After Catching Hope Flirting with Thomas, Steffy Demands to Know if She Has Feelings for Him

In the Friday, May 5, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam tells Wyatt he has his eye on Thomas, Brooke and Taylor are happy everyone is happy, and Steffy commends Hope and Thomas turning the line around.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Hope could hardly contain her pounding desires as Thomas adjusted her dress, and RJ worried about disappointing Ridge.

In Ridge’s office at Forrester Creations, Brooke tells him she hasn’t been able to stop smiling since RJ came home.

She couldn’t admit how much she missed him.

brooke in the ceo office

He knows. It’s hard to let kids be who they are instead of who you want them to be.

He shows her the caricature RJ drew of him when he gave him a pencil.

“That’s a…wow!” says Brooke, giggling.

She admires how their son captured his essence.

brooke says rj's portrait of ridge looks like him

Taylor wanders in and wonders what’s so funny.

Brooke shows her the drawing and they tease him.

Taylor loves how everyone is getting along.

They are finally acting like the extended family they always should have been.

taylor at forrester ceo office

Brooke hopes their daughters can become best friends too.

Taylor is sure she can come around to fully believing Thomas has changed too.

taylor hopes brooke will believe in thomas soon

They talk about how great he’s been doing.

Brooke will be happy if he can earn her trust back.

She hopes the changes stick.

Down the hall, Steffy watches as Thomas and Hope work on a design with Petra.

She tells them they make great business partners.

thomas and hope work on a design together

Once they let Petra go, Steffy congratulates them, telling them the line seems to be back on track.

The numbers will be out today.

Steffy watches Thomas and Liam work

Thomas is confident and Hope is grateful to him.

He tells Hope how important her faith in him is.

He’s so happy that she could see a future that involved him as a changed man.

She tells him he can stop thanking her.

steffy rolls her eyes and huffs as Hope tells Thomas to stop thanking her.

Crossing her fingers, she runs off to check the numbers and he assures her it will all work out.

Steffy admires how her brother is turning his life around… but she’s worried about the personal side.

She asks if he’s still fixated on Hope.

He rolls his eyes and sighs.

steffy asks if thomas is still fixated on hope

He tells his sister he’s been going to therapy and keeping his priorities straight.

He wakes up every moment with designs on his mind. That and being a good father are all he’s thinking about.

Even if Hope threw herself at him, he wouldn’t be interested.

There’s no reason for her to worry.

They hug and she thanks god he’s okay.

After she leaves, he sketches. Hope returns and tells him the numbers are off the charts. He’s happy for her.

She says this couldn’t have happened without him.

No one has understood her the way he does. There’s no limit to where they can take this.

She takes his hands and thanks goodness for him.

hope excited about HFTF numbers

Steffy listens at the door as Hope thanks Thomas for seeing her.

Hope’s heart beats.

steffy eavesdrops

Thomas pulls his hands away and says he’s excited for the journey ahead.

After he walks out, Steffy comes in and narrows her eyes at Hope.

Steffy startles her and says that she can see her brother has really changed.

What she never suspected was that Hope would be flirting with Thomas.

Hope insists it’s not what she thinks but Steffy won’t let her derail her brother.

“Do you have feelings for my brother?” she demands.

steffy gets angry seeing hope hold thomas' hands

Down the hall, Thomas is confused by what just happened.

thomas flashes back to holding hopes hands

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At Il Giardino, Wyatt tells his brother how productive he manages to be when he actually shows up to meetings.

He asks for an update on the Thomas and Hope situation.

wyatt and liam having lunch at il giardino

Liam admits nothing technically “concerning” has happened but he worries it could.

Hope is trusting and that creates a blindspot. He’s kissing his eyes on Thomas taking advantage of that.

Wyatt enjoys his pizza and says Deacon is really turning things around.

Liam points out Hope always had faith in him.
Wyatt hopes she’s right about Thomas too.

His brother admits he’s already had words with the Forrester, who assured him he’s a changed man. He laughs about that.

liam doesn't think thomas has changed.

Liam repeats how worried he is that Hope could be “caught up in the crazy.” He worries about how manipulative Thomas can be.

Wyatt gets it but urges him to be careful. He shouldn’t talk too much about Thomas when he’s with Hope.

His brother says Hope has carved out time for them. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve her.

Wyatt drinking lime water

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