Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 24 – 28: Roman’s Stunned to Learn Kate’s Alive, While Kate Cleans Fish on a Fishing Boat

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, April 24 to Friday, April 28, 2023.

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First, take a look at the Days April 17 – 21 spoilers.

What’s coming up on Days?

Leo has questions for Chanel and Johnny concerning their engagement, Melinda tears into Sloan, and Thomas Banks confronts Kayla, Stephanie, and Chad.

Monday, April 21

Days of our Lives Recap below!

Shawn is shocked when Harris informs him that Bo is alive.

Thomas Banks confronts Kayla, Stephanie, and Chad.

Thomas has the prisms and threatens Chad’s life with a gun.

Andrew tells Marlena, John, and Roman that Kate was killed by Bo.

Hope and Bo face each other.

Hope tries to get through to Bo who is threatening.

Shawn joins everyone in Greece.

Harris warns Shawn that Bo might be a different man these days.

Steve gets free from the wine cellar by digging through a hole in the wall.

Bo gets Hope to lower her gun and then takes her to the cliff, seaside.

bo an hope green screen before bo get shot

Bo’s ready to take Hope’s life until she talks about their love and life together.

Bo has flashbacks of being with Hope and he’s talked down as he remembers their love story.

Shawn shoots Bo, not realizing who he is and Bo falls to the ground with Hope sobbing over him.

Roman, John and Marlena are stunned when they learn Bo’s alive.

bo dead again

Tuesday, April 25

Days recap!

Johnny and  Chanel call Tripp to tell him about the drugged biscuits.

chanel and johnnyat the square. Peacock

A shocking climax ends Hope and Bo’s reunion.

Bo dies in the hospital as the doctor tries to save him using paddles.

bo dies again.

Hope sobs over Bo’s dead body and passes out.

While Hope’s passed out, she dreams of reuniting with Bo and dancing with him in the villa.

Hope wakes up to Angela, the angel from Beyond Salem, and is told Bo’s in surgery.

hope sobs over bo.

The Johnson family reunites.

The doctor tells Steve, Kayla, Steph, Chad, Shawn and Hope that Bo’s comatose.

Leo has questions for Chanel and Johnny concerning their “engagement.”

johnson familly reunion.

Leo wishes he had some tainted biscuits. 

Tripp and Wendy’s first date doesn’t go as planned.

They head to an amusement park and Tripp hurts himself so Wendy takes care of him with an ice pack.

wendy tripp in Seattle.

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Wednesday, April 26

Days recap!

Talia and Chanel are questioned by the cops about the drugged biscuits.

Jada has a realization that her sister lied in her statement.

nicole and ej at home

Talia goes to a secret meeting.

Talia meets Sloan Peterson’s brother Colin.

Talia and Colin make out.

colin kisses talia.

Melinda tears into Sloan.

Sloan again defends herself.

sloan and melinda fighting

Eric calls Melinda out on slander.

Gabi and Stefan stand together against EJ and Nicole.

gabi and stefan sex after reuniting and moving into dimera house.

Thursday, April 27

Days recap!

Paulina tries to get people to buy Sweet Bits pastry.

Talia and Colin are together.

Jada has questions about a hole in Talia’s story.

colin with girlfriend talia.

It is finally clear why Talia did what she did. 

Colin expresses pain over his mother’s death and Chanel being responsible in his eyes.

Talia defends Chanel.

Chloe and Xander decide they’re going to move in together.

xander shirtless with bandage.

Brady and Eric discuss Eric dating Sloan since nobody likes her.

Chanel attempts to get Alex on her aside against Sloan.

Alex won’t sleep with Sloan again.

Sloan has a run in with Leo.

Jada and Rafe discuss what Talia could be hiding.

alex refuses to sleep with sloan again.

Friday, April 28

Hope runs into Harris, who is filled with guilt.

Hope cries on Bo’s chest.

hope sobs on bo

Ciara’s back!

Ciara attempts to comfort Shawn.

Shawn feels so bad about shooting his dad.

ciara helps shawn through guilt.

Hope dreams she’s talking to Bo again.

Turns out Bo has a chip in his brain that allows him to record what he sees.

Roman reunites with Steve and Kayla, admitting to them that he has issues with seeing Bo again.

Stephanie and Chad find some time for romance.

steph and chad romance

Roman, Steve, Kate and Andrew learn that Kate is alive. Bo never killed her.

Kate’s seen on a fishing boat, cutting up fish.

kate is alive on a boat

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