Robert Gets a Lead on The Haunted Star’s Location, Holly Interrupts Diane & Robert as Ned Puts Valentin on Notice For Neglecting CEO Duties

General Hospital recap for Monday, April 24, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Ethan flies home with Holy, Felicia and Tracy while Robert gets intel on where the Haunted Star is and the Quartermaines get ready for Willow and Michael’s wedding. 

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Kristina told Dex about Sonny’s new charity, Molly was rocked to learn she needs a biopsy, and Alexis asked TJ to tell her about ALS.

Olivia gasps when Carly turns up in the Quartermaine living room not dressed for the wedding.

Neither is Olivia but she says she’s cooking. Michael hugs his mom, happy he’s getting married while Brook Lynn is ready to help Willow get ready.

Ned is upset when Valentin doesn’t take his calls. He bitches to BLQ that only a Quartermaine should run ELQ.

Quartermaine's on willow weeding day

At GH, Alexis learns that Molly may have endometriosis. She needs a biopsy to confirm.

Dr. Navaro says they can prescribe hormone treatments but it’s estrogen that stops ovulation.

She wouldn’t be able to become pregnant. TJ says the hormone therapy isn’t permanent. This could be a speed bump.

alexis upset molly disease

Molly knows endo can cause infertility but TJ argues, “Some cases. Not all.”

Molly starts more research on her phone and he goes back to work while Alexis asks her daughter to talk to her. Molly tries to be strong but bursts into tears. She feels like she’ll never be a mom.

She hugs her mama and then feels stupid. Alexis thinks her concerns are valid and it’s understandable she’d be upset.

Molly knows she could still be a mom since being a parent is more than biology. Alexis comforts Molly.

molly hugs alexis worried can't have kids


Valentin visits Anna in her hospital room. She’s bored.

He asks her to take it easy and they discuss how Victor’s overreaching and being overconfident, starting to make mistakes.

She watches as Valentin ignores Ned’s calls, knowing what he wants to discuss.

Portia appears and asks them for information on Victor since he’s the one who took her kid. portia visits annaShe’s terrified. Anna understands. They both do. They’ve been in her position.

They’ll tell her if they hear anything. Ned calls and Anna asks him to take that call so he goes to do that while Portia asks how much danger Trina’s in.

Will he harm her daughter? Anna says he’s ruthless but knows Trina’s his leverage over Spencer.

He won’t hurt her or he’ll lose Spencer. Portia wonders if he truly cares about his family. Anna believes it. 

portia at gh with anna

Outside, Ned asks Valentin to put out a statement to tell the press why he pulled that stunt.

Valentin tells him he figured Ned would have stepped up while he was busy with Anna fighting for her life.

Ned says that Valentine’s father’s a wanted man which isn’t a good look with Valentin’s disappearance.

Nobody knows what’s going on and the shareholders see him perpetuating fraud.

He wants Valentin to step down but the man won’t do that. In the meantime, Ned can handle anything. He disconnects, leaving Ned calling his name. 

ned asks valentin to step down

 Outside, Drew, Curtis, and Laura show Robert the map his seal team used that they think is a clue.

They think they’re headed to Greenland. Laura says they’re missing one crucial piece of the puzzle.

Robert says there’s a ship just off the coast of Greenland and it’s running in the dark without transponders.

drew curtis show laura map

Curtis says it has to be the Haunted Star. Laura wants to send out a rescue but Robert says that there’s red tape involved with the ISA.

Laura says they’ll do this without the WSB and refuses to let Robert help. His job is to lean on the WSB.  

Laura finds Valentin outside Anna’s room and tells him there’s a lab outside the cost of Greeland and that’s where the Haunted Star is.

He wants to go but grimaces. He has to be with Anna so wishes Laura good luck.

curtis realizes haunted star off coast greenland

On the flight to Port Charles, Holly grips her son’s arm as Ethan assures her he’s not going anywhere.

In the seats next to them, Felicia and Tracy argue about how much they should have paid to get Ethan.

She only got involved because of Victor.

She won’t rest until she proves he killed Luke. Felicia’s glad Tracy’s returning to PC. She needs her family around.

Tracy bursts out into laughter. “Have you met my family?” They don’t do tea and sympathy.

They should have “Survival of the fittest” engraved in their family crest. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

tracy asks if felicia is joking about her family

Ethan, meanwhile, talks about taking from the rich and giving to the poor and because of that, he has to continue to Australia.

He needs an influx of cash to pay off the bastards that are after him.

holly holds tight to ethan on flight

Ethan asks if returning is a good idea for her, either, considering she pulled the wool over on Victor.

She cringes. He brings up the guards and how they talked in front of him while he was being held captive so Holly asks what he knows.

He fills her in later and then says goodbye for now as the flight prepares to land.


ethan leaving for australia.

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Back at the Q house, the women pull apart flowers for the flower girls’ baskets as Ned fumes.

He tells Michael privately that there might be a time for a change in the company.

Drew rushes in and apologizes but he can’t walk Willow down the aisle.

drew can't walk willow down the aisle.

They found a lead on the Haunted Star. Everyone’s thrilled they could find Liesl.

Once alone, Carly urges Drew to be careful as they share a fraught moment.

She follows him outside and they make out.

Later, she returns to the living room and is happy to see Ned and Micahel talking.

She talks up BLQ and Olivia and knows that soon, they’ll be celebrating Micahel and Willow’s ten-year anniversary.

drew leaves for greenland.

Olivia gets emotional. She knows the family bonds are unbreakable no matter what life throws at them.

Tracy appears and complains about Monica planting daffodils in the garden. What was she thinking? Everyone’s mouths drop open.

Robert ends a call in his office when Diane turns up. She was at an arrangement and heard his dulcet tones. She hands over her dry cleaning bill.

robert and anna dry cleaning bill

He apologizes and they share a laugh as he agrees to pay the bill and he flashes back to that kiss. They talk about how they liked their kiss and grin at each other as they agree that practice makes perfect. They’re both aghast when Holly catches them almost in a kiss.

holly returns port charles.

Back at GH, Valentin tells Anna that Robert thinks he’s located the Haunted Star.

They’re going after it but Valentin’s staying with her.

valentin tells anna found haunted star.

Curtis finds Portia asleep on her desk.

He vows to bring Trina home and leaves her a note.

curtis leaves note for portia.

TJ returns to his office and Alexis leaves the couple alone.

She looks better he says and knows they’ll get through this.

She agrees and is glad he’s back.

Her mom was comforting but she can’t kiss her. They make out. 

tj and molly talk about babies.

As Laura meets Drew and Curtis at the elevators with their belongings packed, Valentin appears and asks if it’s too late to hitch a ride.

Laura smiles wide.

valentin going to go with laura.

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