Days of our Lives Spoilers February 8 – 12: Threats & Rejection

This week on Days of our Lives, be prepared! Upcoming spoilers reveal that not only is Vivian Alamain returning, and with a new face, but Susan Banks is back and she’s about to help Kristen DiMera out of a jam. Meanwhile, Jake gets an eyeful of Gabi when he goes to her house to talk business, and Chad is overcome when Abigail reveals she wants to come home to him.

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Big news has Cady McClain out as Jennifer Horton.

Monday, February 8

Today’s Days of our Lives recap, Philip tries to resign at Titan, Gabi goes to Xander with an idea, Jake offers Kate a job, and Jack has an apology for Gwen.

Jack conveys the truth to Gwen.
Jake has an offer for Kate. He wants her to come work for him at DiMera.
Old wounds are reopened when Kate and Laura cross paths.
Rejected by Jake, Gabi turns to Xander.
Philip gives his letter of resignation to Victor.

Tuesday, February 9

Kristen summons Susan to the prison and asks for a favor. She wants to switch places so Kristen can visit Brady!
Chloe volunteers to help Brady as he recovers.
Fueled by anger, Xander makes a shocking announcement. He may be done at Titan!
Laura and Gwen finally face off.

Wednesday, February 10

Lani and Eli try to find a way out of their predicament.
Ivan comes clean with Vivian about the twins.
A desperate Gwen pleads for Jack’s help.
Chad is thrilled when Abigail agrees to move back home.

Thursday, February 11

It’s Valentine’s Day in Salem.
Steve surprises Kayla with a wedding.
Jake and Kate learn Vivian is alive.
Lani and Eli finally bring their twins home.
Ben and Ciara share a dream where they’re Romeo and Juliet.

Friday, February 12

Ciara attempts to connect with Ben.
Ben confides in Claire about his dream.
Charlie threatens Ava.
Kate hopes to use Jake to thwart Vivian’s scheme.