Chloe Better Invest in Body Armor to Romance Brady

There’s no denying that spark of chemistry except that’s exactly what this possible couple is doing, denying it!

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) has chemistry with Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and with Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson), and both men share a rich history with her, which makes this love triangle interesting. Chloe turned Philip down recently, which made many wonder where the show was going with Chloe’s love life. After watching Tuesday’s Days episode, we saw that Chloe and Brady are on each other’s radar more than either wants to admit, even to themselves. Does that mean there could be a Broe pairing instead of the Phloe pairing we thought was coming? Is that a good idea or are they just asking for trouble?

Playing with fire

Brady’s playing with fire by even having feelings for Chloe. He knows Kristen is mentally unsound, yet he’s been having a romantic relationship with her, which, before her prison term, seemed to be doing them both a world of good. He shares a daughter with her, and he’s been busy trying to keep her obsessive jealousy from getting in the way. He’s also running Basic Black. It may not be a good idea to add to his daily load by letting his feelings for Chloe get the better of him! We know, we know, sometimes you just can’t fight your feelings!

To defend Kristen, yep, I’m going there! She’s never been a trusting person to begin with. I can’t blame her for being sensitive and insecure about seeing Brady kissing his gorgeous ex-wife in a newspaper while she was stuck in prison for years on end.  It adds insult to injury that while she can’t be with Rachel and Brady, it appears to her as though he’s living it up on the outside. But waving a gun in Chloe’s face and swapping places with Susan is only going to make it worse!

Threat of death shapes our behavior

When Brady was shot and near death, things likely got a little clearer for both Brady and Chloe. The threat of death will remind us of our mortality. While Chloe’s insisting that she needs to care for Brady because she’s responsible for the shooting, it seems more like she’s having a hard time staying away from his charms. And with Kristen being, well, Kristen, Brady could start second-guessing his commitment to stick with the DiMera, realizing that life with Chloe would be a lot easier to manage. Less drama!

How would a Broe paring look?

This pairing might be more of a comfortable relationship, a ready-made family, than a passionate love affair. Brady and Chloe both have children. They seem to love kids though we can’t really recall being shown this. In fact, Brady has forgotten all about his son Tate. Already, Chloe and Brady’s chemistry at the hospital had fans of theirs longing for a kiss. Meanwhile, others didn’t like seeing her button up his shirt for him, and mop crumbs from his face in a more motherly gesture.

Note to Days, Broe fans would rather have seen her unbuttoning Brady’s shirt…

What are Brady’s options?

Stay away from Chloe
If he wants Chloe to live, he probably should let his attraction for his ex go. For her safety, and all.

Dump Kristen
Brady knows that Kristen has already threatened Chloe’s life with a gun. It’s amazing that he didn’t dump her right then and there and file for sole custody of Rachel, but that’s our lovable Brady. We never pretended he was the smartest Salemite.

Date Chloe on the sly
See Chloe and keep it from Kristen. This will obviously never work, considering Susan and Kristen are swapping places. And because he and Kristen have a monogamous relationship, it feels cringey.

We talked to the viewers to get an idea of how they felt about what Brady should do going forth with his love life, and created a poll. It was a close race. Most want Brady to dump Kristen, though we can’t discount the many Bristen fans who want Chloe away from Brady!

How Philip fits in

Philip wants Chloe back. He’s made that clear, and though he and Chloe shared a kiss recently, Chloe insisted she wasn’t looking for anything with anyone at the moment. Is that code for, “I’m just not that into you anymore,” does it mean, “Stop the permanent sneer you’ve been using since you returned to Salem and I’ll be better equipt to make an informed decision, ” or is it that PhillyK was right and that Chloe is denying her feelings for Brady? Viewers went from watching her heavily involve herself in Philip’s issues with the mob, which seemed more like something a girlfriend would do, to inserting herself into Brady’s life more than ‘just a friend’ would. We’re not sure, but maybe she’s into both men. Whatever is going on, we’re here for the ride.

Many of us long-time fans enjoyed both pairings in the past, making it even more difficult to decide who we want Chloe with, while of course, there are diehard Broe and Phloe fanbases and Bristen’s who don’t want their couple broken up. When we polled our Twitter followers for a day, we learned that 44% want Brady to stay away from Chloe. Let us know if you agree with the other fan assessments and join in the conversation with a comment or two and feel free to like and follow Soaps Spoilers on Facebook and Twitter.