As Victor Prepares to Release the Pathogen, Willow is Welcomed to the Spencer Family, and Nina Tells Ava She’s Taking Carly Down

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, April 26, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Willow is welcomed to the Spencer family, Holly, Anna and Robert try to figure out what Victor has planned, and Ava reminds Nina to respect Willow’s wishes.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Nina ordered Martin to expose Carly and Drew for insider trading, and Tracy reminded BLQ she owes her for getting Chase reinstated.

Somewhere in Greenland, Victor arrives at the old lab/vault.

He orders his goons to fetch the prisoners.

what victor wants is behind door

They are brought in and Victor giddily tells Liesl she’ll be able to perform scientific wonders in the room.

This is the dawning of a new age.

victor in the new lab.

Victor and his goon manage to get the freezer open. He picks up the pathogen that he says will make the world right.

Victor asks Liesl to check the pathogen and antidote to see if they are still viable. He explains it can only be activated by UV light.

Once she’s proven it still works, it can be released into the atmosphere and humanity can pay for what it’s done to the planet.

victor finds his prized possession.

Obrecht checks the pathogen. She says it has degraded.

He says that’s disappointing. If it’s harmless, she won’t object to releasing it now.

She admits it is viable. But she needs to test it and the antidote on a human subject.

Trina and Spencer don’t consent. Victor isn’t too bothered.

trina and spencer on ship

Appalled Spencer appeals to Liesl to stop this.

Victor offers her enough of the antidote to save everyone in her family. He reminds her of how little time Willow has left so she needs to work fast.

At General Hospital, Anna worries to Holly and Robert that their friends are walking into a deadly trap.

robert asks what victor's plan is.

Holly explains that Ethan said the only people who would be safe after Victor launches his plan would be those closest to him.

That sounds like bad news to the rest of the world.

They wonder if he might have a bomb, but that doesn’t explain why he bothered abducting Obrecht.

Maybe she’s an active participant?

robert worried about friends

Robert thinks she’s changed since Faison died. It seems like she could be pivotal for her skills in the lab.

Holly guesses it might not be a bomb but something more sinister. Anna guesses it must be a biological weapon.

They need to warn Laura and everyone of what they are walking into. Anna thinks they need to call the WSB.

anna tries to find out why liesl was kidnapped.

At the penthouse, Sonny asks Nina why she was talking to her lawyer on the phone.

snny asks nina why calling lawyer

She makes some excuses and he gives her a hug.

Nina wishes she could have helped with the wedding and been the mother of the bride.

Nina lies to Sonny about why she called martin.

As she jogs off, Ava stops by with Avery. Nina returns to admire her dress.

Sonny takes her off to get a snack. Ava notices Nina has a little box.

Nina explains it’s a bracelet for Willow.

Ava thinks that’s lovely but it’s crossing a boundary she shouldn’t. She needs to honor her wishes.

Sonny and Avery return and the little girl promises to send Nina some cake.

Donna at wedding.

Once they have left, Ava tells Nina she did the right thing.

Nina insists she’s fine and doesn’t need to be babysat.

Nina reminds her she has a lot going on with Trina and everything.

The topic turns to Carly and Ava tells her that she’s not going anywhere.

ava tells nina making rigth choice

Ava pours them drinks and tells her to hang onto the bracelet until Willow is ready for it.

Her friend starts ranting about how this is all Carly’s fault.

She intends to balance the scales.

Ava worries about what she’s done to “make sure Carly gets what she deserves.”

nina is confident

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At the gatehouse, Carly tells Michael and Willow how happy and in love they look.

carly happy for millow wedding day.

Joss arrives with outfits and offers to help the kids get ready.

carly joss want to help with wedding.

Maxie, Dante, and Chase arrive.

She announces they have a major problem.

The make-up people can’t come. She’s called BLQ and Sasha in as backup.

maxie dante arrive for wedding

Michael is ordered out. He wants a moment to remember seeing Willow before she becomes his wife.

Sasha and BLQ arrive to do Willow’s hair and make-up. The bride fills Maxie in on Drew not being there and why. Hopefully this will mean he can bring Liesl back in time.

willow gets ready to marry michael.

Stepping aside, Carly admits to Joss that she’s worried about Drew but she has faith in him.

After Sasha and BLQ drag Maxie out, Willow guesses that Carly and Joss are up to something.

They tell her they’ve been looking forward to welcoming her into the family.


Bobbie and Donna arrive.

Bobbie gives the bride a piece of jewelry that Luke bought her.

She’s sure he would have liked her a lot. This means a lot to Willow.

Carly places a pin in her hair as something borrowed and Joss gives her blue earrings.

carly gives a hair pin to willow

Willow says she feels like a Spencer and thanks them for being so kind.

Donna tells Willow she’s her sister now. Willow says this is all a dream come true. Carly promises they won’t let her go and hugs her.

Bobbie and Carly talk about Sonny attending the wedding.

Carly says she’ll be fine with it for Michael’s sake.

They take some family photos.

In the Quartermaine estate, Dante pours scotch for Michael and Chase. They toast to the groom.

chase, michael and dante drink to the wedding.

When Chase walks off, Dante hands his brother Mike’s cufflinks. He wants him to wear them to honor him.

Dante tells his brother that he’s proud of him and for his inviting their dad. What’s happening between them is ruining both of them.

cuff links dante gifts michael.

Sonny arrives with Avery. He thanks them for the invitation.

Sasha, BLQ and Maxie arrive. Sasha takes Avery off to find Donna and Maxie pulls BLQ away to deal with the peony situation.

Sonny makes it clear that he’s there to support Willow and Michael. They tell Michael not to lose faith that Liesl will be back in time to save Willow.

Chase bumps into BLQ in the hallway. He thanks her for showing up to the CCRB meeting. It meant a lot.

Chase and blq run into each other.

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