Victor Prepares to Take Out Lucy While the Nurses’ Ball Guests Walk Down the Red Carpet

General Hospital recap for Monday, April 3, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Lucy and Victor watch as the residents of Port Charles make their ways down the red carpet for the Nurses’ Ball.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Victor learned where Lucy is after she slipped out to interfere with the Ball again, and Victor agreed to deal with Esme.

Backstage at the Ball, Maxie and Bobbie tell everyone that the event is about to begin. Brook Lynn joins them to get the latest sheet music sorted out.

Maxie can see Lucy calling and refuses to answer.

llama at the ball

At the safe house, Lucy paces, sure the Ball will go wrong without her to guide things.

She calls Maxie again. Jones picks up this time and tells Lucy to call back when it’s over.

Lucy yelps that she won’t be ignored.

lucy watches teh ball coverage

Willow and Michael cuddle up on the couch to watch the Ball.

They turn on the TV and Sydney (played by Chandra Wilson), the east coast editor for Crimson, walks down the red carpet, explaining that the Ball is commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the hospital, as well as the lives of Epiphany and Lucy.

michael and willow watch on couch

Watching the coverage in his car, Victor chuckles when Sydney says that it’s the Nurses’ Ball and anything can happen.

victor laughing in his car

On the red carpet, Maxie and Bobbie join Sydney to talk.

Lucy watches, drinking and cringing and their clothes.

As they discuss their fashion, Maxie says that Lucy’s spirit is guiding them tonight and they want to make her proud.

syndney greets maxie bobbie

Lucy tears up but starts sneering when Sydney declares this will be the best Nurses’ Ball ever.

Back at the gatehouse, Michael and Willow are impressed by how good Drew looks when he stops by in his tux.

He just wanted to tell them how much they will be missed.

They wish him a wonderful time.

drew in tux

They watch the red carpet coverage, impressed by how great Carly and Joss are looking in their dresses.

Sydney interviews Carly and asks about her year and if she’s planning to reclaim what was hers.

bobbie joss and carly at ball

Carly is evasive and says she always gets what she wants and that won’t change.

Sydney asks Joss if the same applies to her. “So far, so good,” Joss says.

Sonny and Dex arrive. Joss smiles at Dex. Bobbie tells Carly to play nice tonight.

The three generations of Spencer women pose for the cameras.

sonny dex interview on red carpet

Sonny turns on the charm with Sydney.

After she gasps about his dimples, she asks for an introduction to his bodyguard and tells him how valuable his boss is to a lot of people.

She asks where Nina is tonight.

sonny smiles at nina

Nina arrives with Curtis. She and Sonny share a glance and he takes off. Sydney starts to ask Nina about her hot escort and about taking over Carly’s hotel and man.

sydney interviews curtis nina

Backstage, Chase corners Brook Lynn as she scribbles.

He tells her it’s a little late to change anything. “Is it really too late?” she asks.

He knows her music matters to her more than anything.

She says changing anything now wouldn’t be safe.

Before she can walk away, he tells her she’s incredible.

She has a special touch convincing everyone to perform their best.

blq and chase backstage at ball

Linc strolls in and says it will be an incredible win-win for everyone tonight.

Miffed Chase walks off.

linc interrupts blq

Linc wonders why BLQ is so miserable.

She complains about losing Chase and reminds Linc he’s a serial predator.

He warns her of what will happen if she breaks their agreement.

Back at the gatehouse, Willow and Michael like that Carly and Drew don’t have to hide their feelings around them because they are family.

They kiss.

At General Hospital, Ava pops up to remind Austin that he’s supposed to take her to the Ball.

She hands him a tux and orders him to change.

After he steps off, Portia explains she’s not going because Curtis will be there.

ava tells portia go to ball

Ava knows she made a mistake but she didn’t burn the city down so she should use the ticket.


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Back on the red carpet, Spencer arrives to represent his family.

His uncle Victor is very happy to see this. Spencer tells Sydney about the importance of giving back.

She asks about his family and he explains that Laura can’t be there because she’s off on business.

Trina arrives. She and Spencer share smile.

She strolls over and they tell her how great she looks.

Spencer and Trina claim they are just good friends.

sydney spencer admire trina

Ava and Austin arrive, posing for photographers before Sydney interviews them.

She informs the reporter that she’s not a Cassadine anymore and she has no idea where he is.

ava austin arrive at ball

She gets an introduction to Austin and Ava tells her how lucky she is to have a friend like the doctor to lean on. He says he’s the lucky one.

As the couples pose for the cameras, Lucy watches and in annoyed by all the gossip taking over the show.

Jordan walks down the carpet and Sydney compliments her on her killer gown.

Jordan jumps at the chance to dress up when she gets it.

She gets a call and has to take off. The medical examiner confirms that Ashby died from a fall.

sydney interviews jordan

Portia comes down the carpet next and Sydney tells her that she’s committed to public service, just like Jordan.

sydney interviews portia

Sam and Dante are next down the red carpet. He prevents Sam from slipping.

They join Sydney for a moment and she chokes up, telling them they are a “living, breathing relationship goal.”

dante sam on carpet

Drew is next to be interviewed. She asks him if he’s really alone or meeting a special someone. He tells her you never know.

Finn and Chase walk down the carpet. Sydney asks why they aren’t with women.

Liz walks in so Chase drifts off. Liz joins Finn to walk down the carpet together.

He tells her what an honor it is to be seen with her. They pose for the cameras.

liz finn on carpet

Lucy continues to watch, annoyed and downing a bottle of champagne.

lucy drinks

At the gatehouse, Willow keeps falling asleep.

Michael suggests they just record the Ball and go to bed but she wants to stay up.

Nina and Sonny meet in a corner and he tells her she looks damn good. She thinks he looks pretty good too.

They miss their dancing days in Nixon Falls.

curtis leaves nina and snny

Joss tells Bobbie how great she’s doing. Bobbie has no regrets but wants to sleep for a week.

Carly tells her she outdid herself.

When Bobbie bustles off, Carly guesses that her daughter is thinking about Dex.

Trina joins Joss and they tell each other how great they look.

They tease each other about their boyfriends.

Joss urges her to be careful with Spencer.

trina joss talk about bfs

The mood is ruined when Trina spots her mom.

Joss assures her friend they have their performance number down cold and there is nothing to worry about.

Bobbie grills Carly about Sonny not being with Nina.

She’s not thrilled he’s there with a bodyguard either.

He better not be bringing trouble.

bobbie carly talk sonny

She tells her daughter that she’s glad she’s not with Sonny anymore.

She just hopes she finds someone worthy of her. Carly says she may be in luck.

Across the room, things get awkward when Curtis bumps into Jordan and Portia around the champagne.

As the guests mill around, Maxie comes on over the intercom to remind them all of why they are there before opening the doors to start the celebration.

Victor’s goon joins him in his car and informs him they have traced the car Lucy took. Victor says it’s time to teach her, Anna and Valentin a lesson.

The goon hands him a gun.

“It’s showtime, folks,” Victor says.

victor learns where lucy is

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