Victor Shoots Anna After Getting the Ice Princess, Liesl’s Kidnapped and BLQ and Blaze Out Linc as a Predator

General Hospital recap for Thursday, April 6, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Valentin and Anna are caught, Blaze and Chase sing, and Linc is outed for being a sexual predator. 

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Cody called Gladys out, Molly and TJ told Jordan they are trying to get pregnant, and BLQ offered to help Blaze with Linc.  

Shots ring out at the safe house and Valentin, Lucy and Anna scatter, trying to stay out of the line of fire.

They get behind the sofa, guns cocked. Valentin tries to get Anna to follow Lucy out but she refuses. Someone comes in and shots are fired.

shots at the safe house

Victor waltzes in and feigns surprise. “Valentin, you’re alive. Question is, for how long?”

His goon says that Lucy’s gone. Valentin and Anna get on their knees, hands up.

Valentin tells his father to leave unless he wants a gun battle with the cops.

Victor won’t leave until he gets what he wants. The Ice Princess. The real one.

victor finds valentin safe house

He snaps about how Valentin’s been preoccupied with Anna and that after acknowledging him as his child, he rejected him, lied, manipulated him, and faked his own death.

Victor yells that he spent weeks consumed with guilt, trying to claim his body, mourning for his son who was not even dead.

He should kill him now but decides to give him one chance. He again demands the necklace. Watkins grabs Anna and Victor threatens to have Watkins paralyze her but Valentin doesn’t have the necklace.

valentin and anna on knees

At the ball, Brook Lynn watches Joss talk with Linc and spills water on him to break up the conversation.

She tries to dry it off and Joss leaves while BLQ drops things on Linc’s foot.

Linc grabs BLQ by the arm, demanding to know what the hell she’s doing. She calls him a sleezebag. 

joss and linc talk at the ball

In the other room, Maxie runs to take care of the ball as Bobbie and Felicia talk about Mac’s surprise acts over the years.

Felicia recalls her first time on the stage and Mac too remembers his stand-up becoming a tirade.

Bobbie laughs.

bobbie reminisces

Nearby, Sasha and Cody talk about Gladys selling the garage.

She thinks she sold it to give them closure. 

sasha talks to cody

Nearby, Gladys eavesdrops and Cody asks if she knows who the new owner is.

She doesn’t. Before he can tell her it’s Miss Wu, Gladys interrupts.

She says Dante’s looking for him so Cody takes off and Gladys calls Cody an unreliable character.

She hates to see her life derailed by someone working her for her money.

gladys eavesdrops cody and sasha

Jordan finds Mac. She tells him that the autopsy came back on Eileen Ashby.

It indicates Ashby was killed by a fall, not drowning since there was no water in her lungs.

Mac says either she jumped, fell, or was pushed. Jordan says they need to start looking into Victor Cassadine.

Cody goes to Liz and Sam and says Gladys told him that Dante was looking for him.

dante and cody nurse ball

Dante tells her he avoids Gladys when he can and he wasn’t looking for Cody. 

singing at nurses' ball

At another table, Portia talks about Trina before they’re interrupted by Danielle Ponder who sings Someone Like You, which is her original song.

nurses ball standing ovation for danielle

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Dex watches Joss as she watches the performance. Everyone gives Danielle a standing ovation.

Once backstage, Maxie thanks her for singing for them.

Carly rushes in and fan girls over Danielle and they discuss how they both follow their instincts.

danielle anda carly

In another room, Spencer sees Dex drinking and asks if he should be drinking on the job. He’s supposed to be looking after Sonny.

Dex smirks and Spencer throws his weight around until Trina appears to admonish Spence for acting like an entitled jerk, lording his privilege around.

dex drinks

She goes and Joss snipes at him for hurting Trina again. “Like you did, Cam?” He asks. She tells him to go back to Europe and stay.

Outside, Sonny wants to set up a scholarship in the name of Epiphany.

He donates in Stone Cates’ name. Bobbie doesn’t like how Sonny treated Carly but he’s a generous man.

Sonny says it’s the least he can do. Bobbie’s touched. Stone would be proud.

sonny donates


Later, the lights are lowered and Dex, Finn and Cody go backstage.

Finn welcomes Chase and Blaze who sing an unfamiliar pop song that everyone bops to.

BLQ stares at Linc, daggers in her eyes as everyone claps at the end.

chase and blaze singing

When Linc goes to congratulate Blaze, BLQ rushes to the stage and yells, “Get your hands off her you creep!”

She takes the mic and tells everyone he exploits them financially and sexually.

blq stops ball

Ned stands up, worried. She reveals the non-disclosure because she won’t remain silent that he’s a sexual predator.

Linc grabs the mic and calls them lies.

Blaze tells everyone that he did the same thing to her.

Chase tries to grab Linc but he wriggles from his grip.

blaze freaks out and tells everyone linc predator

Dante appears and grabs the man and takes him out, making everyone stand in applause.

Meanwhile, Gladys looks at the expensive bracelet on her wrist and sneaks out while the cops escort Linc away.

Outside, a goon goes to Spencer to tell him his uncle will be calling him soon. He should be ready.

spencer with goon

Back inside, the magic begins when Georgie and James join Liesl on the stage to make water disappear and do other magic tricks that make the audience go wild.

Spinelli and Maxie grin as the kids make Liesl disappear.

liesl and james do magic

Backstage, Dex meets with Ambrose while Gladys accidentally eavesdrops.

She finds Cody’s jacket for the Magic Milo performance and slips the bracelet inside.

gladys plants the bracelet

Back inside, the kids try to bring Liesl back from making her disappear but are shocked when she’s gone.

liesl in car trunk

She’s being put into the trunk of a car by Ambrose.


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