General Hospital Spoilers April 24 – 28: Michael & Willow’s Wedding Ends With the SEC Dropping By

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, April 24 to Friday, April 28, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Carly saying goodbye, Holly making a startling discovery, and Dante trying to keep the peace.

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In the weekly spoiler video, Michael and Willow’s wedding finally arrives, but it looks like it won’t be a happy day thanks to Nina.

Monday, April 24

GH recap: Robert finds Haunted Star

Curtis, Drew and Laura share their findings.

Robert learns Haunted Star is on the coast of Greenland

Carly says goodbye to Drew.

Ned is preoccupied.

Valentin and Ned duke it out on a call over his position as CEOO.

Olivia and Brook Lynn are amazed.

Felicia is concerned when her son says he’s going to Australia.

Holly finds Robert about to kiss Diane.

Tracy shocks her family.

tracy asks if felicia is joking about her family

Tuesday, April 25

Tuesday’s GH recap – Tracy’s return causes angst

Robert and Diane are interrupted.

Alexis shares a message.

Sonny has mixed feelings.

Willow gets bad news.

Nina puts on a happy face.

Holly visits Anna.

Nina calls in a report about Drew and Carly.

anna in the hospital

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Wednesday, April 26

Wednesday’s GH recap: Victor forces Liesl to prepare to release the pathogen

Chase and Dante offer support.

Dante gives Michael Mike’s cufflinks for his wedding day.

Carly gifts Willow a diamond hair comb. It’s on loan for the wedding.

Bobbie gifts Willow a diamond bracelet from her and Luke.

Joss gifts Willow a pair of blue earrings.

Carly hides her worry.

Holly shares what she’s learned.

Victor relishes his triumph.

Liesl worries about the pathogen that Victor wants to unleash on the world.

Willow prepares to walk down the aisle.

Donna at wedding.

Thursday, April 27

Thursday’s GH recap – Willow and Michael marry

It’s Michael and Willow’s wedding day.

Ava doesn’t mince words.

Dante plays peacemaker.

Nina makes a big move. She calls the SEC.

Brook Lynn and Ned navigate some tricky dynamics.

The SEC dropped by to see Carly and Drew.

ava questioned GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Friday, April 28

Michael makes an accusation.

Dex must be discreet.

Sonny offers assistance.

Holly makes a startling discovery.

Victor has unwelcome guests.

drew michael criminal charges general hospital recaps soapspspoilers

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