GH Spoilers August 14 – 18: Tracy’s Hungover, But Still Lectures “Eddie,” Sonny Makes an Offer

Full list of spoilers Monday, August 14 to Friday, August 18, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Willow getting some good news, Betty making a progress report, and Portia putting her cards on the table.

In the weekly spoiler video, Valentin and Dante try to help Anna figure out how set her house ablaze.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers August 7 – 11.

Monday, August 14

Monday’s GH recap: Sonny and Dex lay a trap

Olivia confides in Dante.

Olivia and Eddie chat and she thanks him for helping her.

Dex and Sonny have a private talk.

Sonny lays a trap.

Carly debriefs with Joss.

Carly knows she’s being a hypocrite.

Carly reminds Joss  Sonny’s family.

Anna is dismissive.

Anna and Valentin check out her burned up house.

Dante’s sorry for Anna’s house being burned.

Betty issues a progress report.

dante olivia coffee general hospital

Tuesday, August 15

Tuesday’s GH recap: Betty steals files

TJ and Molly host an important meeting.

Three women, possible surrogates, arrive at Molly and TJ’s place.

Portia puts her cards on the table.

Gregory puts Chase on the spot.

Ava seeks reassurance.

Dex has to scramble.

Gregory’s ALS is getting worse.

Nina worries about Sasha.

chase and gregory at GH General Hospital Recaps Soaps Spoilers

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Wednesday, August 16

Willow gets welcome news.

Michael observes Dex.

Trina confides in Spencer.

Gladys thwarts Cody.

Sam launches a new investigation.

willow feels like she is dreaming

Thursday, August 17

Thursday on GH: Cody tries to get committed

Brook Lynn plies Tracy with alcohol.

Tracy gets drunk in public.

Cody pretends he is “insane” and wants to get committed.

Dante is wise to Cody.

Felicia ponders her next act.

Finn and Liz have a heart-to-heart.

Gregory admits he’s sick to Finn.

Molly shares big news.

Kristina is offended by Molly.

gregory is happy finn is happy

Friday, August 18

Friday’s GH recap: Sonny has an offer for Carly

New comings and goings show Hudson West is back to GH.

Sam is concerned.

Dantet and Sam kiss.

Sonny makes an offer.

Carly refuses Sonny’s favor.

Finn receives shocking news.

Gregory explains his ALS and why he didn’t tell Finn sooner. 

Anna is rocked.

Anna has to move into Metro Court and feels disoriented.

Tracy and “Eddie Maine” bicker.

Tracy’s hungover and barks at Eddie for showing disinterest in his daughter.

valentin thanks martin for information

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