Evan Kills Rhodes and Wants Revenge on Ciara for Ruining His Life

Friday, February 19, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Abby attempts an apology, Gwen and Charlie discuss Laura’s death, and Ben and Shawn don’t find Ciara during their search.

Outside the pub, Abigail wants to talk but Gabi’s not amenable. Abigail feels bad for what she went through being accused of something she didn’t do. Gabi tells Abby she sucks at apologies. Abby is sorry but she always doubted that Gabi did it. Gabi’s angry that she didn’t use that feeling to tell Will and Sonny or the police about it. Abby wishes she had but she was petrified about losing her family. Gabi doesn’t care. Abby’s sorry she’s saying this so late but she’s sorry. Gabi says Chad’s apology sucked too. Abs brings up Gwen. She tells Gabi that Gwen’s her sister, and fills her in on the story. Gabi’s shocked. When she learns Gwen slept with Chad, she’s rocked. “And now, she has killed my grandmother.” Gabi finds that impressive. Abs wants to join forces with Abs against Gwen. Gabi asks why she would do that. Abby reminds her that Gwen watched her take the blame for drugging Abigail when she did it. Gabi will think about it.

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Gwen finds Charlie at the square and sits with him. He’s reading about Laura’s death. “Did you kill her? Are you Gwen Rizczech, Skull Cracker?” She asks, “Are you Charlie Dale, illiterate idiot?” She calls it an accident. The idiot says, “First a sex scandal, now murder? What’s next?” Skull Cracker thinks he’s one to talk. He’s a rapist! Charlie lies that it was mutual sex. Gwen calls him a smug son-of-a-bitch. She is shocked that the cops let him free. Charlie talks about losing the woman he loves and Gwen laughs her ass off. She didn’t know a rapist could have a soulmate.

At home, Claire tells Belle about Ben and Ciara’s psychic connection. Belle finds it sad, but probably a coincidence. Ben’s having a hard time accepting her death. Claire finally admits Ciara called Ben. She’s alive and Ben’s looking into it. She fills her mom in on what Ben’s doing about it. Later, they discuss Charlie and how Ben saved her. Claire learns that Charlie may get away with kidnapping and drugging his mother. Claire’s upset. There must be a way to make him pay.

Rhodes is shot in the chest from behind, outside of Ciara’s cage. Ciara thinks it’s Ben, but Evan Frears/Christian Maddox) appears. Orpheus’ son. “Remember me?” She asks why he’s there. “It’s not to let you go. I can tell you that.” She thought he was in prison for murdering Jordan. Evan blames Ciara for that. He had a mental breakdown in prison. He lets her know he was in Bayview. And that didn’t seem to work since he’s hell-bent on having revenge against Ciara for putting him in prison. Evan was happy that Ciara died but now that he knows she’s alive, he’s angry. He won’t kill her though he wants to. He and his father have other plans.

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Ben and Shawn rush into an apartment, hoping to find Ciara but nobody’s there. From a neighbor, Shawn learns Rhodes left in September. They search the place but find nothing, so they check the storage unit downstairs.

Back at SPD, Shawn and Ben are nowhere nearer to finding Ciara. They argue over the psychic connection. Ben says Ciara called him. Shawn doesn’t believe that. Belle appears and tells him about Claire’s concerns that Charlie will go free. She learns about Vincent hanging himself and that they’re looking for Rhodes, who they think might be holding Ciara.

Gabi spots Gwen at the square. They sling insults about Gabi sleeping with Jake while Gwen was with him.

At the garage, Ben wonders what he’s missing regarding Ciara’s disappearance.

Once home, Charlie tries to think of a way to get Claire alone, when she calls to get together.

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