Brady and Chloe Share a Sexy Moment

Tuesday, February 16, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Kristen manipulates Susan again, John’s ready to take Brady home, Chloe and Brady share a moment, and Ben goes to Susan for help.

Claire and Ben arrive at John and Marlena’s. John answers the door and goes to get ready to pick up Brady. Ben learns from Marlena that Susan stepped out.  Ben shares that Ciara is alive. She called him and he wants to talk to Susan about it.

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Susan eats a sundae at Julie’s Place when Kristen calls from Statesville. Kristen says Brady’s coming home today from the hospital and she has to make up her mind. Will she switch places with her or not? Susan says she saw no romance in Chloe and Brady’s future. Kristen calls her gullible. “She wants Brady.” Susan calls Brady a hunka-hunka burnin’ love and is annoyed that her Valentine’s Days sundae is melting while they talk. When Susan hears that they have a build-your-own-sundae each Thursday in prison, with two Maraschino cherries on top, she perks up. Still, she’s not convinced enough to want to live in a prison cell. When Marlena calls, Susan disconnects, leaving Kristen frustrated. Marlena asks Susan to return to her place.

Chloe finds Brady antsy to be released from the hospital. John’s supposed to pick him up. Chloe gives him a little red heart cut out of paper. It’s a Valentine’s Day card. She wishes him a Happy Valentine’s Day and he reads the card. It’s from Rachel. Brady’s touched. John arrives. He says he and Marlena had food poisoning because she decided to make a frittata for breakfast. Brady grimaces, knowing Marlena can’t cook. He’s ready to go home. John says he’ll stay at the townhouse. Chloe vows to visit him.

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At Statesville, Rhodes asks what Orpheus has done with Vincent. He’s never met Orpheus so the man introduces himself. Rhodes has heard of him and wants nothing to do with him. Orpheus knows he’s guarding a treasure. He knows Ciara’s alive. He thinks they can be friends. Rhodes starts to become interested.

Ivan is brought into the interrogation room with his Madame. He feels he’s failed her but she says to kill her. Now! She can’t face prison. He has no access to his special herbs. He brought her one special present. A heart-shaped piece of paper. A Valentine. He feels responsible for her being in there and kisses her hands, calling her his love. Vivian’s visibly touched and holds the heart card in her hands, smiling, as he leaves.

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Susan arrives at the townhouse and Ben tells her about the call from Ciara. She holds his phone and then when Kristen calls, she tells her now isn’t a good time. Kristen is stung. She’s “stuck in prison while Chloe’s dangling her Maraschino cherries in Brady’s face.” Kristen calls back and Susan snaps. Ben and Claire leave, while Marlena asks Susan what’s troubling her.

Back at the hospital, John disappears to sign the paperwork while Chloe helps Brady into his shirt and they share a tender and heated moment.

chloe brady sexy moment days of our lives

Susan’s about to discuss Kristen with Marlena at the townhouse when Brady arrives. He’s surprised to see Susan. They sit and Chloe gets Brady a sandwich. She says she’s helping him because it’s her fault that he was shot. Susan thinks Chloe’s guilt is a good thing. It’ll keep her from doing something she shouldn’t be. Chloe’s confused. Marlena and John take off to get Rachel.

Vivian arrives and can see that Kristen’s having a bad day. “And it just got worse,” Kristen sneers. They dislike each other and Kristen tells the older woman she’s BFFs with Lani. They commiserate over having lost children. Kristen alludes to not being away from her kid. Vivian heard about her break-out and if she’s going to try again, “I want in,” Vivi says. Kristen says it’s impossible so Vivian takes off.

At Julie’s Place, Ben asks Claire if she believes Ciara’s alive. She stammers and says she didn’t at first but she does now. They agree they have to go to Statesville to get answers.

Back at the townhouse, Susan takes Kristen’s call, finally. “Beulah,” Susan yells, pretending Kristen is a friend from Memphis. Kristen assumes she can’t talk now. Susan is able to get a message to Kristen that Brady and Chloe are there and that Chloe’s after him. Susan finally agrees to switch places with Kristen.

On the next full episode of Days of our Lives, Gabi pitches Philip.

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