Cody is Arrested, Lucy Crashes the Ball, Anna Struggles for Her Life, and Ace is Nabbed as Victor Sails Off

General Hospital recap for Friday, April 7, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Anna is rushed to the hospital, the Magic Wands perform, and Trina orders Spencer to apologize.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Victor shot Anna after getting the Ice Princess, Liesl was kidnapped, and BLQ and Blaze outed Linc as a predator.

At the safe house, Victor tells Valentin that the tragedy is they could have done this together.

But he’s broken his heart with his betrayal.

Repaying him for that, he shoots Anna.

Victor and his goons leave while Anna bleeds on the floor.

Valentin makes an emergency call.


He tells her how lucky he has been to find her.


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Gasping, she says other people don’t know his heart like she does.

“I love you,” she says. He loves her too. The ambulance arrives as she loses consciousness.

At the Haunted Star, Victor’s goon fills him in on Holly’s whereabouts.

He assumes that she’s been looking for her son while she’s supposedly been recovering.


Victor says it’s time to offload Ethan at a profit.

He calls another goon and orders him to keep an eye on Lucy.

He needs to tie up the loose ends now that he has all he wants.


Victor smiles at the necklace.

Backstage at the Ball, Maxie tells Nina that Liesl actually vanished during the magic act.

maxie tells nina liesl has vanished

Glady’s bodyguard goes looking for her. She’s slipped backstage and tiptoes back to Sasha’s table.

Immediately, Sasha notices her bracelet is gone.

Gladys leaps up, exclaiming she’s been robbed.


Sasha tries to keep her calm and says she must have just lost it.

The bodyguard comes over to add to the panic.


Gladys flashes back to sneaking off with the bracelet and then claims she saw Cody backstage.

Maxie goes up on stage and explains that there was a performance in 2013 that brought down the house.

She’s happy to welcome The Magic Wands back in stage.

Milo, Dex, Cody, TJ and some other men appear with a gurney and tear off their lab coats before dancing in their scrubs.


After they tear off their shirts.


The women in the audience gasp.

molly and bobbie cheer magic milo and the wands

The men leap into the audience to bump and gride against them.

tj dances for molly nurses ball

Milo and the Wands then leap back on stage to rip off their pants.

rs magic milo and the wands

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Backstage, Maxie thanks Milo again for his performance.

Grabbing a banana, he walks off and she wonders where Liesl has vanished to.


Nina tries to call her aunt. Sonny joins them and they worry that Obrecht may have fallen through the trap door. He holds her as she worries about her aunt going missing the day before the transplant operation.

maxie backstage ball

Mac teases Felicia for getting flustered by the Wands’ performance.

She says she only has eyes for him.


Sasha and Gladys go backstage.

The bodyguard joins them after finding the bracelet in a tux.


Cody comes in and is confronted about the bracelet. Cody insists that he didn’t pick it up.

When Mac comes backstage, the bodyguard tells him to arrest Cody.

Cody insists this is a mistake but Gladys claims that he has been following her all night.

He repeats that he’s innocent.

mac arrests cody

Mac arrests him. Sasha looks skeptical.

sasha shocked cody "stole" bracelet

Sam pops up and demands to know what’s going on.

As he’s being taken away, Cody claims he’s innocent and this is a frame-up.

At a table, Joss tells Trina she’s furious about how Spencer talked to Dex.

She asks her how she feels about it.


Trina thinks this was about more than Spencer lording it over people, she’s determined to find out what it is.

As Joss and Dex exchange glances, Sonny approaches him and announces they have a problem.

sonny gives dex orders

Sam asks Spencer if he’s just being a Cassadine or moping about something specific.

He says he screwed up with Trina.

Crossing the room, he asks Trina to talk, hoping he hasn’t ruined the best thing that’s happened to him.

trina tells spencer it's the wrong answer

He’s sorry that he’s upset her. She tells him that’s not the right answer.

She lectures him for lashing out at Dex when he knows he can’t fight back.

He apologizes again. She orders him to apologize to Dex.

His phone starts ringing. It’s Victor. She’s appalled he’s thinking of answering it.

He steps away to answer and his uncle orders him over to the Star immediately.

At a table, Jordan asks Molly and TJ when she can expect their baby.

They are the most efficient people she knows.

jordan asks about molly pregnancy

Carly calls her mom up on stage and explains what an integral role she has had at the hospital.

She says no one embodies what nurses do for the community more than her mother.

bobbie honored at the ball

She flashes back to her decades at the hospital. Everyone claps and cheers for Bobbie.

bobbie flashback general hospital

Esme and Ace watch the Ball on TV at Laura’s penthouse.

The mayor arrives and asks how the performances are.

esme backs laura away from the baby

When Laura says the baby looks tired and tries to pick him up, Esme backs her away.

She apologizes for snapping and explains she’s just anxious about her baby with people.


Laura understands but warns that her constant anxiety could cause problems for him.

She gets a call, is appalled, and has to leave immediately.

Laura and Robert arrive at General Hospital.

Distraught Valentin explains that Anna was shot in the abdomen. She coded in the ambulance but they brougt her back to life.

Lucy escaped and he has no idea where she is.

Valentin tells them the only thing his father said was that he has chosen a new heir.

valentin tells robert and laura anna shot

A doctor comes out to say they won’t know the extent of the damage done to Anna until they get into her.

Felicia jogs in as Robert lashes out at Valentin, saying this is all his fault. He agrees.

robert upset anna shot

When Jordan arrives, she’s startled to see Valentin alive. He warns that his father is alive and has launched whatever crazy scheme he has.

Lucy sneaks backstage at the Ball. One of Victor’s goons corners her with his gun out.
She knees him and runs. When he catches up to her, she tries to keep him away with a boa. Sonny clobbers him.

Lucy points out she’s not dead. “I can see that. Good for you,” he says.

She asks him to deal with the body and runs off.

As she gets backstage, she can hear Bobbie making a tribute to her.

She explains how they were enemies, but taking over the Ball transformed Lucy into someone else.

Since 1994, the Ball has raised millions for AIDS-related charities and Lucy made that happen.

Lucy suddenly falls through the photos of her on stage.

“I’m back. Deal with it!” she yells. Everyone stands up and claps.

Bobbie shocked lucy alive

Spencer joins Victor at the Haunted Star.

He wonders if there is any news about Ace.

ambrose tells victor what's going on with their plan

“Is there something you need me to do?” Spencer asks.

He’s startled when he hears the ship engines begin.

Laura returns home and discovers that Esme is unconscious on the floor and the baby is gone.

esme out cold

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