Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 3 – 7: Steve’s Rocked to See Bo Alive, Kayla Stumbles Upon a Locked Box

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 7, 2023.

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What’s coming up on Days?

Kayla stuns Stephanie with a call, Alex tells Maggie he’s about to close a major deal for Titan, and Chanel takes action against Sloan.

Watch this week’s Days promo video! Bo takes Kayla to Greece, to one of Victor’s houses.

John’s reunited with Marlena once again and Ciara doesn’t like that Hope’s kissing Harris and thinks her father would be rolling over in his grave if he knew.

Meanwhile, Steve confronts Megan.

No word yet on where Kate is though we’ve heard Lauren Koslow took a little time off about 5 months ago to be with her daughter at her wedding.

Since the show tapes several months in advance, and the actress has been seen on set lately, it’s doubtful she was killed off.

Besides, who thinks Bo would kill anyone, especially when he was so quickly remembering who he was?

Monday, April 3

Monday’s Days recap: Steve threatens Megan

Megan battles with Steve and Hope.

Megan lies that Thomas Banks has Kayla.

Harris tells Andrew how worried he is.

Kayla stuns Stephanie with a call.

Stephanie tells Steve where Kayla is. 

Things go wrong when Marlena and Brady reunite.

megan upset she lost bo brady days recap

Tuesday, April 4

Tuesday’s Days recap: Gwen sees Xander holding Chloe

Paulina confronts Sloan after finding a threatening note in her office.

Leo walks in on Gwen and Alex in bed.

Gwen is miffed after Leo shares some gossip about Xander and Chloe.

Chanel makes a move against Sloan.

Chanel gives Leo the threatening letter.

Rachel pushes Chloe to her breaking point.

John falls into the tub with Marlena.

John and Marlena have sex.

Chloe tells Rachel she hates her – in front of Brady.

rachel evil smile


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Wednesday, April 5

Wednesday’s Days recap – Gabi and Stefan meet secretly

Nicole and EJ are manipulated by Stefan.

Nicole’s grossed out when Stefan and Melinda make out.

Melinda pretends she’s having sex with Stefan but she’s actually playing cards. Alone.

Gabi and Stefan have a secret meeting together.

Talia prods Jada to think about dating Rafe.

Tripp gets advice on his love life from Paulina.

Paulina gets advice on telling the truth to Abe.

melinda plays cards alone

Thursday, April 6

Thursday’s Days recap: Li gets a photo of Gabi and Stefan in bed

Tripp makes the moves on Wendy.

Johnny and Li make up.

EJ gets the dirt he needs to bury Gabi and Stefan.

EJ takes a photo of Gabi and Stefan and sends it to Li.

Eric tells Abe he’s starting to doubt Sloan.

Sloan files her restraining order against Paulina in person.

Paulina and Sloan have another nasty fight.

Paulina has another panic attack.


Friday, April 7

Friday’s Days recap: Bo runs into Steve

Andrew gives Shawn custody of Megan.

Shawn is irate over Megan.

Megan gives Thomas Banks a heads-up.

Things get heated between Harris and Hope while they’re in Greece searching for Thomas.

Kayla tells Bo why she won’t be able to help him achieve his goal. She needs the prisms.

Bo disguises himself as Shane to get the prisms.

Alex tells Maggie he’s on the verge of closing a big deal for Titan.

andrew and shawn spd

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