Victor Has Valentin Injected with the Pathogen as Curtis Grabs Trina and Scott Struggles to Call the WSB

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, May 2, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Curtis finds Trina, Michael tells Willow about his plot against Sonny, and Portia and Marshall worry about Trina and Curtis.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Dex got dirt on Sonny for Michael, Victor planned to experiment on Valentin, and Holly knocked out Scott.

In the bunker in Greenland, Obrecht reminds Victor they need to test the antidote to see if it’s viable. She refuses to use Trina or Spencer.

victor with liesl in greenland.

He has Valentin brought in and tells his son how impressed he is that he’s found him.

Victor plans to find all his accomplices. His son claims he’s there alone but his father is not convinced.

Liesl asks Valentin about Willow and Valentin asks his father about the hostages.

Everyone is fine, even if they are unlikely to survive what is to come.

Victor explains his plan to save the world. His son thinks he’s delusional.

valentin vs victor

Obrecht confirms the pathogen is real and effective. Victor talks about putting the planet back in balance. He wanted his son by his side but he betrayed him.

Valentin urges him to end the madness and promises he can have his son back. He says they can work together to save the world without costing lives.

valentin taken to victor

Victor dismisses this and demands to know who else came with him. He explains his plan to test the pathogen and then has him hauled out.
Turning to Liesl, he says, “Alright doctor… let’s go make history.”

victor goes through with using valentin as a guinea pig

They head down the hall and she asks if he’s sure about this. He says his son already made his choice and sends her to infect him.

Before Liesl can inject the pathogen, Victor repeats he’s no longer his son. She injects Valentin and apologizes.

liesl injects valentin

Obrecht tells Victor this in insanity. He tells her to see the experiment through if she wants to save her great-niece.

Blood starts dripping out of Valentin’s nose.

valentin bloody nose from being injected with pathogen

On the Haunted Star, Victor’s goons rough up Spencer when he tries to get free.

spencer attacked.

Curtis interrupts and says he will take care of this.

curtis advises against it

The goons don’t recognize Curtis, who reminds them not to harm the boss’ family. They punch Spencer in the guts.

Trina paces in a room. She hears someone being clobbered. Curtis opens the door and she runs into his arms.

She can’t believe he’s there. He explains they will get her, Spencer, and the baby out.

Curtis wants to get her off the boat and then come back for Spencer but she refuses to leave him behind.

Trina runs off to stop the goons from beating on Spencer.

At the gate house, Michael puts the kids to bed and then heads downstairs. Willow tells him how perfect the wedding was.

michael hands willow bouquet

He reminds her there was one tradition they left out. He hands her the bouquet.

After lifting her up, he carries her over the threshold and they kiss. She’s happy to be able to call him husband for real.

willow carried into house

He’s sorry there was no dancing at the ceremony. They rehash the SEC crashing it.

Willow tells him that he and his family have been her one constant since she got sick. She hates the thought of the family being divided after she’s gone.

willow smiles at michael

For the sake of the family, she wishes he would find a way to co-exist with his father.

Michael admits that he’s been keeping something from her. He shows her the video of Sonny dealing arms, explaining this is a federal crime that can put him in prison for the rest of his life.

Willow is confused. Sonny already has money.

Her husband explains this also gives him power and political leverage. She asks why the video was sent to him so he explains the person who took it works for him.

Willow hyperventilates and collapses.

willow shocked at michael

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In her dorm room, Joss stares at a photo of Trina and thinks about her friend wondering what was going on between Dex and Spencer.

Dex shows up and she hugs him. She tells him it has been a long day.

dex meets joss at the dorms

He helps her let her hair down and they make out.

After sex, he asks her about her day. She fills him in on everything at the wedding and how everyone put their grudges aside for it.

Joss thought Michael and Willow were in true bliss.

dex and joss in bed

When he asks about the reception, she explains there wasn’t one because the SEC showed up and took her mom away. Whenever Drew gets back, he’ll be in trouble too.

They talk about Sonny breaking the law. She says he’s full of contradictions.

Dex explains he got the evidence Michael needed to take down Sonny.

dex asks joss about carly and drew

That means they can move forward with their lives while Sonny is behind bars. Dex is sure he can cut a deal if any of this comes back on him.

He can’t see any way for Sonny to get of this.


She’s sure that Sonny’s daughters will be devastated, but it’s all Sonny’s own fault.

In her office at General Hospital, Portia looks at a photo of herself with he daughter and thinks back to their fight at the wedding.

portia thinks about trina.

Marshall shows up. He thought she could use a friend. She fills him in on Curtis and Drew going after Trina.

He’s sorry to hear his son has run off on a foolhardy mission. She’s grateful for what his son is doing. But she’s terrified.

marshall learns curtis gone

He’s sure nothing will stop Curtis. She feels like it’s been one disaster after another and sobs.

Marshall assures her her daughter will forgive her. Portia would give anything to have Curtis and Trina back. Marshall holds her.

Down the hall in Anna’s room, Robert calls Diane and asks if she wants to get together to talk. Chloroformed Scott starts snoring.

scotty sleeps after knocked out

Liz knocks on the door. Robert steps out to keep her from the room.

She refuses to leave and asks why he doesn’t want her in the room. He begs and she threatens to call security.

robert keeps liz busy

Robert can’t give her any details but something is going on. He asks her to buy him a bit of time.

In the room, Scott wakes up and tries to use the phone to call the WSB.

scotty wakes up headachy

The WSB show up, pushing past Robert. Liz is shocked to see Scott in the room.

Scott announces there is a biological weapon and Robert tells him calling in the WSB has doomed the people he cares about.

scotty tells WSB about the pathogen

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