Michael and Willow Exchange Their Wedding Vows Before the SEC Show Up to Question Carly and Drew

General Hospital recap for Thursday, April 27, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Tracy complains about the lowbrow wedding, Sam senses something is wrong with Molly, and Ava warns Nina of what she will lose.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Victor prepared to release the pathogen, Willow was welcomed to the Spencer family, and Nina told Ava she’s taking Carly down.

In the gate house, the Spencer ladies put the crowns on the flower girls and tell them how perfect they look.

willow looks at pretty bridesmaids

Willow admires how great Carly is with the kids. Carly says it’s the kind of mom she is.

Joss steps out to take a call from Dex and tells him how much she wishes he was there.

She goes back in and collects the flower girls and Bobbie.

Alone with Carly, Willow admits she’s scared. She’s terrified this is the end.

willow gets pep talk

Carly tells her how important it is to be happy in the moment. Many people will never know the happiness she has with Michael.

Willow says she’s amazing for putting things in perspective. Carly is grateful that Michael found her and hopes they will be together for decades.

It will hurt if she has to see Michael in pain if he loses her, but it would hurt even more not to see him in love. She just wants more happiness for both of them.

carly gives willow talk

Willow says today they need to bask in the joy, love, and light.

They love each other and hug.

In the Quartermaine house, Tracy is baffled to see that Olivia is making the food for the wedding.

ned yells at tracy

Maxie bustles in and Tracy compares the buffet that Olivia has made to a picnic. Olivia stifles a scream as Tracy complains about the “lowbrow” wedding.

Ned starts doing scales and BLQ drags her grandmother off to see the guests.

Olivia asks Ned how long his mother plans of staying. He shrugs.

maxie asks everyone to get ready for the wedding

Ned tells her how amazing it was that she pulled things together in only a couple of days. She’s just glad she could do something for Michael and Willow.

Kristina and Sam arrive in the foyer. She’s glad to see her dad is there.

molly with sonny and dante and sam.

Sam can’t believe she’s been asked to officiate. They think she’s the perfect choice.

Michael brings Wiley in and he runs over to Sonny to tell him how excited he is about the wedding.

wiley excited for wedding

Molly and TJ arrive and Dante calls for some pictures. Molly photographs the siblings with their father.

wedding photos millow wedding

Bobbie, Joss and the flower maidens arrive for more pictures. Molly starts tearing up but keeps herself composed.

Once the pictures are done, Sam takes TJ aside and asks if everything is okay with her sister. He’s not sure.

Kristina asks Molly how her doctor’s appointment went. Reluctantly, Molly explains that getting pregnant may be harder than she’d hoped.

BLQ leads Tracy around and they bump into Chase. Tracy says he must be the man BLQ has moved heaven and earth for. BLQ instantly ushers her away from him.

blq gets between chase and tracy

Michael tells Dante that whatever happens, today will be the happiest day of his life. Dante gives him a hug, commending him for his attitude.

Carly wheels Willow into the foyer. Wiley says she looks pretty and she tells him he’s handsome.

willow gorgeous on wedding day with cancer, to boot.

Sam joins Michael in the big room. She tells him Jason would be happy for him.

Sam admires how strong Willow is, just like him.

It’s an honor for her to lead them through their vows.

michael sees his bride.

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Everyone takes their seats.

The music begins and Wiley and the flower girls makes their ways down to the front as everyone smiles and Olivia tears up.

willow and michael wedding

Carly escorts Willow down the aisle to the bridal march.

willow and carly wedding

Michael tells her she’s breathtaking.

Sam begins the ceremony, explaining how great it has been to know Michael throughout his life.

It’s also been great to see how strong, resilient and brave Willow has been.

sam marries willow and michael

Their shared traits will only serve them in the life they are embarking on.

Joss quotes Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. After Sam tells her that was beautiful, Ned gets up to perform a song chosen by the bride and groom.

joss reads a sonnet

The vows begin. They were going to use the traditional ones, but now that he’s there, he just wants to speak.

He tells her he couldn’t love her more if he tried but he will try for the rest of their lives.

millow marrying

She tells him she was alone for most of her life before him. They were friends and the last time they did this is was a legal maneuver, but with each day she realized how much she’d fallen for him.

That love has only grown since then, fulfilled in ways she never could have known. She’s so lucky.

They return to the vows. Willow jokes that he’s really putting her through the paces on the sickness and health part.

millow married

Once they finish the vows, Wiley brings them the rings. They slip them on and Sam pronounces them husband and wife.

Everyone cheers and blows bubbles as they kiss.

end of wedding blowing bubbles millow married

Michael picks up Wiley and tells him he has a real calling as a ring-bearer. Michael tells him a calling is a purpose. His purpose is Willow.

The doorbell rings. Tracy is bored so she answers it.

She returns with two men from the SEC. They announce they are looking for Carly and Drew.

SEC cops for Drew and carly

At the penthouse, Nina explains to Ava that she had Martin tip off the SEC on Carly and Drew’s insider trading. It felt good. Ava has doubts that will last.

ava and nina argue over sec call.

Nina reminds her she pushed her into doing it. Ava claims that was reverse psychology.

Her friend still wants Carly to pay for all she’s done. Sitting her down, Ava tries to calm her and explain that it’s not that simple. No one had all the relevant information.

ava warns nina end for her

She points out that if she sends Carly to prison, it’s not going to be Carly who pays.

Nina rails about how she is always the one who pays.

Ava reminds her she called the SEC just for revenge. Her friend claims she’s “way wrong” but the Jerome doesn’t buy it.

If she wants revenge, she should go for it. But if this gets out, it’s the end for her and Sonny.

Nina says he will understand if he finds out. What they have is the real deal.

nina second guessing.

Ava reminds her of how much Sonny has already sacrificed for her. There is a toxic loyalty he has for Carly and she can’t see him backing her when she’s under threat.

Nina realizes that she turned Wiley and Amelia’s grandmother into the authorities. Willow will never forgive her.

Ava tells her it won’t be long before the SEC is knocking on Carly’s door.

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