Helena Appears to Valentin as He Becomes Delirious, and Laura Grabs the Pathogen as the WSB Order the Island Blown Up

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, May 3, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Curtis, Spencer and Trina get Ace, Laura and Drew are captured, and Willow is rushed to the hospital.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Victor Had Valentin injected with the pathogen as Curtis grabbed Trina and Scott struggled to call the WSB.

In Greenland on the Haunted Star, Curtis fights with Victor’s goons while Trina ties to wake up Spencer.

curtis beating up bad guy.

Curtis manages to knock out the guards and tie them up. Spencer still isn’t waking up.

trina rushes to an unconscious spencer

Suddenly, he does. They help him up and head off to get the baby.

curtis trina save spencer

They find Ace in the company of a nanny and easily grab him.

In the bunker, Victor and Liesl watch Valentin as the pathogen spreads through his body. He tells his son to tell him where his accomplices are.

valentin burns up

Valentin’s vital signs decline. Liesl is eager to apply the antidote. Victor orders her to wait. They debate and she accuses him of testing his son’s pain threshold.

As Valentin starts to convulse, his father begs him to tell him where his accomplices are and plays the Charlotte card.

Valentin becomes delirious.

valentin in pain

Liesl can see how much this is hurting Victor. Grabbing her arm, he drags her away.

Valentin continues to decline. Suddenly, he has a vision of Helena (played by Constance Towers). He begs but she’s not the angel of mercy, there to take him to some fluffy clouds.

helena appears to valentin

“I’m here to drag you down to where you belong, with me, for eternity,” she says.

Disguised Drew drags Laura to the entrance. A guard tries to prevent their easy entrance so they knock him out.

Laura steps into the lab and looks around. She tells Drew this is Victor’s playground.

Obrecht, Victor and his goons corner them. Victor is happy to see Drew is there and gloats about what a failure he has been and how much of his life has been wasted.


His guards have to hold Drew back. Laura takes the opportunity to pocket something. Victor tells the mayor that this is a full circle moment. They are together at the end.

victor threatens liesl

Victor explains his plans for the pathogen. Turning on a videofeed of Valentin, he explains that this is what the pathogen does to people.

valentin videofeed

They are horrified.

After Victor declares this is the beginning of a new age, Laura smugly whips out the vial containing the pathogen that she pocketed.

laura has vial

At the gatehouse, Michael calls an ambulance after Willow passes out. He holds her hand and begs her to stay with him.

willow crashes out and michael calls 911.

The paramedics arrive. As they deal with her, BLQ and Tracy arrives.

Michael worries that he upset his bride and caused this. He rushes off with the ambulance.

BLQ checks the kids are asleep. Tracy tells her how overrated wedding nights are. She regales her of the tale of her night with Lord Ashton.

Tracy starts needling her about Chase. Brook Lynn is grateful that she stepped in with the CCRB to have him reinstated but she can’t hold this over her head anymore.

blq thinks tracy has no leverage

Tracy accuses her of just thinking in terms of exchange. She claims she only wants her family to be happy and healthy.

Wiley climbs down the stairs and asks where his mom is.

BLQ gives him a hug and she tells him that his mom is at the hospital. He wonders who the other lady is.

Tracy is friendly and offers to tell him the story of the little pigs.

tracy still has upperhand on blq

Liz is surprised to bumps into TJ at General Hospital. She thought he was at the reception. He explains it never happened.

tj liz talk babies

She’s surprised to hear about the SEC crashing the wedding. He tells her how much the wedding clearly meant to Michael and Willow.

The nurse doesn’t know where she finds the strength. Kids have a way of doing that.

TJ says her strength comes from her family. They can both see how valuable time with the kids is.

tj and liz at nurses hub

Willow is rushed in. TJ keeps Michael out and assures him they will handle this.

In an exam room, TJ and Liz check Willow over while Michael paces outside and flashes back to the wedding.

Felicia calls Robert to worry about the WSB being tipped off about the biological weapon.

A WSB agent orders Robert to sit down and keep his mouth shut. He lectures Robert for keeping secrets.

Scorpio punches him so he cuffs Robert to a bed. Robert claims he has a team in place to take Victor out and asks him to call the director.
When Felicia arrives at the door, Robert yells at her to call Frisco.

robert argues with wsb agent

The agent shoves cotton in his mouth as Felicia starts dialing. She gets the agent’s supervisor on the phone.

Once she gets in, she explains that she filled Frisco in. When he refused to destroy the island, he was fired as director. The new director immediately ordered the island destroyed.

felicia fills robert in

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At Kelly’s, Carly resists the pie and calls for the check. She thought coming in would give her some comfort but that’s failed.

When she tries to pay her bill, her card is declined. She tries another card but no dice.

Carly digs in her purse for cash. Nina arrives and offers cover it with her card but Carly finds some paper money.

Nina asks how the wedding was and Carly explains it was beautiful. She notes how ironic it is that Nelle was the one who brought Michael and Willow together.

She puts in the boot about Nelle using her dead nephew to get at Michael.

Carly continues to gloat about how beautiful the wedding was and how happy Willow is.

Ava arrives and asks about the wedding. Carly says it was lovely. Her phone starts ringing and she exits.

Ava asks Nina what she did to Carly now.

ava warns nina fallout

They sit down and the Jerome is disappointed they don’t serve cocktails. Nina fills her in on the SEC crashing the wedding. This is not what she wanted.

Ava says she better hope that Carly doesn’t find out she snitched. Nina worries about the consequences Drew could face. He’s out there trying to save her daughter’s life right now.

nina worried blame pinned on her

She fills Ava in on the latest with the abductions. After putting everything on line, Drew is going to come back to losing everything he is built with his life.

Sipping some coffee, Ava tells her that people are full of contradictions. Drew may be a hero but also deserve to go to prison. That’s not her problem.

nian worries abotu willow to ava

Nina thinks she’s being a little harsh. Her friend tells her not to let the guilt paralyze. Since Carly likely won’t be around, she’ll be able to be there for her daughter.

Outside, Carly answers her phone and Michael informs her that Willow collapsed.

Carly arrives at the hospital and finds her son pacing and panicking. Hugging him, she promises they will get through this.

In the exam room, Liz and TJ get the latest test results on Willow.

The doctor goes out to Michael and Carly with the news.

tj has news about willow for michael

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