General Hospital Spoilers August 8 – 12: Rory Stops Portia From Visiting Oz and Cody Makes a Reveal, While Trina’s Minutes are Numbered

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, August 8 to Friday, August 12, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Spinelli issues a warning, Cody is startled by someone, Martin is coerced, and the jury prepares to come back with a verdict.

In this week’s spoiler video, Carly looks for ways to get back what she’s lost, Ava vents to Nina, Sonny has some doubts, and Dante and Sam disagree about Cody.

Monday, August 8

Monday’s GH recap: Cody threatens Spinelli

Sonny congratulates Kristina at Charlie’s.

Nina tries to woo a new chef to the Metro Court, before receiving a hand-delivered gift from Obrecht.

Obrecht gifts a Japanese Tanto knife to Nina.

Dante wants to know what Brook Lynn is up to.

Spinelli urges Britt not to go on another date with Cody.

Cody overhears Spinelli and confronts him, then makes threats.

Sam presses Maxie for answers as they discuss her moving in with Dante.

Michael doesn’t want to do what Dex suggests.

dex bonus gh

Tuesday, August 9

Tuesday’s GH recap: Cody punches Scott

Cody has a startling reaction to a familiar face. He punches Scott out while Britt and Obrecht gasp.

Sonny and Nina discuss the realities of their relationship.

Sonny thinks Nina’s dumping him but she reminds him that technically they’re not even together.

Scott questions Ava about the divorce.

Nik interrupts Ava with Scotty and wants to talk privately.

Anna tells Felicia that she is determined to discover what Valentin is hiding.

Victor questions Valentin’s loyalty.

Victor asks why Laura is still alive and Valentin reminds Vic that she’s in Italy, not investigating.

Sam shares her relationship hesitance with Dante.

Drew and Carly seek business strategies from Executive Coach, Mia (Vanessa Mathison).

dante sam discuss cody GH

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Wednesday, August 10

GH’s Wednesday recap: Cody’s arrested

Cody reveals some of his background.

Maxie tries to get to the bottom of Spinelli’s feelings.

Spin reveals who he really is interested in.

Drew makes Valentin an offer.

Sonny has a talk with Spencer.

Nikolas and Victor attempt to convince Alexis to work for Spencer’s cause.

Anna tries to coerce Martin into helping her.

Scotty barks at Cody, hoping he’s not waiting to get money from Serena, because it’s all gone.

sonny willing to help dante with spencer GH

Thursday, August 11

Thursday’s GH recap: Spencer rejects the plea deal

Martin delivers some unwelcome news to Lucy.

Austin tells Maxie he knows how important her family is.

Maxie asks if Austin’s ready for a family.

Austin has to quickly reschedule a date to go away.

Spencer remains adamant about a decision.

Joss and Trina try to distract from their concerns about her trial with a day at the pool, but they can’t escape it.

Joss and Trina react to Dex’s hot body.

Portia and Curtis make an urgent decision.

Portia’s plan is really risky. They want to wake Oz from his coma.

Jury is ready with a verdict.

Trina hot for Dex's body general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Friday, August 12

Friday’s GH recap: Jordan helps Portia sneak into Oz’s room.

Scott drops charges against Cody.

Britt checks on an injury.

Rory is faced with a tough assignment. 

Curtis is concerned about Portia as the jury in Trina’s case becomes more likely to return with a verdict.

Trina asks TJ if they can wake Oz up.

Trina worries that she’ll be in jail by dinner.

Portia tells her daughter that miracles still happen.

Jordan continues to investigate as time is running out.

Dante listens to Cody talk about being a Stanton, not a Bell.

Dante tells Cody that he didn’t always know Sonny was his father.

Dante makes a surprising arrest.

liesl talks with daughter general hospital

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