Y&R Spoilers August 14 – 18: Connor Hates Genoa City, Adam Apologizes to Sally, and Tucker Tells Ashley He’s Not Cheating

Full list of spoilers for Monday, August 14 to Friday, August 18.

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of August 14?

It’s the week of Ashley and Tucker’s wedding.

Abby’s nervous that Tucker will break her mom’s heart and Ashley assures her daughter she’s in love and excited to marry Tucker.

Ashley starts the ceremony without her siblings who are late, and they show up just before the ceremony begins.

Ashley and Tucker’s vows are impromptu and moving.

After the wedding,  Jack gives Ashley paperwork that returns her the assets of her former company, My Beauty, to her and announces that he’s there to show her the war is over.

Jack has a trick up his sleeve. 

Victor makes one of his power moves.

Chelsea gets shocking news.

Nick makes a startling discovery.

Adam is startled when he opens his door and finds Sally standing there with a housewarming gift. 

Adam asks Sally to wait for him as he has an errand to run, and she finds photos of them as a couple when she tries to help unpack. Adam returns and when she asks about them, he calls the photos the happiest time of his life.

Sally isn’t sure keeping their photos is healthy. Before their conversation gets far, Nick shows up, angry that Sally’s at his brother’s place.

sally surprised adam

Nikki tells Victor that they have two problems and their names are Audra and Nate.

nikki fills victor in about trouble

Abby notices her mom is looking nervous.

Ashley says that’s silly.

It’s not like it’s her first wedding.

“You don’t have to go through with this if you’re not ready,” Abby reminds her.

abby tells ashley she doesn't have to marry


Monday, August 14

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Ashley and Tucker marry

Victor and Nikki strategize their latest mergers and acquisitions.

Victor loses his patience with Adam, knowing he is behind the merger discussion.

Audra tells Kyle about the blackmail.

Audra and Kyle have sex.

Kyle goes to the wedding late.

Audra approaches Victor with her blackmail at the hands of Adam.

nikki lets victor know they've an issue

Tuesday, August 15

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Sally questions Adam

Victoria forces Nate to come clean.

Audra comes clean with Victor and Nikki.

Adam calls Audra a coward. 

Victor bellows at Adam, wanting to fire him.

Traci yells at Jack for hurting their family.

Chelsea’s worried about how Billy’s reverting to past behavior.

Sally finds photos of her and Adam at his place.

Tucker and Ashley start their wedding night.

Wednesday, August 16

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead: Kyle defends Audra

Victoria changes the rules.

Nate vows he’d do anything for Victoria.

Kyle defends Audra against Adam.

Audra sees a new side to Kyle.

Nick lashes out at Adam and tells Sally about the blackmail.

Victor’s not sure what to do about Adam.

sally and nick discuss adam

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Thursday, August 17

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Victor retracts his job offer to Sally

Victor delivers some bad news to Sally.

Sally asks if Victor is punishing her.

Victor denies punishing Sally and wants to focus on Adustus.

Nick and Sharon make an important decision.

Sharon and Nick change the company name.

Adam learns that Nick and Sharon found office space.

Sally and Adam discuss their working together and she tells him she is over punishing him.

victor listens to audra tell him about the cover up

Friday, August 18

Friday’s Y&R day ahead: Ashley thinks Tucker cheated

Connor isn’t talking to Chelsea so she has Billy talk to him.

Connor is upset that Johnny and Katie are going to boarding school and leaving him behind.

Johnny is sad that his baby sister died.

Sally blames Adam for losing her job.

Chelsea’s parenting skills are tested.

Diane proves herself to Jack.

Diane gives Jack a post-up.

Connor runs away from home.

jack doesn't want a postnup

Coming up the week of August 21!

Chance takes on a new role.

Lily takes a big risk.

Chloe encourages Esther.

Victor challenges Nick.

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