the SEC isn’t only hurting Carly and Drew, they’re hurting Willow.

At the Quartermaine estate, Michael tells his mother that Ned must have gone to the SEC.

Carly goes in to check on Willow and fills them in on Sonny stepping up for her.

Willow points out that Sonny is helping them and thinks that counts for something.

carly checks on willow

Michael is dismissive of Sonny and gets busy cursing Ned.

Carly continues to worry. Her son thinks they should call it a night.

michael willow talk sec

Carly reminds them to take the top of the wedding cake to eat on their anniversary.

She helps Willow into her wheelchair and assures her that the family can make it through anything if they stick together.

Michael gets a text from Dex with the video of the Pikeman deal. He remembers that this is what they need to take Sonny down.

Scott walks in on Holly and Anna at General Hospital as they discuss the biological weapon. He won’t let them sacrifice his girlfriend.

robert holly anna talk scott down

Robert interrupts, shutting the door. They ask how long he was listening and whether he called the WSB.

Fidgeting, Scott says he hasn’t said anything yet.

They claim they are working hard to protect Liesl. None of this is making sense to him and he won’t let Obrecht be collateral damage.

If they don’t tell the WSB, he will. Holly slips out while they are arguing.

scott needs answers

Before he can make a call, Holly returns and chloroforms him.

They dump him in a chair.

holly grins after knocking scott out

Sure that Laura and her friends have no idea of what they are walking into in Greenland, they prepare to jet off.

anna tells scott not to talk to wsb

Anna and Holly tell Robert he needs to stay behind to run interference with the WSB. He’s worried, but they usher him out, reminding him that they both managed to survive being married to him.

The ladies leave the hospital.

holly tells robert he has to stay

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