Laura Drops the Pathogen, and Victor Shoots Her Before Anna and Holly Save the Day

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, May 4, 2023. In today’s GH episode, all hell breaks loose, there’s a shooting and Willow still wants to die at home.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Curtis, Spencer and Trina took Ace from the nanny, Laura and Drew were captured and Laura grabbed the pathogen while Willow was rushed to the hospital.

At Kelly’s, Nina’s crestfallen when Sonny has no news for her about Willow.

He does have an inside scoop about Carly and Drew’s insider trading and who turned them in.

Nina gets nervous as he tells her he has his contacts looking into it. It might have been Ned.

Sonny admits the SEC could charge Carly even without Drew in the country but Sonny will ensure his ex is not left holding the bag. 

nina crestfallen.

Sonny says that if someone messes with one of his family, they mess with him.

If Ned had anything to do with this, he’d better brace himself.

Nina sucks in a quick breath and suddenly agrees to go to the islands with him. He seems confused but into it.

When she asks how soon they can go, he reaches for his cell phone and says he’ll make a call.

sonny and nina talk taking a trip

In the hospital, Willow sleeps while outside her room TJ corrects Carly when she says Willow passed out from exhaustion from the wedding.

It’s more than that. She has bleeding that isn’t clotting which indicates that her body’s breaking down.

Michael gets snippy since they’re running out of time. What can they do?

tj has news about willow for michael

TJ says Willow needs to stay there or can go into hospice as she transitions. Micheal is shocked. “To death?”  TJ says they can try to keep her alive until Drew returns but she’ll be in a lot of pain.

Michael is beside himself not knowing what to do. He wants to respect her wishes but there are too many variables.

He runs off to think and Carly thanks TJ, knowing this is rough on him, too.

Michael sits at Willow’s bedside and considers what to do. He flashes to some nice moments between the two.

carly cries about willow hospitalized

In her dorm room, Joss can’t get her family out of her head. What if Trina and Liesl don’t make it back from Greenland?

Dex comforts her and tries to get her to hold on to hope.

She thinks about the wedding and the promises they made. She can’t stop wondering what happens if Drew doesn’t get everyone home safe.

She then turns her worries to the SEC and Sonny ending up in prison. Unless Dex is having second thoughts?

Dex says he’s going to finish the job. Sonny broke the law and deserves to be in prison but he also saved his life.

When the feds come for him, he’ll feel bad but this is in her brother’s hands now. They kiss and Dex gets a call from Sonny, who says Brick’s using his jet so he needs Dex to charter a plane as soon as possible.

He’ll send the contact information. Dex disconnects and when Joss asks if he thinks Sonny’s on to him, Dex doubts it. If he was, he’d be the one taking a trip. Joss gets Carly’s call and takes off.

joss and dex sit on her bed.


In Greenland on the Haunted Star, Spencer, Curtis and Trina are with Ace as Curtis tells the kids to take a plane that’s nearby off the island.

Trina can’t leave him. She hugs him. Curtis tells them the pilot has instructions to take off as soon as they get there.

spencer with ace haunted star

Trina tells Curtis, “I know everything is uncertain right now but I…” she stammers.

“I know, Kiddo,” he says before he goes. Trina runs off to get something and Spencer worries.

The “nanny” arrives and tells him he’s not taking the baby anywhere. Trina returns and knocks the nanny out.

Meanwhile, Valentin’s vitals are spiking and he hallucinates Helena, who tells him to come and let her take him away from everyone and everything. He refuses.

helena appears to valentin

He’s going home to Anna and Charlotte. Helena tells him they’ll be better off without him.

He starts yelling and crying and blood pours from his mouth as the pathogen makes its way through his body.

In the other room, Victor tries to get Laura to think about losing Willow if she drops the pathogen.

Laura holds the pathogen up high, threatening to drop it but when a guard grabs Liesl, Laura smashes the vial at her feet.

laura has vial

Everyone holds their breath until Victor reveals that the pathogen has to be activated by UV light or good old-fashioned sunshine. The guard asks what to do with Liesl.

Victor says they’ll keep her alive just long enough to test the antidote on their guinea pig now.

Victor’s ready to kill Drew when they start hearing alarms and gunshots. The door is broken open and Anna’s standing there. Everyone ducks.

laura tries to steal the pathogen

Fighting breaks out and Laura tries to grab the rest of the pathogen until Victor stops her, holding a gun to her head.

He takes the pathogen and Liesl and shoots Laura and rushes out. Curtis shows up and shoots another goon as he takes aim at Anna.

Laura shows Curtis that her arm was only grazed and they tell Anna where Valentin is.

She runs out and finds him while the monitor starts making strange sounds and Laura says it’s like the one that controlled Mykkos’ machine from 40 years ago.

anna finds valentin

Outside, Holly stops Victor and Liesl, who smiles at seeing that she’s being rescued.

liesl happy holly caught them

Elsewhere in the hospital, Robert asks the WSB agent to call Frisco and tell them to abort.

The agent reminds him Frisco’s not head of WSB. Diane and Jordan wander up and take Robert from the agent’s custody.

They explain he has no jurisdiction and so he uncuffs Robert and leaves with Diane. 

diane snooty

Joss finds TJ and Carly together. The women admit they’re terrified for what’s to come with Willow.

Carly confesses they don’t have much time left. Talk turns to the SEC.

Carly opens up about buying Aurora stock and how it has caused issues for her.

She says Drew and Michael warned her. She sighs. Joss says she had good intentions.

“Sure they do. Road to hell is paved with them,” Carly says. They believe Ned called the SEC.

joss and carly worry

In her room, Willow wakes up and Michael tells her she passed out.

He tells his wife that she should probably stay there in the hospital so they can treat her and any symptoms.

She’d rather not but he presses the issues. She needs to do her part. She argues that her part could be spending her last days without her family. 

willow in hospital again dying again

Dex arrives at Kelly’s as Sonny and Nina are kissing and talking about not bringing many clothes on their trip.

He lets them know that there’s been a development with Willow.

Sonny says to cancel their flight and they rush to the hospital as Dex calls Joss to warn that they’re on the way.

sona kissing

Sonny and Nina arrive at the hospital.

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