Days of our Lives Spoilers February 15 – 19, Manipulation & a Shocking Return

Days of Our Lives spoilers week of February 15 – 19.

The week of February 8 – 12 spoilers include an offer for Kate she might not want to refuse, one character switching places with another, one couple who are headed toward a reunion, and a romantic wedding. But all is not romantic during Valentine’s Day week. Watch the Days of our Lives spoiler video to find out more and check out below to find out what else is coming.

Monday, February  15

Today’s Days recap: Vincent is actually Orpheus? It turned out he wasn’t, but what a reveal!

Ciara manages to get a message through to Ben.
Allie runs into Charlie while with Lucas.
Nicole pressures Rafe into letting Ava live in his house.

Who is Orpheus? Take a look back at this evil villain and his misdeeds before he returns to wreak more havoc on our Salemites!

Tuesday, February 16

Today’s Days of our Lives recap – Chloe and Brady’s sexy moment, Vivian and Kristen discuss getting out of prison.

Orpheus has found a way to manipulate Rhodes, Ciara’s captor.
Chloe feels a pull toward Brady.
Ben and Claire seek help from Susan again.
Susan decides to switch places with Kristen.

Wednesday, February 17

Big news has Cady McClain out as Jennifer Horton. Today is her last day.

Days episode recap for Wednesday has Sarah reacting very strangely to Xander’s proposal!

Sweet romance is on the agenda today when Xander pops the question to Sarah. Plus, there’s a twist!
Chad helps Abigail deal with a family tragedy.
Gabi makes a pitch to Philip.
Gwen is questioned by Jake – is she telling the truth about Laura?

Thursday, February 18

Thursday’s Days recap: Vincent and Rhodes are murdered

Abigail and Gwen get into an argument at the cemetery.
Clyde gives Ben a lead to go on with regards to Ciara’s whereabouts. James Read is back as Clyde Weston. We’re looking back at some of the no-good, dirty rotten things he has put our Salemites through over the years!
Rhodes is killed by Evan, Orpheus’ son.

Friday February 19

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Friday’s Days recap – Evan’s back and wants revenge!

Ciara is reunited with someone familiar. Evan, Orpheus’ son, who murdered Rhodes.
Shawn and Ben search for Ciara.
Claire takes action after she learns Charlie may not pay for his crimes.
Abigail asks Gabi to team up with her against Gwen.

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