Nina Orders Martin to Expose Carly and Drew for Insider Trading, and Tracy Reminds BLQ she Owes Her for Getting Chase Reinstated

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, April 25, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Carly has to step in for Drew, Holly tells Anna and Robert what she learned from Ethan, and Diane vents to Alexis about Robert.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Robert got a lead on the Haunted Star’s location, Holly interrupted Diane and Robert as Ned put Valentin on notice for neglecting CEO duties.

Before Diane and Robert can kiss in his office, Holly shows up. He rushes over and embraces her.

Diane huffs.

diane not happy to see holly.

Robert fills Holly in and asks about what happened with Ethan.

If it wasn’t for Tracy, Ethan wouldn’t be free and neither would she.

Clearing her throat, Diane asks who he plastic surgeon was. She certainly wasn’t burned up.

The lawyer guesses they used her a stooge to pull one over on Victor.

She suggests they trust her more and use her less next time.

diane tells robert stop using her

After she walks out, Holly says she seemed to take that personally.

Holly asks what she walked in on. He’s vague about why he was having dinner with Diane.

He starts telling her about the heart of the law.

They sit down and catch up about the hostage situation. He feels useless stuck at his desk.

She wants them to visit Anna so she can tell them both what Ethan told her.


Alexis stops by Anna’s room at General Hospital and tells her that Valentin has gone radio silent.

Anna explains he’s gone after the hostages.

anna in the hospital

Alexis hands her the note Valentin sent her about his will. If Anna wasn’t stuck in bed, she would be with him right now.

Alexis knows what it’s like to fail someone who needs you. Anna offers to listen to whatever she’s talking about but she keeps things focused on her cousin.

She used to think he was one of the horrible Cassadines but now she realizes he’s not and that’s because of Anna.

Anna says they’ve changed each other for the better. They chat about Spencer and his devotion to his little bother. Alexis gets an urgent text from Diane and has to take off.

Robert brings Holly by. Things are awkward given Holly’s role in framing Anna for Lucy’s killing.

Anna understands it all. She’s been backed into corners too.

Holly explains that Ethan is on his way to Australia now. Victor had been using him to force her to play along.

Anna tells her to stop blaming herself for that.

Holly explains that Ethan learned that Victor planned to revive a technology the Cassadines had developed in the 80s.

Alexis joins Diane at Charlie’s. She wonders why she’s drinking so early.

Diane explains it’s about Robert. They had kind of a date and kissed. They might have kissed again if his ex-wife hadn’t shown up.

Alexis says they haven’t been together in years.

Diane thinks Holly came back just in the nick of time. She might have risked having a second date.

Her friend urges her to say something to Robert if she feels something for him.


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At the Quartermaine estate, Carly tells everyone that Drew will find Willow and everything will work out.

Olivia tears up and says the family bonds are unbreakable.

carly explains there's one more thing the bride needs to know

Tracy storms in, ranting about the flowers outside.

Ned wishes she’s given them notice. Michael welcomes her home. Tracy wonders why Carly is there.

She announces that while they were wasting their time with “AJ’s biggest mistake,” she was rescuing Luke’s son from Victor.

carly tells tracy that monica owns the house

As Tracy adjusts the furniture, she asks what she’s walked in on. They explain that Michael and Willow are getting married tonight.

This doesn’t surprise her since serial marriage seems to run in his family.

Carly reminds Tracy of her six trips down the aisle. Ned lists them and laughs.

After Carly leaves to deliver “one more shock” to the bride, Tracy asks what else has been kept from her. Michael explains that Willow has leukemia.

tracy catches up

They fill her in on the transplant situation and Tracy offers to help in any way she can.

Ned tells his mom that if she wants to help, she will make today all about the bride and groom.

BLQ shuffles her aunt out to her room as Tracy vents about what Monica has done with her house.

Brook Lynn thanks her for her help pulling strings to get Chase his badge back.


In the gate house, Wiley joins Willow as she looks at her wedding ring.

She tells him his parents need his help tonight.

willow has request for wiley

She explains the ring-giving part of the wedding ceremony. He agrees to do whatever she needs.

Carly shows up and the kid jogs up to his room. She informs Willow that Tracy is there.

Willow knows she’s a handful but she loves her family. Sighing, Carly is about to explain more when Michael arrives.

They explain Drew won’t be able to give her away at the wedding because he’s chasing after Victor. They may be able to find Liesl.

Since Drew can’t be there, Willow asks Carly to give her away. She’d be honored.

carly to give willow away at the wedding.

After Carly rushes off to change, Willow worries about how wrong things could go with Drew.

At Sonny’s penthouse, he kisses Nina and asks her to run away with him to the islands.

nina asks sonny if he's on her side

She loves him but knows he’s doing this to keep her distracted. He thinks they can run off and be back in a few hours if they need to.

She asks if he is suggesting this because she wasn’t invited to the wedding while he was. He claims he wanted to give her this trip as thanks for encouraging him to go.

nina is all in with sonny.

Nina insists that she’s far from a saint but she truly wants the wedding to be the happiest day of her daughter’s life.

She starts rambling at the Quartermaines and Dew and Carly before stopping herself.

He tells her to let go of her resentment and just focus on them.

Kissing him, she says nothing matters more than what they have. He has to get to the wedding.

She tells him she will let the wedding go as long as she doesn’t have to let him go.

After he walks out, she calls Martin and asks if he’s talked to the SEC. She orders him to go all out in exposing Drew and Carly for insider trading.

sonny tries reassuring nina

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