Valentin Serenades Anna in the Safe House as the Nurses’ Ball Kicks Off, Linc Offers His Services to Joss, and Victor Orders Lucy Eliminated Before a Shot is Fired

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, April 4, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Cody calls Gladys out, Molly and TJ tell Jordan they are trying to get pregnant, and BLQ offers to help Blaze with Linc.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Victor prepared to take out Lucy while the Nurses’ Ball guests walked down the red carpet.

In his car, Victor tells his goon that the necklace holds the key to saving the world. He orders the guy to keep searching for the house where Lucy is.

victor laughing in his car

Victor calls to arrange to have someone picked up. When he’s leaving town, he’s bringing someone with him.

Backstage at the Ball, Nina stumbles into Maxie and Brook Lynn to tell them how exciting this is. They vent that the llama is the most professional-acting performer.

Nina wishes them to break a leg and they deal with the llama as it eats up the catering table.

Linc barges into Blaze’s dressing room. He doesn’t leave when she asks him to. Brook Lynn soon shows up and chases him out.

brooklynn backstage at the nurses ball

She asks the singer if Linc tried something. Blaze claims she’s fine. BLQ offers to accompany her to all her meetings with him. She’ll think about it.

blaze thinks she's handling linc Nurses ball

At the safe house, Lucy shrieks. Valentin and Anna rush in but she’s just excited the Ball is about to begin. It’s breaking her heart not to be there.

lucy is excited for the ball to begin

“I’m devastated for you,” Valentin says, sarcastically. She leaves for her room with her drink.

Anna and Valentin wonder if Victor is looking for them. He’s sure of it.

He gets out a toy piano and they sit on the floor before the fire. As he sings, they fantasize about dancing in a ballroom filled with giant candelabra.

valentin fantasy dance

He’s written several songs for her and is glad he got to sing her one. She says he makes earnestness sexy.

Lucy returns and says his song was beautiful. She didn’t want her need to snacks to interrupt. They chat about the Ball and how chaotic it has been. Lucy admits she’s done more than text Maxie.

After she explains she went to the Metro Court, Anna announces they have to leave now.

At the Metro Court, Maxie and Bobbie go up on stage and announce the beginning of the Ball. They say they’ve kicked things up a notch this year and it will be full of surprises.

maxie and bobbie announce the first singing and dancing group at the nurses ball

The curtains open and TJ and the nursing staff are in tableau. They perform ”Lovely Day” in their multi-colored scrubs, jogging through the audience.

nurses dance first dance at the nurses ball

At Sonny’s table, he chats with Sasha and Gladys. She thanks Sasha for the dress and jewels she got her for the event.

Sasha claims she was just thanking her for all her help.

gladys thanks sasha for the bracelet

Sonny says it seems like Sasha will be back on her feet in no time and Gladys won’t have to be her guardian any more.

Sam explains what the Ball is to Cody. She’s impressed that he agreed to perform.

“Once in a while I do the right thing,” he says, peering over at Gladys.

sam and dante at the nurses ball

When he notices her walking to the ladies’ room, he corners her and confronts her.

She tells “jackass” to stay out of this.

He threatens to tell Sasha that she’s been using her money to settle her gambling debts.

cody offers to stay out if gladys tells sasha the truth

Finn and Chase pass by Liz.

She thanks him for his save on the red carpet.

When the brothers head to the bar, Finn tells Chase not to start.

liz chase and finn at the nurses ball

Chase keeps needling him about Liz. Finn puts in earbuds so he won’t have to listen to him. He smiles over at Liz.

Chase goes to the dressing room as Blaze walks out. He accusees BLQ of wanting Blaze to live like her: everyone for themselves.

She wishes she’d never signed the NDA. She let down all women and Chase. He thinks she let herself down too.

Blaze returns and asks him to rehearse once more.

Back in the ballroom, Nina tells Curtis she noticed him with Jordan and Portia and asks how he’s handling the situation.

He suggests they make a deal not to discuss that. They shake on it.

curtis and nina at the nurses ball

Ava stops Austin from walking straight over to Mac. She knows they need to let the cops see them together but suggests they just be noticeable by having fun.


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Spencer tells Trina how beautiful she looks.

He wishes he’d offered to escort her there tonight.

She wonders why he didn’t.

trina asks spencer why he didn't

Before he can explain, Sonny interrupts and asks for a second alone with his nephew.

He asks him where Victor is and asks if he said anything about leaving town.

Joss and Dex bump into each other at the bar.

He touches her hand as they try not to make a show of themselves.

joss and dex flirt nurses ball

At TJ’s table, his mom and Molly toast to his performance. Jordan notices they are abstaining from alcohol.

They announce they are trying to get pregnant.

Liz goes up on stage to do a tribute to Epiphany.

She talks about what a gift she was and how she will never be forgotten.

liz dedicates the ball to epiphany

Dante tells his father that was a nice tribute. Sonny misses her. She could put anyone in her place.

His son says he’s there for him if he needs it. They hug.

Backstage, Amy gives Maxie some water and tells her she lives to hydrate. Maxie notices there is a missing chainsaw and runs off.

Spencer trails Trina down the hall. He brings up their kiss and confirms they are both in favor of doing it again.

He hopes this means they are “together.” She confirms it.

Before they can kiss, Joss interrupts and drags her friend away to prepare for their performance.

Back on stage, Bobbie introduces Trina and Joss. Everyone claps. They sing “The Middle” as the audience bops their heads and then burst into applause.

joss and trina singing nurses ball

Liz asks Portia if she’s made any progress with Trina.

Portia assures her she’s not about to give up.

Backstage, Bobbie tells Joss what a star she is and then takes off.

Linc approaches Joss and tells her what a talent she is.

In his hands, he could take her all the way to the top.

linc wants joss to be a star nurses ball

She’s not interested in a music career. As he starts making his pitch, BLQ arrives.

Spencer tells Trina how amazing she was. Carly chimes in to say the same thing.

In his car, Victor has his goons surround the safe house. He wants Anna and his son alive but Lucy should be eliminated.

viictor wants valentin and anna

As Valentin and the others leave the house, a snipers laser appears on his chest and a shot rings out.

bullet meant for valentin


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